How to relax at home while on a strict budget!

Are you tired and stressed out from long days at work or from watching your children?

Are you ready to relax, but flying down to a sandy beach just isn’t feasible?

Sometimes the best option is to find ways to relax at home.

Relaxation is something that is very important to me and I usually have little time to relax. After a long day at work, I get home with 2 hours before bed. To top it off, I still need to eat and do my nightly chores.

So how do you get the most relaxation in the shortest amount of time?

Today I’m sharing my best tips for relaxing at home on a budget. Don’t be afraid to let Dad have the kids for the night so you can unwind!

Ready to relax at home after a long stressful day at work? We've got the best ideas and tips to help you relax at home when you're on a strict budget. Relaxation doesn't have to be expensive and these budget-friendly tips will help you save money. Don't stress about taking a vacation. Relax at home for much cheaper!

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How to relax at home while on a strict budget!

Drink chamomile tea

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Chamomile tea is one of my favorite nighttime drinks because it puts me into a deep relaxed state.

Drinking chamomile is an inexpensive solution to helping you sleep well at night. Chamomile has other benefits such as helping fight anxiety and depression and has anti-inflammatory properties.

I enjoy drinking chamomile during quiet, stress-free, no one bother me please moments. What better way to end the night than drinking chamomile with a good book?

Chamomile is one of my favorite relaxation tips and can be purchased fairly inexpensive on Amazon.


Have family reading time

Family reading time is a wonderful family activity that is more beneficial than watching TV together.

Watching TV before bed can make it hard to fall asleep at night. All screen time should be avoided one hour before you fall asleep.

I love TV, but all the action, adventure, and explosions can really get exciting, making it hard to relax. Ever watch a show that ended excitedly, but now it’s time for bed? How many times have you said, “it’s late but I can watch one more.”

You can read aloud as a family or read independently. Personally, I love reading with my family because it’s more interactive together.

Dim the lights with a Himalayan salt lamp

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It can be hard to relax when your brain is on sensory overload. Part of why it isn’t good to watch tv before bed is that it causes sensory overload, making it harder to sleep.

The lighting in your house also has a similar effect. It can be hard to relax when all the lights are on, because the light helps your brain think it’s time to be active.

The solution is the Himalayan salt lamp. The lamp provides relaxing light so that your body can relax.

The Himalayan salt lamp works great for a relaxing evening soaking in the bath tub, creating a spa like experience.


Play relaxing music

What music calms and relaxes you?

I enjoy turning on music through my sound bar and filling the house with relaxing music. Chores become less of a hassle and it puts myself and my wife into a pleasant mood.

Spotify, Pandora, and YouTube are all great options for finding free music.

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Relax and soak in the tub

There is something about water that has a relaxing vibe. Soaking in the tub drinking chamomile tea and listening to relaxing music with your Himalayan salt lamp is hard to beat.

Bath bombs are another inexpensive option to help you relax and detoxify. Bath bombs release beneficial essential oils into the tub, providing a relaxing environment.

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Besides the amazing benefits of bath bombs, they look fantastic! The water changes colors as the bomb dissolves.


Enjoy the soothing scent of lavender candles

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Lavender has long been known to help people relax. You can enjoy the benefits of lavender in candle form as well!

You can light your candle while in the tub or while making dinner. I personally prefer to light candles more in the winter time and use essential oils the remainder of the year.

Essential oils and aromatherapy

Aromatherapy has been a favorite of mine for relaxation. You’ve got a ton of options like candles, incense, and essential oils with a diffuser.

Running an essential oil diffuser with lavender during a bath is a good option. My favorite way to use a diffuser is running it while you sleep.

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I run the diffuser overnight, breathing in the oils as I sleep. The next morning I wake up relaxed and refreshed!

Go to bed early

It’s hard to relax when you’re so busy, but one of the biggest relaxation mistakes is not getting enough sleep.

Sleep is so important for performing your daily activities and doing them well. Are you getting 8 hours of sleep every night? I notice when I manage to get at least 7 hours of solid sleep, life becomes easier.

Consider getting more sleep if you’ve been struggling with your daily routine and making it through the day.

Meditate with a Zen coloring book

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When my wife first brought home a zen coloring book I almost laughed! What are we, four?

Turns out coloring books for adults can actually relieve a lot of stress! There’s just something about sitting down with some colored pencils that’s so relaxing.

I think it has to do with finally sitting still, being creative, and leaving your problems behind. Too much of adult life is “just doing” the responsible stuff and not focusing on our creativity.

Use IcyHot to treat sore muscles

Some of the troubles that come with adulthood just kind of bite. Too much computer time and not enough exercise is the perfect recipe for sore muscles!

One of my “best” adult finds? IcyHot!

I’m sure most of you have used IcyHot at some point. However, if I’m sore and have limited time to relax, I‘m putting IcyHot on.

Netflix with a cozy blanket

Most people these days are too busy talking about Netflix and chill. I think we need to talk more about get cozy and Netflix!

Wrap yourself up in the most fluffiest, softest, warm blankets you can find. Turn on a good show and just veg out! Just remember to turn the TV off an hour before bed.

Relax with massage

Sometimes, you just have to guilt your partner into a little massage. Massage is the perfect way to relax and work out the tension from a long day.

You can pick up massage oil for fairly inexpensive and there are a wide variety of therapy options. You can choose an oil for stress relief which I’m sure most of us need.


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