3 Obstacles to Becoming a Millionaire

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3 Obstacles to becoming a millionaire

One of my favorite subjects, becoming a millionaire! Do you have what it takes to become one?

Everyone wants to become a millionaire, but many people don’t have what it takes to get over the obstacles that stand in their way. It takes a special kind of person to make that much money.

Some people give up on their dreams of becoming a millionaire because they didn’t dig deep enough to overcome the obstacles. Don’t give up on your dream! Read this article instead.

If you can work hard, stay motivated, and stick to it, then there is no reason to why you can’t become a millionaire. So let’s discuss three obstacles people need to get over to become a millionaire.

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You’re too realistic and not optimistic enough

Has life ever gotten you down to the point where you just give up? If you have, then you aren’t following the millionaire mentality of living optimistically.

Millionaires have an uncanny ability to take the punches life throws at them and say, “Oh well. It happened. Now, what’s my plan to recover?” Often millionaires aren’t emotionally affected by a saddening event because they live as an optimist, looking for the silver lining.

This doesn’t mean you can’t be hurt or upset by something, but you need to focus on how you’re planning to recover from an event. I wouldn’t be too happy if my business caught on fire, but I can’t change the fact that it did. I can only respond and find a way to move forward.

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The longer you hold on to a tragic event, the longer it will prevent you from moving forward. Many people in this world cannot let go of an old grudge, which leads them to live very pessimistic lives.

Say you lose your job. Are you going to worry and lay in bed for a week wondering what went wrong? What could have happened differently? Stop focusing on the past and concentrate on the future. Dust off that old resume, search for jobs and work on getting a new job like it was your job.

You don’t have a plan

Millionaires don’t become wealthy because fought aimlessly to make money. They understood what it took because they had a plan.

Millionaires start with a sweet dream of the luxurious lifestyle, followed quickly with a dream of making it happen. That dream becomes a goal when you when you write it down with a date. Finally, a goal written down into steps becomes a plan!

Millionaires have plans to achieve their dreams, and you need one as well. What is your dream? Make that dream a goal by associating it with a date.

How long do you want it to take to become a reality? How are you going to make it happen? Write down the steps and ask if you can reasonably achieve it in the time frame you wanted or do you need to adjust the schedule accordingly?

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You never take action

A plan without action is worthless. One of the biggest obstacles that stops everyone from becoming a millionaire is the failure to act. You may have a $10,000,000 idea, but if you don’t execute your plan, you’ll have nothing.

You will always find an excuse not to do something. Nothing is forcing you to make a lot of money. You have to want it bad enough. You have to want to make more money just as bad as you want to breathe until you don’t need the money anymore.

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I understand making money isn’t easy and indeed it can be very challenging. Your current situation is a direct result of the choices you made.

Your future situation is also a direct consequence of the choices you are going to make. You must find a way to deal with, and take action on the demands of your current situation.


Are you up for overcoming the obstacles? Do you have any other obstacles people face when they are trying to become a millionaire? Let us know in the comments below!