How to Get FREE Stuff

How to Get Free Stuff
How to Get Free Stuff

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Free stuff is amazing, but it can often be hard to find legitimate ways with all the scams out there. It’s important to use your discretion when signing up for free items.

Today I took the time to put together some legitimate resources for finding free stuff online. I wouldn’t expect anything worth more than $10 as most of the stuff you’ll get is free samples, but you can’t argue with free stuff you might have bought anyway!

If you’re one of the freebie seekers, then you’ll love our list of how to get free stuff!

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Write Letters to Your Favorite Companies

Companies love it when you write them and sincerely tell them how much you love their products. I don’t mean in an email or through social media. Take five minutes to write out a letter, put it in an envelope, stamp it, and then mail it through the good old post office!

Handwriting letters is almost a lost art, so companies notice when a letter comes through their doors. I understand this isn’t completely free because you need to put a stamp on it, but at least it’s only about 50 cents.

Make a list of companies you wouldn’t mind receiving something free from, write them a letter and send it off. You should get some response from them, and not all companies will send you something free.

Check out

Free stuff finder is one of my favorite free stuff websites. They search the internet for all sorts of free giveaways that companies are offering and it’s up to you to go to the website and sign up for it.

They recommend signing up for things every day to get a constant flow of free items to your mailbox. A lot of times if you sign up for something it doesn’t guarantee you are going to get a freebie because companies often have a limit on how many free items they can hand out.

One of my favorite freebie tips from Free stuff finder is to change your name slightly when signing up for free stuff. That way you can easily tell what stuff in the mail you get is junk and what is part of your free stuff package.

Another good tip is to sign up for a Google voice phone number and creating an alternate email that you only use to sign up for free stuff, so you don’t get spammed with phone calls and emails. I love this tip because some companies will sell your information.

Like I said in the introduction, some scams are focused on people trying to find free stuff. While Free stuff finder has a lot of tips to keep you safe, one of the most important tips is to never give out information such as social security number, credit card numbers, or bank accounts.

Check out

I’m sure most of you are already familiar with is a blog dedicated to finding free stuff just like

The thing I like best about this blog is that they have a lot of great free things like free printable mother’s day cards, free Redbox codes, and free mandala coloring pages for adults. I would recommend checking this website out at least once a week.

Check out often has great articles on getting free things. Some notable posts on getting free stuff are a collection of random freebies and getting free birthday stuff!

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While I don’t often have luck with craigslist free section, now and then you’ll be able to find something great. Just check the free section once every few days.


What are your favorite places to find free stuff? Let me know in the comments below!