Frugal tips to buying and making baby food cheap

Scooping baby food up to your babies mouth, your baby gets a devilish look on their face.

It’s a look you’ve seen before. It’s the look your husband gets on their face before he does something you’ll scold him for.

With a gleeful giggle, your baby swipes their baby food bowl onto the floor. The bowl bounces across the kitchen splattering mushed peas everywhere!

Now you’re pondering if your child got any of your DNA or if you’re destined to raise another version of your husband.

On the bright side, you found this guide which shows you exactly how to save money on baby food. So while you have a mess to clean up, it isn’t an expensive mess!

Today’s guide is all about how to find the best deals on baby food and how to save money by making your own baby food.

Do you want to feed your baby the best baby food but don't want to spend a ton of money? Here is how you can save money when buying or making baby food.

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Frugal tips to buying and making baby food cheap

Pros and Cons to buying or making baby food

You have two options when it comes to baby food. You can either spend your time or your money. Which one is more valuable to you?

Buying baby food is a good way to save your time, but you’ll spend more money than if you would have made the food yourself. Buying baby food is the route most families take because we are usually short on time.

Making baby food usually costs less and lets you have control over the ingredients your baby eats. You don’t have to worry about your child eating foods that contain who knows what.

So which method is better? Personally, I see value in making and buying baby food and recommend you do both.


How to find valuable deals on baby food in store

When you’re shopping for deals it’s best to go to the one place that can give you a deal, the manufacturer.

Start by looking over the baby food manufacturers website. Do they have any coupons visible on their website? Here’s an example of a coupon on Gerber’s website:

Gerber baby food coupon

While you’re on their website, sign up for anything that let’s the company contact you. Examples would be signing up for email lists or providing your address. Companies will send out baby food coupons periodically to boost sales, which means discounts for you!

Find your favorite baby food companies on social media and follow them! Companies will periodically send out coupons to their social media followers.

Still looking for more baby food deals? Contact the manufacturer and ask for samples or coupons. Most companies are more than willing to send you a free sample and a bunch of coupons in the mail.

Cheapest way to buy baby food is online

Search two to three different retailers and find your preferred baby food. What’s the price difference between the different retailers?

Next, log into your eBates account or sign up for an eBates account if you don’t already have one. If you’re not familiar, eBates gives you cash back when you shop through their website. You can find thousands of retailers on eBates website like Target, Amazon, Walmart, etc.

Use eBates to find out the percent cash back you would earn back and calculate the new price of your baby food.

For example, let’s assume baby food was $1 at both Walmart and Amazon, but Walmart offered 5% back compared to 2% back at Amazon. Walmart would cost you $0.95 a jar compared to $0.98 at Amazon.

Using eBates is one of my favorite tools to help my family save money when shopping online.


Making your own baby food

Here is a video from the American Heart Association that shows the exact steps for making baby food:

See it on YouTube

There are so many different ingredients you can toss into making baby food. Popular choices include carrots, apples, sweet potatoes, peas, bananas, yellow squash, prunes, and more! Check out popular websites like Pinterest to find different baby food recipes.


Choose your blender

While you have a lot of different options when it comes to blending your baby food, I have a few recommendations.

Baby bullet for the frugal family

See it on Amazon

I’m sure by now you’ve heard of the magic bullet, an easy to use blender. The same company makes the baby bullet system which is practically everything you need to make baby food quickly.

The baby bullet is simple to use. Place your food in the container, attach it to the base, and push down on the container to blend.

The baby bullet comes with two blades, one to mill oats and rice and one to create a baby food like consistency.

You’ll absolutely love the results and the ease of use. If you’re short on time, the baby bullet makes fast work of baby food prep and it’s super simple to clean.

Vitamix (or other blender)

See it on Amazon

The Vitamix is one of my personal favorite blenders. If you are looking to blend more than just baby food, I recommend getting the Vitamix.

Blending food is a sinch with the Vitamix but it isn’t as easy to clean as the baby bullet. However, cleaning can be as simple as putting some soapy water in the Vitamix and blending for a minute.

While the Vitamix is a spendier purchase, it is also a quality purchase. I love my Vitamix and it has lasted a long time and still running strong.

If you want to buy a Vitamix but don’t want to pay the full price, you can consider purchasing one Certified Refurbished.

A Certified Refurbished Vitamix was owned by someone else who sent it back because of a problem. The manufacturer repairs the problem and can’t resell the Vitamix as new, so it’s sold as Certified Refurbished at a steep discount.

Typically there aren’t any problems with buying Certified Refurbished. I own a few Certified Refurbished products that work just as good as a new product, but I saved a ton of money with the purchase.

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Store and freeze your baby food

You’ll want to find the right storage system that works for your families needs. There are numerous options so let’s take a look at what’s available.

See it on Amazon

Glass baby food jars are perfect for storing your baby food in portion sized containers. The one shown above works in both the refrigerator and is freezer safe.

See it on Amazon

The next option are silicone freezer trays. You can pour the baby food into these ice cube tray structures and freeze the food for later.

The silicone makes it easy to pop the cubes out. You can either leave the cubes in the tray in the freezer or dump the cubes into a zip lock freezer bag to pull out later.

See it on Amazon

A lesser known but super convenient option is the squeeze station. The squeeze station allows you to squeeze your baby food into pouches for easy grab and go access. It’s the perfect, “make your own baby food kit”

The squeeze station is for more than baby food. Ever want to make yogurt? You can fill these pouches with food for yourself to have on the go.

What are your favorite baby food recipes? Let me know in the comments below.

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