Save Money: The best cloth diapers and how to use them for beginners

Baby diapers are no laughing matter and what happens in those diapers isn’t all that funny either!

As a parent or parent to be, you’ll probably want to use cloth diapers in order to save money, but you need to know how to use them and which cloth diapers are the best. If you choose a low-quality diaper, you’ll be left with a sticky situation that makes you wish you had the number to the sanitation department!

That’s why today I figured I would take a minute to cover how to properly use cloth diapers and which brands are the best as a means for parents to save more money and have less frustration. As a sleep-deprived couple, less frustration is always best!

Cloth diapers are one of the best money saving tips for a growing family on a budget. This article is all about how to use a cloth diaper and which cloth diapers are the best. The Pros and Cons of using cloth vs disposable diapers might surprise you!
The best cloth diapers and how to use them

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The best cloth diapers and how to use them

Why you should use cloth diapers

Hands down the number one reason to use cloth diapers is that cloth will save you a lot of money versus using disposable diapers. However, other good reasons to go with cloth diapers include:
  • Less harmful chemicals – Cloth diapers contain less harmful chemicals compared to disposable. As a new parent, you should consider the health effects caused by skin contact with products such as disposable diapers. You can learn more about harmful chemicals on disposable diapers here.
  • Less diaper rashes – Harmful chemicals contained on disposable diapers can cause diaper rashes if your babies skin isn’t compatible with the chemical. Since your cloth diapers don’t contain less chemicals, you’re less likely for having your baby develop rashes.
  • Cloth diapers are better for the environment – Simply speaking, you’re not filling the landfills with disposable diapers. Cloth diapers are easy to throw in your washing machine and use time after time. A newborn may need it’s diaper changed up to 10 times a day for the first month. That means you could put 300+ disposable diapers in the landfill in your babies first month of living!
There are so many reasons to use cloth diapers for your baby! You don’t have to go 100% cloth diapers, but I recommend using cloth when you’ll be at home for an extended period of time and using disposable diapers on the go.


How to use cloth diapers

Here’s a video from “HOW TOs and Reviews” that shows how to properly put on a cloth diaper:

See the video on YouTube

Erin Sheppard discusses how to wash a cloth diaper on eHows YouTube Channel:

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Brittany from Naturally Thrifty Mom discusses what to do with the poo!

See the video on YouTube

Where can you buy cloth diapers?

There are many stores that you can buy cloth diapers from, but thankfully, you can order cloth diapers from your smartphone or computer and have them arrive at your doorstep a couple days later. The best place to buy cloth diapers from is Amazon, especially if you have an Amazon Prime membership.

If you have a baby on the way, an Amazon Prime membership is totally worth it as you’ll be needing a lot of baby supplies and Prime delivers your items in two days for a low yearly cost. Life would be much crazier without my Prime membership!

You’ll want to get enough cloth diapers to last or you’ll find yourself doing laundry like crazy. About 20-30 diapers should last you around two days. 


Which cloth diapers and inserts are worth your time? The best cloth diapers.

 I’ve looked into the some of the top cloth diaper options and have narrowed down the list to a few “best of the best” options. I hope this guide helps you when selecting the brand of cloth diaper that will work for your family.

The best of the best

Top liner option – Naturally Natures Cloth Diaper Inserts

The good – These diapers inserts are super absorbent and made with 5 different layers. The insert is large enough that it works with all diaper cover sizes, meaning you can use these inserts all the way up to potty training and they help keep the mess inside the diapers.

The bad – Despite the diaper inserts having primarily positive reviews, it seems some people find the elastic breaks.

The bottom line – These diaper inserts are worth the purchase and it’s recommended that you wash the inserts five times before use to increase the absorbency. Try washing the diapers the recommended five times and check the elastic to see if it’s holding up, as the bad reviews usually say the elastic was bad to begin with. Should the elastic prove to be a problem, you should contact the company or return the inserts.

Top cover option – LBB Cloth Diaper Set

The good – These diaper covers are adjustable for 0 – 2 years and they come with liners. Many parents rave that these are better than disposable diapers and they are so fantastic, it’s even an Amazon’s choice. The price makes them perfect for a family on a budget.

The bad – As stated previously, these are great for a family on a budget and some people say the quality tends to degrade toward the two-year mark. It’s recommended that you only plan on using this diaper set for one baby.

The bottom line – This cloth diaper set is a budget-friendly option that is great for one baby, up to two years. Parents love the adjustable nature of the diapers and the prints are pretty cute!