How to Blog on a Busy Schedule

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How to Blog on a Busy Schedule

Hey fellow bloggers. Doesn’t it seem difficult to blog on a busy schedule?

Chances are you’re starting your blog on top of your daily responsibilities of work, kids, spouse, cooking, cleaning, and yikes! The list seems endless, doesn’t it?

Starting a blog isn’t easy, and articles don’t write themselves (darn!). So coming up with awesome content consistently and in a timely manner can prove quite challenging.

So here are my favorite tips to keep you blogging on a busy schedule. By the way, I’ve broken up my blogging course into multiple posts to help you skip around to what you’re interested in most:

Lesson 1: How to Start a Blog
Lesson 2: WordPress Control Panel Tutorial (Coming Soon!)
Lesson 3: How to Install WordPress Plug-Ins (Coming Soon!)
Lesson 4: How to Write Awesome Content for Your Blog
Lesson 5: How to Set Up Email Marketing (Coming Soon!)
Lesson 5: How to Create a Facebook Page for Your Blog (Coming Soon!)
Lesson 6: How to Make Money from Your Blog
Lesson 7: How to Increase Your Blogs Page Views (Coming Soon!)
Lesson 8: How to Generate Blog Article Ideas (Coming Soon!)
Lesson 9: How to Blog on a Busy Schedule (You’re on this one!)

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Keep A List Of Article Ideas

You can’t write a blog unless you have article ideas to write about. It isn’t fun to come up with ideas, but having a go-to list will help you eliminate wasted time trying to figure it out.

It seems like whenever I have limited time to write a blog post, and I don’t have my list of ideas, I end up wasting the entire time finding something to write about. Nothing is worse than feeling incredibly creative and ready to write only to squander your productivity because you didn’t know what to write about.

Keep those creative juices flowing and save time by making your list. Look to other bloggers, current events, family and friends for your next ideas. Also keep a notepad handy, so you don’t lose a great idea that randomly pops into your head.

Blog Before You Go To Work

Wake up an hour earlier and get started. You only have so much energy in a day and blogging after a long day of work not only kills your productivity but also leads to content that isn’t your best work.

I like to write my blog when I’m fresh and can expend my energy into it. I know waking up earlier isn’t for everyone, but it’s a great idea for people who want to put their blog before their day job (not that you should give up on you day job).

Struggling to wake up? This thing look’s like it will get the job done!

Remember, blog when you have time and energy. Focus on promotion of your blog when you have less energy.

Use Your Phone

Your phone is essential to your success as a busy blogger! I swear I wouldn’t get anything done without it.

If you have a smartphone with a note app, you are set! I’m currently writing this article from my phone on my lunch break at work.

Doctors office waiting room? Write on your phone. Long car ride as a passenger? Write on your phone. Lunch break at work? Write on your phone.

If I know what I’m going to write about the night before I can usually write half an article on my phone over a lunch break. But you have to be prepared with content ideas.

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Have a Write For Us Section

One powerful way of bringing content to your blog is by having a “write for us” section of your blog.

Blogging is a business, but more importantly, it’s a community. Guest posting on other people’s blogs is a good way of getting your name out there, so why not let others guest post on your blog?

You will still want to review articles to ensure quality, but allowing guest posts helps generate new and exciting content from a different viewpoint.

You don’t have to offer money to guest posters as well, although some blogs do. At the very least you should allow a link back to their blog so your readers can check them out.

Schedule Your Week

You have 168 hours in a week. Do you know where each hour goes?

Can you commit to creating for yourself a weekly schedule where you assign tasks to each hour? You have to sleep, work, have time with your spouse and kids, and have some downtime.

You might have a schedule where sleep and work take up the majority of your days. Can Monday through Wednesday be blog nights? Can Thursday be date night and Friday family night?

Only you know what works best for you, but having a schedule will bring organization to the chaos that is life. Try and get a minimum of 10 hours per week dedicated to blogging.

Eliminate Distractions

You have limited time to get blogging, eliminate whatever is your worst distraction when it is time for you to focus.

Close your social media pages. Does music help or distract you? Ask your spouse for some uninterrupted time. Again, only you know what your biggest distraction is.

Those are some of my favorite tips for blogging on a busy schedule. What are some of your favorite tips for blogging when you are busy?

Happy blogging!