$7,000 Made on Fiverr

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Over $7,000 made on fiverr

People ask all the time how they can make some extra money from home. One such way is through Fiverr.com.

Fiverr won’t make you the next millionaire, but there are some incredible success stories. For example, Nick made himself over $7,000 in a year on Fiverr by selling gigs.

$7,000 isn’t too shabby! That’s almost an extra $600 a month. So let’s talk about Fiverr and how you can make money.

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What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is a website which you can buy or sell gigs (Freelance work) for $5. It is a vast marketplace for you to showcase and sell your small gigs and pocket $4 as Fiverr keeps $1.

Making Money With Fiverr: Selling Gigs

As a seller, you can list your gig for $5 and then upsell additional services. For example, as a writer for online content you might sell a gig:

For $5, I will write 100 words for your website.
For $10, I will write 250 words for your website.
For $30, I will write 800 words for your website.

As you can see, upselling your initial gig can net you extra money quickly. This is especially true if you have quick turn around with your service, allowing you to knock out as many gigs as possible in a small span of time.

It might be slow going at first. People will need to know that they can trust you, which means you need people to leave positive reviews on your work. It is easier to get better reviews when you are upfront with your turn-around time, and you deliver on time.

Make Money With Fiverr: Merchanting Gigs

A little on the more challenging side is to merchant Fiverr Gigs. Let’s say you found someone online looking to pay $500 for a new logo for their website.

Head on over to Fiverr, find a promising Gig for creating logos, and purchase the gig. You might find one for $30 and then sell the logo to the person willing to pay $500! You just made $470 for being the middle man.

Merchanting Fiverr gigs is harder than it seems, but if done right can be very rewarding.

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Avoid Paying For “Likes” and Increased Traffic

One strategy that many people have talked about is using Fiverr to send traffic to your website or Facebook page. You would then use this new traffic to sell products through webinars.

Unfortunately, this traffic increase consists of fake accounts that usually won’t last longer than a few days. These Gigs typically have an excellent rating because traffic initially increased, the review was provided, and then the traffic disappeared. There is no way to change your review once it has been posted and people can’t warn others.

Main point, avoid paying for Facebook “Likes” and increased traffic on Fiverr!


While Fiverr isn’t a get rich scheme, you can pocket some extra cash. Like anything, earning spare money takes some hard work. One Fiverr seller even reports making enough money to buy themselves a house.

What is your experience with Fiverr? Do you have a money making technique to share? Let me know in the comments below!a house.