How to finally give up your expensive soda habit

I’ll never forget my first panic attack, something I would later determine to have been caused by excessive soda drinking.

I was at the movies with friends and my chest became heavy. My temperature started to rise while the panic set in as my brain told me, “this is the moment I die.”

Something was wrong, but I didn’t know what. I had symptoms of what I thought was a heart attack, something people with anxiety often believe is happening to them.

Fortunately, I managed to make it home. Eventually, the panic subsided but the question remained, “what happened?”

We made an appointment to see a doctor, who asked a few questions but didn’t seem to have any answers. The doctor could only do so much in a short period of time, because hospitals pack patients into their schedule as to maximize revenue. So much for individualized attention!

I wore a heart monitor for a couple days to which the results came back normal. My heart was healthy but my problems continued.

With independent research, I was able to determine what I had was a panic attack and my story was similar to others. Tons of people searching online trying figure out what’s happening to them.

The culprit? It is believed the artificial sweetener “aspartame” in diet soda caused the panic attacks. Removing diet soda from my diet lessened, over time, my anxiety to the point of almost eliminating panic.

If you’re experiencing health problems then it’s imperative that you give up soda. Today’s article is all about giving up soda so you can live a healthier life.

Are you looking to give up your expensive soda habit? The cost of soda can add up and take a toll on your health. Here is how to quit soda and save money.

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How to finally give up your expensive soda habit

Understanding the bigger picture on soda addiction

Soda is intentionally addicting and companies like Pepsi and Coke are profiting on selling poison to adults and children. Selling soda is literally selling a legalized addictive substance which could easily be argued as addictive as heroine or cocaine.

Soda is intentionally created to be addicting so you continue to be a repeat customer!

These big companies have money to cleverly market their poison to unsuspecting individuals. It’s on your TV and website owners are paid to write convincing arguments for why you should drink soda.

Some will even argue that soda is healthy just so they can make a few extra bucks! How can you claim soda is healthy when the main sweetener in diet soda contributes to over 92 health problems!

Marketing is huge with these companies. Regular soda started getting a bad wrap for containing too much sugar, so what did soda companies do? They created a new, even more dangerous version of soda, labeled it “Diet,” and marketed as a “zero calorie” alternative which was misconstrued to be healthy.

People flocked to this new “healthier” version of soda. People fell for it because what’s healthy? Going on a diet. Therefore, diet soda must be healthy.

The risks weren’t understood and sales skyrocketed. That is until the truth about what is going into your diet soda came out after numerous health concerns increased. People started experiencing a slue of problems such as anxiety and depression.

So how is this marketed poison still legal? Coke and Pepsi spend tons of money every year to have lawyers keep their products available, despite the best interest of the public, your health.

What happens to your body when you quit drinking soda?

Soda causes numerous health concerns. Here are a few examples of what soda is doing to you and what happens when you quit:

Blood pressure drops and reduced risk of chronic heart disease

Syrupy soda thickens your blood which increases your blood pressure. Your body needs to work harder to pump blood and oxygenate your system. This can lead to chronic heart disease and eliminating soda reduces your risk of developing a chronic condition.

Reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia

Artificial sweeteners have been shown to increase risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia. When you give up soda you stop giving your body the chemicals that contribute to neurological diseases.

Start losing weight

Sugary sodas are high calorie to begin with but they also trick your body into wanting more food. In addition, soda releases insulin into your body. Insulin helps your body store fat meaning soda prevents you from losing weight.

You’ll see an increase in energy

Sugar is one of the worst things you can put into your body for energy. Consuming sugar will make you lethargic and have dreaded sugar crashes.

Having more energy was one of my favorite parts about giving up soda. I also take B vitamins which skyrocketed my energy levels and made me feel like a whole new person.

Bones won’t become brittle

Soda contains phosphorus which strips the calcium from your bones. The more soda you drink the harder it is for your bones to retain calcium and the easier it will be to break a bone.

Teeth stop corroding

Soda is very acidic which is harsh on our bodies that need a basic environment. The acid wears away the enamel on our teeth! Your teeth will easily become yellow and cause all sorts of problems your dentist hates. With the corrosion of your teeth, come problems like cavities, gingivitis, and tooth rot.


Find why you’re drinking soda

The first step in giving up soda is to determine why you’re drinking it in the first place. Are you bored, tired, or craving flavor?

Most of us go to work each day, have our morning coffee, and make it through lunch. Lunch was a nice little taste of freedom and we can’t wait to get home! Then, somewhere between 1-3 p.m., the craving for soda or some sugary goodness sets in.

When this craving sets in, ask yourself, “why am I wanting soda right now?” Chances are you’re either bored, tired, craving flavor, or any combination of the three.

Once you’ve determined why your drinking soda, you can figure out a solution to stop drinking soda.

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Find a replacement habit for your reason to drink

We are creatures of habit and we will do what we please. Simply stating that we want to give up soda doesn’t do us any good. We need a one-for-one replacement of our habit.

For example, if you’re drinking soda for flavor then you need a flavorful replacement. If you’re bored then you need an entertaining solution to stop drinking soda.

So next time you’re getting a craving at work, you might make yourself some tea and take a short walk. The tea gives you flavor while the walk helps restore some energy and can help boredom.

If you can find a replacement habit for your soda drinking you will stand a significant chance of beating soda cravings.

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What to drink instead of soda

True Lemon Lemonade

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One of my favorite drinks is True Lemon lemonade, a packet lemonade that you can add to your water and shake.

What I like about True Lemon is the lemonade only contains 1g of sugar compared to the 40g I was drinking in Soda. True Lemon is aspartame free unlike other lemonade pack companies.

True Lemon helped me get over soda because it was a delicious alternative to soda! It brought the flavor I was looking for without the nasty side effects of soda.

True Lemon comes in numerous flavors so you can keep changing it up.

If you’re looking to beat soda cravings or addiction, consider adding True Lemon to your routine.

Flavored sparkling water

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Sparkling water is great for getting the fizz that comes with soda but without all the nasty stuff that soda contains.

Perrier is a perfect option if you’re looking for sparkling mineral water that doesn’t contain any additional flavors. Perrier get’s all it’s flavor from naturally occurring minerals which is perfect if you’re trying to stay healthy.

Bubly is a flavored sparkling water option that has added natural flavors. Flavors include grapefruit, apple, strawberry, lime, mango, lemon, cherry, and orange.


Kombucha is a healthy fermented tea that’s good for your gut’s health. The tea is fermented with yeast and sugar.

Don’t let the fact that sugar is added scare you away! The amount of sugar added is minimal and the health benefits are worth the small amount of sugar you’ll drink.

You can get Kombucha at your local health foods store.

Coconut water

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Coconut water is another healthy drink with refreshing flavor. Drink one of these on a work afternoon right before a weekend and you might think you’re sitting on a tropical island.

Electrolytes can be found in coconut water which helps keep you hydrated on a hot day. Coconut water contains some natural sugar, but it’s much lower than what you would find in soda.

Overall, coconut water is a healthy drink and a great replacement for soda.

Fruit smoothie

Fruit smoothies are good to make if you are at home. Unfortunately, it’s hard to take a smoothie on the go.

Smoothies contain a lot of nutrition and make it one of the best healthiest options available. I usually take whatever fruit I have at home and blend it in my vitamix.

If you’re ever out and about and you see a smoothie place, ask if they make their smoothies with real fruit or syrups. Companies try and deceive people by selling syrup drinks instead of real fruit.

My wife and I have been severely disappointed when we ordered a “strawberry smoothie” that didn’t even contain strawberries. The entire drink was ice and strawberry syrup which is sugar filled.

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