How to get the best deal shopping on Amazon

If you’re like me then you or someone in your immediate family is an Amazon shopper.

Some might go as far to say their significant other is in need of shopping rehab!

Wouldn’t it be nice if shopping on Amazon didn’t cost you any money?

Amazon is one of the best places to shop online for the best deals. But did you know there are little known tricks that can help you save a lot of money on Amazon?

Today’s post is all about giving you exclusive tips for getting the best price when shopping on Amazon.

Do you want to find the best deal on Amazon? This article gives you the best kept secrets for finding the lowest prices available on Amazon!

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How to get the best deal shopping on Amazon

1. Open a free eBates account for cash back

eBates is the best place to earn cash back on thousands of stores including Amazon.

The only requirement for eBates is that you have a PayPal account so they can send you your money.

Using eBates is simple. Sign into your account, find the retailer (Amazon), and hit shop now. Continue shopping as normal and eBates sends you money through your PayPal account.

Save money shopping online by shopping through Ebates
Save money shopping online by shopping through Ebates


2. Use a cash back credit card

Cash back credit cards are dangerous if you don’t use them right. Like all credit cards, you should aim at paying off the balance each month.

The best part about cash back credit cards is… the cash back!

If eBates offers you 3% cash back and you also have a 3% cash back credit card then you’ll instantly save 6%!

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3. Look at Other Sellers

Did you know that Amazon is actually a website that lets other people sell through?

Yep! Amazon is pretty much a professional version of craigslist where the expectations are set much higher.

That means multiple people are selling the same item and for different prices. Amazon rotates through the sellers (and prices) to give each seller a chance to sell.

Click the new and used offers link on each listing to show all the different sellers.

Find other sellers on Amazon

Amazon other sellers

Some items are listed as used even if they are actually brand new! This happens because sometimes Amazon won’t let a seller sell a product for new.

If an item is listed as used, you’ll never see that price/seller listed on the product details page as the current seller. That means you need to dive into the new and used offers to find the best deal.

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4. Use Honey to find the best Amazon Price

Honey is a free browser extension that helps you find the best price on Amazon.

Some Amazon sellers don’t charge for shipping and some do. Honey will compare seller offers and let you know if they find it for cheaper.

For example, you might land on a product page to buy something for $80 plus $16 shipping. Honey scans Amazon sellers and might find one for $74.99 and no shipping.

how to save money online
Honey saved me money on these headphones

5. Use Keepa for price drops!

Do you buy the same item repeatedly on Amazon or have plenty of time to wait?

Keepa is an Amazon price tracker tool that will send you an email when the price drops below your desired price.

In the picture below, the yellow bar is the product price as sold by Amazon. The orange triangles are Amazon sellers who sent their inventory into Amazon. The purple line are sellers selling the product in new condition from their home or business.

Keepa graph

You can see the price on this particular product has dropped in the past and might drop in the future. The product normally sells for around $10, but has the occasional drop to under $5. Keepa is a good way to save money if you can be patient!

If you want to be notified of an Amazon price drop, click the set alert button and fill out your desired price in each box. Click set alert and you’ll get an email next time your price is reached!

Budget and Save money tips:

6. Use invisible hand to find it cheaper elsewhere

Like Honey, Invisible Hand is another browser extension. Invisible Hand checks other websites to see if it’s being sold cheaper elsewhere.

Both Honey and Invisible Hand are free and easy to download. Both are great tools to help you save money on Amazon.

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