The best money tip to save more money this year

People are always looking to save more money and there is a lot of information out there.

Like way too much information!

So much information on saving money exists that it can feel like you’re drowning in what people are saying and you just want to stop feeling so overwhelmed!

So if you’re ready to start saving money, start by focusing on this single tip first and then branch out after you’ve mastered this tip!

Struggling to save money with all the information out on the internet? Follow this one money saving tip to start turning your finances around. This one piece of advice is the cornerstone to saving money, paying off debt, and building wealth.
The best money tip to save more money this year

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The best money saving tip: build the most awesome budget for your family

The most important thing you can do for your finances is to create an awesome budget.


Because a budget is the plan you have for your money so that you don’t lose it.

I don’t mean lose it like it falls out of your pocket. I mean that you need to track your money so that you don’t accidentally spend it on random things.

Not budgeting is like going to the store hungry and without a list.

How many times do you go to the grocery store hungry and without a list?

I hope the answer is never, but I must say that I’m guilty of this on occasion.

If you go to the store and don’t make a meal plan and write a list, you will find yourself spending too much money on food and still wondering what’s for dinner every night.

When you don’t budget (or budget poorly), you will find yourself accidentally spending too much money on things you can’t really afford and wonder why you don’t have money left over at the end of the month. Continue to not budget properly over the course of your career and you’ll find yourself wondering why you don’t have enough money for retirement.


Being a responsible budgeter

I must say that budgeting isn’t always fun or glamorous, but it is the responsible thing to do.

Do you know anyone that looks like they are doing well for themselves? They might drive a fancy car or live in a big house, but they might also be hurting financially and not even realize it.

There have been multiple times when someone gives the appearance of being financially well off, but when they openly communicate their financial details it’s easy to see that they are in financial trouble.

One example is a couple who both drive brand new cars and own a house together. However, they admit that they live paycheck to paycheck and they don’t budget. Sometimes they sacrifice food because they are running low on money towards the end of the month and they have no savings to speak of.

A responsible budgeter knows how much money they can spend on groceries every month and doesn’t exceed their grocery budget. A responsible budgeter might have to live with an old iPhone until they have put away enough money each month to afford one.

Budgeting is worth it!

Proper budgeting can and will provide you with peace of mind. Budgeting can give you the tools to defeat the challenges that life throws at you.

What if the car breaks down? Budgeting means knowing you have money set aside for auto repair.

What if the hot water heater goes out in your house? Budgeting allows you to set money aside each month so that you can cover expenses that you know are possibilities!

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Let me give you an example of how budgeting has brought peace to my world

The company I worked for was going through massive layoffs, and I mean massive!  I had already seen many close colleagues lose their job from the previous rounds of layoffs. It was disheartening seeing these people that I had become friends with wondering what they would do next and how could they support their families.

This happened to be round seven and we were informed that our group would be hit hard this time, maintaining minimum staff. I knew I could have been on the list to be cut, but I wasn’t worried because budgeting allowed me to know that I could survive long enough to find a new position and then some.


So what happened with layoffs?

Layoffs came strong and hard. Fortunately, my hard work over the years was recognized by a few higher up managers and they fought hard to save me, finding myself a new and safe from layoff position within the company just hours before layoff announcements began.

There were 15 other people in my group and about 90 others company-wide that were not so fortunate.

The aisles of cubicles may as well been a cemetery in a ghost town. The office used to buzz with productivity and is now silent and still. Name tags of past employees still hang from empty cubicle walls, marking the names of those less fortunate.

To make matters worse, the company announced more layoffs to occur at a later date.

How to get started with budgeting and protect your families best interest

As you can see, budgeting is crucial for preparing for the mishaps that life throws at you.

No one should get caught off guard and should not be financially stressed when an incident occurs and that is why I created a free budgeting course.

The course is designed to help you understand the key elements of building a successful budget. If you’re living paycheck to paycheck, struggling to save money, wanting to pay off debt faster, or wanting to know more about effectively managing your families finances, then this course is for you!

Together we can improve your financial situation.