10 Best educational baby toys for families on a budget


We all want our child to succeed and we would do anything to educate our children.

Your child soaks information up like a sponge for the first few years of their life.

How will they spend their first few years?

Unfortunately, most children under the age of three spend the majority of time in front of the television.

Most parents see TV as an easy “out.” TV isn’t a replacement for parenting and your child needs healthy interaction with their parents. TV and bad parenting are causing waves of slower, unmotivated children.

As a parent, let’s put down the remote and make education a priority.

Today’s article is all about helping you find educational toys and resources to assist with your child’s development.

Educational baby toys are perfect for new parents to help their child grow and develop into an intelligent adult. These fun products are perfect for children of all ages to stimulate learning. Your child will learn a lot during their first three years of life. How will they spend it? #educationalbabytoys

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10 Best educational baby toys for families on a budget

1. Shape sorting cube

Melissa & Doug Shape Sorting Cube – Classic Wooden Toy With 12 Shapes

One of the best toys for your baby is the shape sorting cube. This toy promotes shape and color recognition, as well as, helping your child develop motor skills. Not to mention this toy is a classic!

The cube is made from sturdy wood with 12 easy to grip wood shapes. Age recommendation is 24m+.

Our 19M old LOVES this toy! She is really into puzzles and blocks. This entertains her for a solid 15-20 minutes, at a time and for that age, we will take it! I do not think our older daughter would have liked this as a toddler. It could get frustrating if the child does not enjoy a little challenge because they have to understand that one piece comes off (that is how you get them blocks out) and that you have to turn the box to find all of the available shapes. – Healthy Family

The good: This is a simple toy that helps your baby learn motor skills. I love the colors of the blocks which make a satisfying “plunk” sound as they are dropped into the box. The blocks fit inside the box for easy storage, meaning there is less mess to deal with.

The bad: Some people find that the wood may splinter after multiple uses. I recommend inspection of the toy before allowing your child to play. Should this happen to you I would recommend contacting the factory or sanding down the area.


2. V-Tech Sit-to-Stand learning walker

See it on Amazon.

The V-Tech Sit-to-stand walker is the perfect tool to help your child go from crawling to walking. This toy continues to be fun even once your child has mastered walking.

One of my favorite features is the activity panel. The activity panel is loaded with spinning gears, piano keys, colorful rollers, light-up shape sorters, light-up buttons, and a telephone handset.

The activity panel detaches which is great for your baby to play with before they start walking. You can also take the panel with you for fun on the go.

Recommended ages are 9m+.

We just got this for our eight month old and so far it is totally worth it! Here is my complete review including PROS and CONS:


Very interactive and appealing to infants
Easy to assemble (about five minutes)
Good quality plastic
Wheels have two settings so if your little one isn’t ready to walk you can put it on a stiffer setting


This is so light that your baby can fall over if she leans too much (I always supervise)
Sometimes the sound/music keeps going beyond what you think it should

Overall I think for the price this is totally worth it. My baby loves it and she’s learning to stand and pull herself up to stand because of this. -Erika

3. V-Tech Wiggle & Crawl Ball

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Your baby needs to learn to crawl before they can learn to walk. The V-Tech Wiggle & Crawl Ball helps your child learn to crawl as the ball wiggles and moves, encouraging crawling.

The ball helps your child learn about colors, animals, and numbers. There are 45 different songs, phrases, and sounds and five lights to capture your babies attention. Your baby will learn:

  • Motor skills by sliding, twisting, spinning, or button pushing the animals. Additional motor development as they “chase” the ball.
  • Language skills as they learn about different animals, colors, and numbers
  • Sensory skills with bright colors and flashing lights

Overall, parents seem to really love this toy for its entertainment and educational value. Age recommendation is 6m+.

-Jayne Laxton

4. Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy

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Your baby, just like us, has five different senses – touch, taste, smell, sound, and sight. It’s important to help your baby develop each sense. The Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy is perfect for stimulating your babies sense of sound while stimulating brain activity.

I like having music on the go and that’s what the Baby Einstein music toy provides. Most baby toys have some sort of music that plays, but they are super bulky.

The toy comes with seven different classical music tunes with different flashing lights to stimulate babies sense of sight. Don’t worry parents, this toy does come with a volume button!

The good: This toy is small, fits in a diaper bag, and is ready to be pulled out at a moments notice for fussy babies. You can use it on the go in the car, strapped to a stroller, or at home. The volume button is perfect for parents who need a break from most of the noisy toys. Most children will continue to use this toy even as they grow so it’s worth the small investment.

The bad: The toy does not have a continual music feature so you will have to continue to press the play button. Beads on the handle may make it more difficult for your baby to grab the toy.

I bought this for my firstborn 6 years ago and she loved it and still using it once in a while when she sees her baby sister playing with it. We use it at home, in a car or strapping it to stroller while out and about. It has different tunes/sounds and lights, kids don’t seem to be tired of it and most importantly I don’t get annoyed by its sounds

Watch your tiny ones while they play with it as their coordination is not good and they will smack themselves with it… ouch

-live long and prosper

5. 5-in-1 Your Way Ball Play Activity Gym

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Your baby needs a safe place to play. If you’re like me, your dogs run around the house licking baby when you’re not looking.

That’s why this activity gym is so perfect. The Way ball play gym folds up so your baby has their own little play space. Looking for some tummy time? No worries, this activity gym folds down to make the perfect mat for baby.

Such a great product! My 6 week old loves to lay and kick around and has been starting to look around at all the fun toys that are included and hang above her. She especially likes the musical elephant with the lights!
Love the sides can go up – I keep 2 sides up right now because she likes to look at the animals on the sides and 2 sides down so I have easy access to her and can see her better during her tummy time. Will love having all 4 sides to use later on when she’s more mobile!

The mat is slightly padded – enough that I’m not too worried about having it just on our hardwood floors.

Can’t wait until she’s old enough to use the ball pit portion!


The good: Don’t worry about baby spit-up, the mat is machine washable! The mat is padded so you can put your baby on hardwood floors without worry. There is a lot of fun animals and toys to keep your baby entertained. The mat is perfect for nap time! The mat folds up easily enough that it can fit in luggage for easy transport.

The bad: Overall, people really love this mat but feel the price might be a little much.



6. O Ball Rattle and Roll Car

See it on Amazon.

One of the first things your baby is going to learn is motor skills. Easy to grab toys will help your baby develop those important motor skills.

The O ball rattle and roll car is perfect for baby and Dad to work on those motor skills together. Dad is going to love the car shape while baby loves the easy to grab frame. I love playing with my baby and O ball car!

I love the “cage” on the to of this car. The soft plastic holes are perfect for even the tiniest fingers to play with.
It is a little “heavy” for my 5 month old but I’m sure in no time this will a favorite.

In a side note, this car came with two little action figure leprechaun men. (it’s close to Saint Patricks Day). I’m not sure if that’s standard or if we are just lucky. They’re cute but probably not appropriate for a 5 month old. His big sister (3 years old) loves them though!

-Adam Benetka

The good: The car is easy to grab but provides entertainment value as they age. Parents report having good safe play time because the cars are well built.

The bad: Most parents bought the car assuming two cars would be delivered because of the display picture. Please note that only one car is sold per purchase.

7. Nuby Ice Gel Teether keys

See it on Amazon.

Eventually, your baby is going to start teething. Ask any parent who has gone through teething, it isn’t a fun time.

The nuby ice gel teether keys are a good solution to help your baby work through teething. As a bonus, your baby is going to develop motor skills as they learn to hold the keys. The bright colors help stimulate your babies brain.

I bought 2 of these for the 2 babies in my home daycare who are busy teething now. When they have finished chewing on them, I wash them off and put them in a ziplock bag in the fridge to keep them cool. The instructions say not to put them in a freezer.

The babies seem to like them, and when they are not chewing/sucking on them, they are banging them on surfaces to enjoy the noise they make too!

The colors are bright. The handle that holds the “keys” together, also has little bumps on it for teething babies to mouth. It also makes it easier for babies to grip.

-Gail J.

The good: Nuby ice gel teether keys stays cool and helps your baby teeth through different textured keys. Nuby ice gel teether is a very economical option for both play and teething help.

The bad: Parents who don’t read the instructions will be in for a surprise and ruin the toy. The toy is not for boiling, freezing, or microwaving which is stated on the package.

8. GiBot Palm Grip Crayons

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Your baby is going to start trying to express themselves once they start developing their senses. One of the best ways to support your babies creativity is with coloring.

I love the GiBot Palm Grip Crayons because they are easy for children to grasp and safety is built into the design. A hole runs through the center of the crayon so your baby still has an air pathway if swallowed.

The GiBot Crayons are one of the best ways for your child to show their creativity!

My son just turned one and I was looking for a safe, easy to hold crayon for him to learn how to color and also practice his fine motor and cause and affect skills.
These are very easy for him to grip and the color comes out bright. He uses these to practice coloring and to also practice using his pointer finger. He sticks the bulb onto his fingers then takes them off. Off and on, off and on lol.
Oh they are also durable! He gets pretty rough with them and of course they have been thrown, stepped on etc and they are still going strong!
Great crayon for new artists 🙂

The good: Safely designed because kids put things in their mouths constantly. GiBot Crayons stack easily for easy storage. Specifically designed for children with tiny hands!

The bad: Crayons may break easier than expected. Adult supervision may be required as with most activities.

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9. My first dictionary

See it on Amazon.

Spending one on one time with your baby is important. Even more important is that your baby needs to hear you talk.

It doesn’t matter what you talk about, but your baby needs to hear words to learn words. I recommend reading a baby dictionary to your child every night so they can familiarize words with pictures.

My first dictionary is perfect because it gives you common words with pictures to help your baby learn. Personally, I like reading from the dictionary to encourage learning before bedtime!

Recommended age 5-9. My sons age 2. He LOVES it! We actively take a word each day and talk about it, find it, touch it, use it etc. He’s so eager to find the word and image in the book, then connect it in real life. At his age this book is great fun, at 5-9 years of age this product must be a a wonderful reference book for kids to use without parental guidance. The images and text are clear and the content age appropriate. Another DK success.

The good: My first dictionary is a beautiful and brightly colored book that is easy to read and explain. It’s fun for both parent and child, and even includes dictionary games. As your child grows, my first dictionary is perfect to help your child read and spell. The best part, it includes a picture for every word.

The bad: The book is fairly simplistic. Don’t anticipate using this dictionary for any school homework assignments. It is meant more for self-learning at home.

10. Teach my baby learning kit

See it on Amazon.

A learning kit is another good way for parents to bond with their child over education. A kit includes little lessons and activities for you to do with your child.

The teach my baby learning kit includes four sections to help your child learn in only 20 minutes per day. The sections include first words, numbers, self and sound & touch.

The course outline helps you make a decision on what to learn next. It’s the perfect solution for parents wanting to teach but unsure where to start.

This was the first time I’ve heard of this gift and my granddaughter loved it. We spent quality time together just playing and learning everything that was in this kit. I recommended this item to every child. I also purchased the Toddler stage too.
-Jilton L. Lasua-Gray

The good: Bonding with your child over education is always a plus! It’s an inexpensive solution to start educating your child. Kids really seem to love it!

The bad: Some kids are more interested in eating the books than learning and interacting!

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