Don’t Buy These Things Anymore!

things you shouldn't buy
Don’t buy these things anymore!

How would you like a big pile of money? Just imagine a giant heaping stack of dollar bills right in front of you on the ground. Think about what you could do with all that money!

Now, imagine yourself taking out some lighter fluid, spraying it all over the pile, and flicking a match to incinerate your money into a worthless pile of ash. My heart breaks just a little bit at the thought of wasting all of that perfectly good money!

While burning money is a little extreme, it isn’t too far off from the reality that we burn it carelessly in other ways. I for one, am an advocate for the conservation of money!

So instead of throwing money haphazardly to the wind, I thought today was a good day for a public service announcement to keep more money in your pocket.

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Coffee from Coffee Shops

One of the most common culprits for draining our bank account is our morning coffee. I love coffee just as much as the Gilmore girls, but I hate paying $5 for my coffee.

Think about how much money you spend on coffee if you go five days a week. That’s about $100 a month, and yes, some people do go for coffee five days a week.

Now I know it isn’t as fantastic, but you can make a basic cup of coffee for about five bucks a month by shopping at the store. If you hate the basic stuff, invest in a gourmet coffee maker and watch some videos online to learn how to make fantastic coffee.

Gym Memberships or Fitness Plans

Gym memberships are overrated unless you are looking to become a professional bodybuilder or extreme fitness junkie. If you’re trying to maintain an adequate level of fitness, then you need to look no further than your living room.

I know P90X was marketed as the greatest fat burner since Richard Simmons was a thing. But fitness hasn’t changed much over the years, just the way we market it. YouTube is full of great workout videos and nutritional/diet information.

Support the blogging community and find some channels on YouTube that you like. It will take some time to weed out some of the not so great channels, but you can find some excellent ones. Some of the blogs won’t even require you to buy any additional equipment.

Personally, I am only trying to maintain my fitness level and prevent my body from falling apart sitting at a desk all day long. I like to put an entertainment tax on myself, so every time I want to turn on the TV, I grab my dumbells and do a quick five-minute workout.


I like to read books when I can, but spending $20 on a book I’ll probably only read once makes me a little sad. Billions are spent each year on books, but Libraries are still free.

Want to read the newest book that everyone is talking about? Chances are the library has it on their shelves, but you might have to wait if someone already has it checked out.

The kindle store is another great option. The books are reasonably priced because they are digital and you don’t even have to get out of bed to download them!


I don’t eat out often, but it seems like every time I order a pizza they give me a year’s worth of napkins. It’s like they think I have poor motor skills and manage to rub the pizza all over my face before I get it in my mouth.

Well if you ask my wife she might say I’m the sloppiest eater she’s ever seen. Luckily, napkins are always free when you eat out, and it’s easy to get quite the collection. Just grab a few extra after you eat out, but don’t take beyond reason.

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America loves to buy bottled water, and it’s a huge problem. Plastic fills the landfills, and it’s a huge cost because water is free. I swear it’s like selling ice cubes to an Eskimo!

I would consider myself a little bit of a water snob. I can’t stand to drink water out of the tap, but I would consider it an investment to buy a quality water filter.

My wife has access to the Kangen water machine and I love the pH control feature and the health benefits. If you can’t access a fancy machine, I would consider getting a basic water filter with similar benefits such as this one.


Cable is expensive, there is nothing ever on, and it is a waste of time. Although I do understand the need to sit back and relax, that doesn’t mean you need to pay big bucks for it.

Most of the current TV shows are on the network’s website and ready for you to stream without a cable subscription. Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime video are all great cheaper alternatives.

YouTube is free, and the amount of independent creators providing quality entertainment is ever increasing. When you watch a video on YouTube from a small blogger or creator, you help support small business. While it’s true that Google may benefit from the ad revenue, so do the creators.

Television antennas are still a thing. You can pick one up at your local store or online, and they get some of the basic channels. The best part is that it’s a one time purchase.


TurboTax is perfect for doing your taxes free. While sometime’s it might be ideal to hire your taxes out, TurboTax tends to do a fantastic job.


What are things you refuse to pay for? Post them in the comments!