Best hand sanitizer for frugal families

I never knew how awesome hand sanitizer was until I started working at a construction site.

We don’t always have access to clean running water and the port-o-potties are DISGUSTING. All I want is clean hands before returning to work or sitting down for lunch!

Then a coworker shows up coughing up a storm and looking like they’re going to drop dead from having the flu. Everyone’s giving him a bad time about he needs to go home and rest, but he’s too stubborn and wants to work.

Meanwhile, I’m dumping hand sanitizer all over myself so I don’t bring what this guy has home to my newborn. Sometimes, people are really inconsiderate.

I’ve since started keeping hand sanitizer with me for any “just in-case” moments. Having hand sanitizer on hand has worked out well for me and there is nothing like the feeling of clean hands.

Today’s article is all about finding the best hand sanitizer for a frugal family.

The best hand sanitizers for the best natural, 60 percent alcohol, travel, baby, and sensitive skin. We've found the best hand sanitizer for your needs!

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Best hand sanitizer for frugal families

Why you should never leave home without hand sanitizer

Millions of people use hand sanitizer every day at work, school, and home. Hand sanitizer is a quick and convenient alternative to washing your hands.

With all the people using hand sanitizer it begs the question, are hand sanitizers effective or is this just another marketing scheme?

Well fortunately for the millions who use it, hand sanitizer works and works well. The benefits to hand sanitizer include:

  1. A convenient alternative to washing your hands.
  2. Works quickly to kill germs, microorganisms, and bacteria on hands.
  3. Can be less irritating on skin than using soap and water.
  4. Certain hand sanitizers can actually improve skin conditions.

Need more motivation to keep hand sanitizer within arms reach? Only an estimated 66% of people wash their hands after using the restroom. That’s a 34% chance that whoever shakes your hand next didn’t wash their hands (or use sanitizer).


Finding the best hand sanitizer for your needs and budget

Best natural hand sanitizer option

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Purell Naturals contains 93% natural ingredients and has the added benefit of containing essential oils.

I like that Purell made a hand sanitizer that does not contain triclosan or paraben. Both triclosan and paraben may be suspected for causing health concerns.

“I really love this one because a) it smells great, b) it makes my hands feel super clean, c) this one is the most important: the actual size is great for the price. I love buying things that are affordable to me. I’m on a limited budget and can’t afford to buy most things. But, since I am a tad bit crazy with OCD, I always need this around to wipe my hands up. If you’re on a budget and need something that definitely works, try this out. Also, it smells super awesome!”


-Jaxx. B.

Best generic hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol

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Purell advanced is one of the best generic hand sanitizers containing 70% alcohol. This product is great for maximizing sanitation but also helps keeps your hands moistened.

You’ll notice the last review was for the Purell brand as well. Purell makes great products and is trusted by families everywhere.

This bottle comes in a 2 Litter bottle which is more cost effective. There are other options available on amazon if you are looking for a smaller size.

“Instead of buying a ton of new 8oz sanitizer bottles when all the ones in my house were almost empty, I bought this 2 liter of Purrell and am very happy with it. At the time it was $17 in price, so it was more cost effective to buy this and just refill all my sanitizer bottles around the house. Purrell is great at cutting down on the germs on our hands, especially during cold season, and we do get sick way less often than when we used a cheaper brand.


This has a pump so you can just use it out of this bottle or you can unscrew the top and pour it into smaller bottles, which is what I did. When I got it, I refilled 6 sanitizer bottles and it only used about 1/5 of the 2 liter to do so, so this will last a long time. I also liked that the expiration date is 2.5 years from the month of purchase. Great value!”


– Olivia Stabler

Best travel-sized hand sanitizer

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Purell advanced 1 oz portable bottles contains a nice and refreshing aloe scent. This hand sanitizer is designed to kill the most germs all while keeping your hands moist. However, where this product really stands out is the easy to take anywhere bottle.

The bottle is designed so that you can easily clip it to your backpack, car, diaper bag, bike, keychain, etc.

“For those that like to wash their hands on the go, this is the perfect portable hand sanitizer for you.


You get eight 1oz bottles (two of each color). The bottles are held in place with a hard colored plastic holder, which easily straps onto whatever bag you have. If I could change one thing about it, I would probably upgrade the size to something bigger, maybe 1.5 to 2oz. I don’t really want to be changing bottles that often.”


-Benjamin Bannister

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Best hand sanitizer for baby

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Babies are constantly putting their hands in their mouths. Rolling around the floor? Not a problem, hands belong in mouth! Hands found the dirty diaper? Not a problem, hands belong in mouth!

It’s enough to make any parent cringe a little.

That’s why it’s always good to keep baby hand sanitizer nearby.

Babyganics offers an alcohol-free sanitizer that is perfect for your babies delicate skin. It’s free from harsh chemicals that are in other bigger brands, such as triclosan, parabens, dyes, and sulfates.

Babyganics is perfect for keeping your babies hands (or body) germ-free. It’s important to remain sterile because your child’s immune system is still developing.

Parents don’t need to worry, this product is pediatrician and dermatologist tested.

“I love this hand sanitizer. We bought this stuff to put around our parent’s house for when guests come over and want to hold the baby. It is unscented but has a slight “chemical” smell that is hardly noticeable unless you hold your hands to your nose.


We chose Babyganics because their product line routinely receives high ratings from the Environmental Working Group. I use the stuff all the time and my hands never feel dry. I really like that it is foaming because it feels much more luxurious than wasting too much soap and drying out my hands.


Although there is nothing wrong with these pumps, I would recommend buying your own high quality foaming soap dispensers and buying the refill version of the hand sanitizer; this three-pack runs $0.71 per fl oz compared with the refill bottle that runs $0.37 per fl oz.”


– Paul

Best hand sanitizer for sensitive skin

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If you have sensitive skin then you’ll love Wet Ones Sensitive Wipes. Wet Ones is everything you want in a hand sanitizer, but in the convenient form of a wipe.

These sanitizing wipes are perfect for children’s hands or the occasional toy that is dropped on a dirty bathroom floor. Sanitizing wipes are also perfect for camping where water is scarce.

If you are prone to skin issues, Wet Ones provides a non irritating wipe formula. The wipes fit in your purse, car, or backpack for easy travel.

“I use these to wipe down the surface of airplane tray tables and arm rests when I fly. They come in super handy and stay wet for weeks after being opened for the first time.”


– Jon W.

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