How to Build a Business While Working a Full-Time Job

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How to build a business while working a full-time job

It’s time to build a business so you can leave your full-time career behind!

Building a business on its own takes a lot of time and energy to get off the ground. It can be overwhelming and to top it off, you have a full-time job demanding even more time and energy!

It’s no wonder small businesses aren’t popping up; your job wants everything you’ve got and more! Let’s take a look at how you can get ahead and change the focus from your full-time job to getting that business you’ve always wanted.

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Wake Up Early

I know you think you turn into some horrible monster before 5 a.m. but it’s time to get serious about starting your business. Do whatever it takes to get you up and out of bed. Set 10 alarms, get that coffee brewing, and get motivated!

You need to get up early, as chances are your regular full-time job is going to drain your energy. If you come home tired from a full days work, then with what energy do you have to start your business?

Not an early riser? I don’t really care if you wake up early or not, after all, only you can determine how much time, energy, and success you need, but ask yourself if sleep is more important than reaching your goals.

Some people will do just fine building their business after work, but most people need to prioritize themselves first and work with their energy levels.

Stay Focused: Create an Action Plan

Don’t create a To-Do list. Things on To-Do lists don’t ever get done, which is why we need you to create an action plan because actions get done!

So you woke up early this morning. Congratulations, what are you going to do to build your business? Check Facebook until it’s time to go to work? Wrong answer!

Hopefully, the night before you wrote down specific actions in a planner that you needed to accomplish before you leave your house in the morning. You have limited time to build your business in the morning, get busy and get productive!

Speaking of time, have you ever noticed that you could accomplish a lot in a little time if you don’t have much time to get things done? That same task could take all day if you had all day to work on it! We as humans tend to perform tasks to exactly the amount of time we have, so limiting how much time you have can be a good thing.

Weekends are the biggest time for someone starting a side business to get ahead. Make sure you go into the weekend knowing exactly what you want to accomplish, know what time you have to dedicate to your business, and when you plan to work on it.

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Stay Energized

As I mentioned earlier, most working adults suffer from a drain of energy. Full-time jobs tend to suck the energy away on their own, and that doesn’t even include all your other responsibilities you have to accomplish.

Supplement with B vitamins, especially methyl B12. Most adults are deficient in B12 and supplementing will help keep you energized all day long. Most everyone I’ve seen supplement with B12 ends up telling me how productive they get and how they never realized how tired they were.

Don’t forget to get plenty of sleep. You can supplement and drink coffee, but nothing is a replacement for a great nights sleep. If you are looking to build a business, let alone do anything in life, sleep is one of the most critical factors in doing it successfully.


So what are your top ways of staying on top of your side business? Let us know in the comments below!