How to Make Money from Your Blog

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How to Make Money From Your Blog

Starting your blog is fun and all, but I’m sure you are more interested in making money from your blog. Who doesn’t want to make a little extra money?

Blogging isn’t a get rich quick scheme. Rather, you are rewarded by providing value to your readers and supplementing with a monetization strategy that fits your business style the best.

Some bloggers do claim to have made a significant income within a years time, but also state working crazy hours. Working 60-80 hours a week on your blog works for some people, but if you already work a full-time job, it is going to take you a little longer to make the same income.

I’ve broken up this blogging course into multiple lessons so you can skip to the topics you’re interested in:

Lesson 1: How to Start a Blog
Lesson 2: WordPress Control Panel Tutorial (Coming Soon!)
Lesson 3: How to Install WordPress Plug-Ins (Coming Soon!)
Lesson 4: How to Write Awesome Content for Your Blog (Coming Soon!)
Lesson 5: How to Set Up Email Marketing (Coming Soon!)
Lesson 5: How to Create a Facebook Page for Your Blog (Coming Soon!)
Lesson 6: How to Make Money from Your Blog (You’re on this one!)
Lesson 7: How to Increase Your Blogs Page Views (Coming Soon!)
Lesson 8: How to Generate Blog Article Ideas (Coming Soon!)
Lesson 9: How to Blog on a Busy Schedule

Remember, incorporating monetizing strategies onto your blog doesn’t mean much if you don’t have any visitors. Don’t forget about the necessary steps of providing valuable content and promoting your site.

Ready to start making some money with your blog? Here are a few different ways to monetize your blog!

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If you haven’t started a blog yet, I recommend Bluehost as your hosting company. They host this blog and their plans are reasonably priced!

Advertising Companies

One of the most common ways blogs earn money is by placing advertisements on their site. I’m sure you’ve noticed ads on other people’s blogs either in the sidebar or the middle of the article.

As a blogger, it’s difficult to approach companies and convince them to pay you for providing advertisements on your website. Companies like Google and Yahoo are great about getting businesses to sign up for advertising slots, but they don’t have a bunch of sites to post them on, which is where you come in.

So it’s time to partner up with the big companies. Just sign up with the company, place advertisements on your blog, and then send people to your blog or website. There are two distinct companies you should look into when placing ads on your site:

Google AdSense – Google AdSense is the most familiar and most popular for many starting bloggers. It is easy to sign up for, and Google is fantastic about tracking people’s interests to maximize revenue. If you incorporate YouTube into your blogging, you will need a Google AdSense account to run ads on your YouTube videos. – is the Yahoo and Bing platform for ads. They give personalized attention to your website or blog and they even assign an account manager to help maximize your revenue. You can even change the look and feel of the ads to make them naturally blend into your site.

Both and Google are great advertising partners. Some bloggers choose to utilize both partners by displaying ads created from both and Google. I would recommend playing around with both options and see which you like best.

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Programs are a way for you to promote someone’s product or service and earn a commission for it whenever a sale is made through your custom link.

I could come up with a product, let’s say it’s a cookbook and I sell it for $20. I might create an affiliate program where you can sell my cookbook for a 50% commission.

If you like my cookbook and think your readers would like it as well, you can sign up for my program where you get a unique link. This link tracks the number of people you send to my website where I sell the book and the number of individuals who buy it.

Now you write a blog post about cooking and recommend to your readers that they check out my cookbook by clicking on your affiliate link. If 10 of your readers bought my cookbook, then you would earn $100 in commission.

The great part about blogging is that once you write a blog post, it stays on the internet until you take your website down. The more articles and links you include over the years, the more you begin to earn because there are more links available to earn a commission on.

Affiliate Programs vary for different categories such as food, relationships, weight loss, etc. The best way to find an Affiliate Program is to do a Google search in your related field. Another way of finding Affiliate Programs is to see what other bloggers in your niche are promoting.

A few different places to look are:

  1. Associate Programs
  2. Clickbank
  3. Share-A-Sale
  4. Commission Junction
  5. Reward Style
  6. VigLink
  7. Pick Your Plum
  8. Link Share
  9. Flex Offers
  10. Link Vehicle
  11. Avant Link
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eBooks are digital books which you can create and sell through your website. eBooks can be as short or as long as you want, but should provide significant value to your reader.

Creating and selling an eBook for your blog is an excellent way to make some extra money. As a blogger, you want to create an eBook similar to the topic you blog about, as your readers are naturally interested and are more willing to buy.

If you are a health blogger, you might write an eBook titled “25 Gluten Free Recipes your Kids will Love.” Your blog post should then be written with compelling content to convince your readers to buy the eBook from your blog.

You can even leverage the power of Affiliates to sell your eBook for you. Let’s say your eBook “25 Gluten Free Recipes your Kids will Love” is priced to sell for $20 on your website. You can offer anyone who sells a copy of your eBook a 50% commission. You both benefit when a book sells, each keeping $10, and the best part is you didn’t have to sell it.

Want to sell your eBook? There are many different sites out there, but a couple to get you started include:

  1. e-junkie
  2. Selz
  3. SendOwl

Here’s a book that is short and easy to read, but can help you get busy on a short schedule!

Blogging Networks

Blogging networks are another awesome way to get paid. Think about blogging networks as a being a place to find freelance work.

Let’s say a baby product company wants to promote their new formula. This company doesn’t want to make an effort to find mothers willing to buy their product, but the blogging network already has a bunch of mom bloggers with a targeted audience.

The blogging network then sends out a notification to all the mom bloggers saying this new company would like to advertise their new formula. Each mom blogger can see how much the company is paying (usually depending on how many views your site gets) and can accept or decline the work.

I’ve got a massive list of blogging networks that you can sign up for and start looking for work. Some might require you to have a certain amount of page views each month before you can sign up for them.

  1. IZEA
  2. CleverGirls
  3. Socialix
  4. TapInfluence
  5. Massive Sway
  6. Linqia
  7. Pollinate Media
  8. Social Fabric
  9. Mom it forward
  10. Acorn
  11. Sit Girls
  12. Influence Central
  13. Markerly
  14. Moms Affiliate
  15. Influenster
  16. Mom Central
  17. Cooperatize
  18. Business 2 Blogger
  19. Blueprint Social
  20. Blogher
  21. Double Duty Divas
  22. Sverve
  23. Collectively
  24. Weave Made Media
  25. Influenster
  26. Social Spark

These are just a few of the many clever ways bloggers get paid to blog. Do you have any other methods? Post a comment below and tell us about them!