Earn a promotion, earn a raise

Why You aren’t Getting that Promotion, The Truth

Earn a promotion, earn a raise
Why you aren’t getting that promotion, the truth

This is the first of four articles on why you aren’t getting that promotion you think you deserve:

[Article 1] – Why you’re not getting that promotion, the truth.
[Article 2] – Why you’re not getting that promotion, fix this one thing!
[Article 3] – Why you’re not getting that promotion, easy changes that pay.
[Article 4] – Why you’re not getting that promotion, sell yourself!

I love to get promoted at work. It feels good to get the recognition, and the pay increase isn’t that bad either!

The problem is that there are so many people who complain and want to know why their career has stagnated. They feel the company is against them or that they were unfairly passed over for a promotion.

In this article series, I’m going to tell you the truth on why you haven’t gotten your promotion yet, and then I’m going to show you steps that you can take to fix it!

You might not like the truth, but you need to hear it if you want to make more money at work. I’m with you on this one. I want to see you get promoted and I want you to be successful, but I’m not going to sugar coat anything. Too much sugar can kill you!

Let’s start with the truth on why you haven’t gotten promoted or just lost that promotion at work.

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The Truth

The truth to why you haven’t been promoted is because you’re not working at work! You spend so much of your day slacking off that you might as well be a professional slacker!

Let me guess. You come home from work each day exhausted, and pat yourself on the back because you had a hard day at work. The reality is that you did nothing or next to nothing to produce your deliverable that day.

As an employee, you are paid to come to work and produce a deliverable. It’s whatever your boss assigns you, such as a report. You must crank out your deliverables each day if you want a promotion! The problem is that you aren’t delivering your deliverables.

I see so many people at work, not working, and they still want more money for doing nothing! It’s pretty simple, the employee producing the most amount of work is the one that is seen as most valuable and most likely to be rewarded.

You’re taking way too many breaks!

There is a huge problem with your work ethic. Part of the problem is that you are taking too many conscious and unconscious breaks at work.

A conscious break consists of every time you go to the water cooler, check Facebook or play games on your phone in the bathroom stall, and talk to every co-worker on your way back to your desk for 20 minutes at a time.

I have known a few people who have gotten fired for taking too many conscious breaks! I have even heard snoring coming from the stalls. The company isn’t paying you to talk about your weekend for 20 minutes. They want you to spend the time working!

Unconscious breaks are when you do things like zone out at your computer and daydream of anything else that you would rather be doing. It’s easy to do when you work with repetitive tasks, and you need to learn to minimize these breaks.

The less time you use for breaks, the more time you have for working on work. The more quality work you produce, the more value you bring to the company and value for them is more value (money) for you!

You’re not working smart!

Yeah, I know. You sit at your computer for eight hours a day, answer phone calls like a boss, and sent all of five emails, but you didn’t provide value added work, helping you accomplish your deliverable.

How much time do you spend on doing meaningless busywork? Don’t answer that because you’ll probably underestimate it. Start tracking how much time you spend on the phone answering someone else’s questions and how long it takes you to write an email.

Email is a bad time killer for a lot of people. For some people, they take a minimum of a half hour to reply to one email which is way too slow! I recognize the importance of sending a quality email, but you need to get faster at it so you can get back to your deliverable.

Stop with the busywork! Keep focused on the value added work and finish your deliverable.

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You don’t know how to do your job!

Do you know every aspect of your job and how to do it? Too many people are trying to learn their skills on the job!

Let’s say you hired someone to remodel your kitchen, and they are charging you by the hour. You come home and see the contractor on your couch reading a book on remodeling kitchens. Are you going to be happy that you’re paying them to learn on the job?

A good employee should already have the knowledge base to perform their job. A company wants to pay you to use the skills you were trained in without wasting their time and resources.

Some aspects of your job are on the job training which is fine. You need to work towards becoming proficient at your job, so your deliverables are done faster, cutting out as much on the job training as possible.

Every employee’s job is to bring in more value to the employer than it costs to keep the employee. You are more likely to be promoted with the more value you bring in.

In our next article “Why you’re not getting that promotion, fix this one thing!” I’ll tell you one productivity boosting trick which will make you more valuable to employers and increase your chances of getting a well-deserved promotion.