Foods for a Frugal Kitchen!

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Frugal Friendly Foods for Your Kitchen!

I must admit, if I’m unsupervised at a grocery store, then I can turn into a little shopping fiend. Food and I get along like best buds.

Unfortunately, running through the aisles like a little kid and throwing things into the cart usually catches up with me at the checkout stand as I get an unfriendly reminder that I’m an adult. The numbers start adding up and begin to look more like airline miles than a grocery bill.

The grocery clerk gives me a look because he knows I just spent enough money to feed a small village in Indonesia. The store manager comes down to shake my hand and says I’m welcome back anytime, probably because I just paid for the owner’s new yacht.

Loading my car becomes quite the event. It looks like I’m building Mount Everest out of groceries in the back seat. Who needs to see out of the back window anyways?

Some old lady walks by as I’m finishing loading my car and says it’s wonderful that I take the time to donate food to the food banks. I can’t help but manage a small smile and then crawl into my car and drive away before anyone else notices.

Luckily, this story never happened because I always take my wife with me who is way more responsible! She keeps me in line and from spending way too much money at the store!

All silliness aside, it’s important to have the art of frugal shopping down. Some months we do go over our grocery budget and need to have a less expensive following month to catch up.

One of the biggest expenses most people face each month is their grocery and/or restaurant budget. Learning to eat less expensive is imperative for anyone looking to cut back spending.

So today I compiled a list of grocery items any frugal shopper should consider getting.

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Bread varies in price and healthiness. I love some Dave’s Killer bread, but it’s over $4 for a loaf of bread!

Some bread sells for $0.88 and isn’t the healthiest. The key to shopping frugal is to find the price point that works best for you at the level of healthiness you want.

A loaf of bread should last a single person a while, and the cost per meal is incredible! If you are having a rough month, then consider picking up some bread for some sandwiches.


Bananas are a healthy choice ranging from one to two dollars a pound. I like to put them into my lunch pale for work.

Bananas are pretty awesome for cooking as well. You can make banana muffins, pancakes, and bread. They also go great in smoothies or work great as a simple snack.

Peanut Butter

If you are already buying bread and bananas, why not make PB&Js with bananas?

Peanut butter is perfect for dipping your vegetables in and kids love peanut butter. Personally, I like to make ants on a log (celery, peanut butter, and raisins).


Once you do a little research into it, buying beans in bulk and cooking them in your crock pot overnight is another food, which is not only filling but isn’t hard to do. If you are too impatient to cook your beans, you can often find good deals on canned beans for under a dollar per can.


Rice is extremely inexpensive and can be used to feed a large family. It’s one of my wife’s favorite frugal foods.

Brown rice typically has a better nutritional value than white rice but can cost a little more. Wrap beans and rice in a tortilla for an easy dinner.


Apple prices range greatly. I’m not picky, so I go with whatever apple is cheapest.

My wife, on the other hand, loves her Honeycrisp apples and can’t live without them! I don’t blame her; they are delicious. I might treat myself to a Honeycrisp now and then but tend to stay with the low-cost apples.

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Eggs are a great deal and a great source of protein. I just picked up five dozen eggs for $2! That’s 60 eggs or about $0.03 per egg!

There are so many different ways to cook eggs. Omelets, over easy, scrambled, oh my!


Pasta is another inexpensive dish that I recommend to any large family looking to cut costs. It’s easy to find in bulk and makes great leftovers.


Quick oats are fantastic for saving money on your grocery budget. I typically go to the store and pick up a 50lb bag of quick oats and make oatmeal in the morning. Just add quick oats and water into a pot, cook it, and add your desired fruit.


Learning to shop frugally is one thing. Learning to cook frugally is another. There are so many people who decide they don’t have any food in the house because they don’t know how to cook it. Don’t save a bunch of money on groceries to blow it on delivery later!

I would recommend creating a meal plan using these frugal foods. Good luck overhauling your pantry! Let me know in the comments below if you have any budget food suggestions.