workout on budget

How to Workout on a Budget

workout on budget
How to workout on a budget

You shouldn’t have to pay money to get the body you want! Today we are going to talk about working out on a budget while getting you the results you want. Regardless of if your fitness goal is a six-pack of abs or to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger, we’ve got some tips to get you fit without paying a ton.

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Cut the Gym Membership

Cutting your membership is one of the biggest things you can do for yourself. Gym memberships are overpriced and will keep draining your bank account way after giving up on your new year’s resolution.

I know breaking up with your gym can be a tough decision and they will call wanting you back in their life, but you must stay strong. Just remember the bad times, like the overly busy times, or when those girls kept getting on their phones while sitting on the exercise equipment you needed, or the guy that regularly works out in khakis and a polo!

Breaking the ties with your gym will not only save you on gym membership but also the gas it takes to get there.

Browse YouTube

YouTube is one of the best places to find free workouts. You can usually find any workout you are looking for, and you support the vlogging (video blogging) community when you watch their videos.

If you have a smart tv, you can stream YouTube right to you your television. Just like that, you can now work out in the comfort of your living room!

Don’t like the exercise program? Find a new one in a few minutes thanks to the popularity of YouTube! There are a few inexpensive exercise programs on Amazon as well.

Bet on Your Weight Loss

Did you know you can bet on how much weight you will lose? I know it sounds funny, but healthywage pays up to $10,000 for meeting your fitness goal depending on certain statistics about yourself and your weight loss goal.

For some people, this is the motivation they need to get started working out. Grab a friend and head over to healthywage and use their goal calculator to see how much you might make on your fitness journey.

Get Outside

People spend the majority of their time indoors which is leading to a vitamin D deficiency. Getting outside for some sun exposure during your exercise will help boost your mental health as well!

You can go for runs, walks, play Pokémon Go, yoga and more all over your town. Check for community events like races or sporting events to join.

Bodyweight Fitness

Bodyweight fitness is the practice of getting fit using only your bodyweight. You can expect to do things like push-ups, jumping jacks, squats and more. If you are looking to get strong, then bodyweight fitness is for you.

There are entire websites dedicated to teaching people bodyweight fitness. The best part is that you can start regardless of your skill level. All you need to do to get started is do a quick Google or YouTube search.

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Get Used Equipment

Do not buy new equipment! This is especially true if you are just getting started because most people decide to buy new equipment when they get excited about exercising and end up selling it on craigslist a month later when they revert to old habits.

So instead of buying new, check out craigslist and find someone’s equipment that is barely used. You’ll find a great deal, only paying a fraction of the price.

Find a Fitness Partner

You aren’t the only one looking to achieve a fitness goal. Chances are you might know someone also looking to lose weight or build muscle and that can be a source of motivation and accountability for you.

Just remember to get a fitness partner who is just as motivated or more than you. If you are both equally unmotivated to work out, then it won’t happen, but finding someone super motivated to workout will help you get in shape.

Avoid Most Supplements

While supplements can be beneficial to supplementing an already healthy lifestyle, they can also be expensive!

If you feel the need to use supplements, then consider cutting down to only a few essentials. Try to get an idea of how much you can afford to spend on supplements monthly and don’t overspend!

Remember the people at supplement stores are trying to sell you something. Try to find an unbiased recommendation on what supplements you should be using to reach your fitness goal.


What are your favorite tips for working out on a budget? Please let us know in the comments below!