10 Cheap baby items that make life easier for new moms

Life as a new mom can be… well.. rough.

You’ve got a newborn that needs your attention 24/7. How are you supposed to get any sleep when the baby eats every three hours?

Why are you the only person that can make your baby calm down from a catastrophic meltdown? Doesn’t anyone else know how to soothe an infant?

While I can’t make every aspect of your life easier, I can show you some items new moms love. These baby items will help make your life easier so you can have more quality time with baby.

Newborn life for moms can be rough! As the mother, you will most likely be baby's primary caregiver and they need 24/7 care! Certain baby items are popular among new moms for making life with baby easier. These frugal products are listed as a must-have for every new mom. Let's spend more time enjoying life with baby!

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10 Cheap baby items that make life easier for new moms

Pacifier with tether system

Sometimes your baby is going to go on a crying spree and you can’t stop the crying. If you’re like me, it’s because you forgot the pacifier.

After dealing with the crying for half an hour (or longer) your wife shows up. Like an expert baby detective, she gives the baby their pacifier resulting in peace and quiet.

You hand the baby off to your wife so you can go sulk in the corner. You put up with how much crying for a solution that took 2 seconds to implement?

Dads, take my advice. If you can’t get the baby to stop crying ask your wife. She always knows best!

I recommend the MAM pacifiers because it’s specially shaped to support your babies oral development. It has been a small investment that has resulted in significant peace in my house. I’ll admit that I would have paid more for the pacifiers just for the peace it offers.

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The one problem with giving your baby a pacifier is it’s often dropped. Babies are still working on their motor skills and keeping a pacifier off the floor can be challenging.

I love the tether system for pacifiers because it helps keep the pacifier clean and off the floor. The tether system attaches to the pacifier and can clip onto pretty much anything.


Baby K’tan baby carrier

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Sometimes when your baby fusses, they just want to be held by mom. Not dad. Not Auntie. Only snuggles with mom are good enough for your precious baby to calm down.

You’ve got a life to live and you love your baby, but you still want to be mobile. Every attempt to set your child down starts the crying again. Laundry still has to get done and you can’t do that holding a baby.

The Baby K’tan baby carrier is your solution to remaining mobile while your baby gets snuggles. You can move around freely and baby will probably fall asleep.

Changing mats

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As a dad, changing mats are one of my favorite useful baby items.

Your baby will have the remarkable talent of making you think they are done filling their diaper. If you’re fortunate, you’ll have a clean diaper in place when they are ready to prove you wrong.

I’ve been fooled once or twice by my baby. To tell on myself, a direct quote from the great “poopagedon”  event of 2018, “WIFEY! HELP! There’s POOP EVERYWHERE!”

It’s a pain to change the changing pad cover when you’re tired and have a job to finish.

Changing mats make the job easier should your child not have a diaper under them. Once the mat is dirtied, slide it out from under baby, rinse, and throw it in the laundry hamper.


Zipper sleepers

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Zippers are always easier than snaps and I will never buy anyone a snap outfit again!

Zipper sleepers are nice anytime you need to dress your baby. The snaps take forever to snap which can get really frustrating.

You know what your baby thinks is fun? Having you change their diaper, snap them up after a long minute, having you feel relief now they’re changed, and then soiling their fresh diaper two seconds later!

Now you have to unsnap the baby clothes and repeat the entire process. Zippers are extremely convenient and quick, especially when changing your baby when you should be sleeping.

Soft swaddle blankets

Babies love to be swaddled because they have gotten used to living in a tight space. Now they’ve been introduced to a cold world with a lot more room to move.

This transition isn’t always the easiest and swaddling is a good way for baby to feel secure. Swaddling your baby is another way to help calm them down if they start getting fussy.

Purchasing good quality swaddle blankets with soft fabric is a good way to comfort your baby. I love Swaddle Designs Muslin swaddle blankets because they are one of the softest swaddle blankets that I’ve found. They have become my favorite swaddle blanket and baby seems to love it as well.

See Swaddle Designs Muslin swaddle blankets on Amazon.

When you first get your Muslin blankets they won’t feel soft and actually kind of rough. It’s deceiving, but wash your blanket first and it will become super soft!

Sleep sacks

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Sleep sacks are good for babies that are ready to go from bassinet to crib. Babies can’t sleep with blankets because they may interfere with breathing.

A good sleep sack is going to keep your baby cozy, warm, and feeling secure. Your baby is more likely to sleep through the night when they feel comfortable and safe.

I think we can all agree, the more baby sleeps the better!

Burp cloths

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Burp cloths are my new best friend because baby spit up happens and happens often. I swear I need a burp cloth located every 5 to 10 feet apart!

You can never have too many burp cloths when you first have your baby. You’ll use them during feeding time, changing time, bed-time, TV time, and pretty much all the time.

Collapsible bathtub

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It’s recommended that you give your newborn a bath once every two days. The problem is most baby bathtubs take up a considerable amount of space.

Let’s face it. I had trouble finding a place for our stuff before baby and now I have to store baby items. Unfortunately, I won’t be getting a new house anytime soon so I’ll have to make do with my current space.

I love the concept of the collapsible bathtub because it’s aimed at saving you space. It’s easy to slide into a corner of your bathroom and stays out of the way.

Nursing tanks

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Your baby is going to need to eat about once every three hours. If you’re breastfeeding, it is inconvenient to give baby access with normal clothing.

Nursing tanks will make babies access easier and makes for frustration-free feeding. The tanks are easy to connect and disconnect access so you can open or close the tank while holding baby.

Nursing pads

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Imagine walking through Target with your baby and life is good. All of a sudden, you feel moisture around your chest and your shirt is wet.

Nursing pads are designed to soak up any accidental milk leakage that you may experience.

The pads slide right into your nursing bra and can easily be swapped. Once they are dirty or sufficiently worn, throw them into the wash with the baby clothes.


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