How to Make More Money at Work

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How to make more money at work

Do you hate your salary and wish you made more money? I know, silly question. We could all use a little more money!

There are many different ways to make money, but for most of us, it involves showing up to work 40 hours a week, punching a clock, and dreaming of retirement or at the very least, lunch time.

Employers typically set your hourly or salaried rate when you hire on or maybe you had a salary negotiation. After you establish your initial salary, you are stuck at that salary until you manage to climb the corporate ladder.

So how are you going to climb the corporate ladder? More importantly, how are you going to climb the corporate ladder quickly? Well, it comes down to the value you bring the company.

To receive a promotion or raise, you must show your boss that you bring an incredible amount of value to the table. You want to be known as the workhorse that gets things done, and you need to outshine your coworkers which shouldn’t be overly hard as most people slack off during the day.

So here are my favorite tips for increasing your value and getting the pay you deserve.

Focus on Value-Added Work

You might come home from a long day at work feeling tired, patting yourself on the back because you survived another day at work. But that was exactly what you did all day long. You survived work rather than doing work.

What do I mean when I say you survived work? Ask yourself how many times you didn’t work today and instead talked to a coworker, played a game on your phone, or started to focus on other responsibilities outside of work. I bet if you’re honest with yourself then you’ll think of quite a few times you weren’t actually performing work at work.

The times you found yourself working, how much of it would you consider busy work or work that doesn’t contribute to finishing your main project or task at work?

Let’s say you have a report as your primary task at work. You start work by putting your things down at your desk and decide to eat breakfast because you didn’t have time to eat it at home. You’re not working.

Following breakfast, you talk to a few other coworkers about the weekend. You’re not working. Following the conversation, you answer a few emails and respond to questions of a colleague before your 10 a.m. meeting. You aren’t providing value added work because you haven’t even touched your primary task of finishing the report.

Finally at 11 a.m. You work on the report until lunch at 11:30. The day is halfway over, and you are now starting on your primary task.

If you want to stand out, then you must focus on eliminating the busy work and time wasting. Instead, focus on your end objective and get it done. If you focus, finish more value added tasks than your coworkers, your boss will begin to notice your output!

Make a Punch List

Wanting to create value added work is one thing. Staying on task is another. Most people struggle to stay on task for a full day’s work.

The best way to stay on task is always to know what the next step in your work process is. This is where making a punch list, or a list of steps to take for completing your project comes in handy.

I used to struggle with staying on task because once I finished a step my mind would wander instead of trying to figure out the next step. By creating an action list, all I had to do was glance at the next step, which kept me on task. Staying on task allows you to complete more work than your co-workers who aren’t!

So if you’re struggling to stay on task at work, consider outlining the steps to finish your project and stick to it!

Stay Energized

You can’t bring in value added work if you’re trying to catch some Zs at your desk. If you can’t keep up with a toddler, then you’re energy levels aren’t high enough!

You remember what having energy was like don’t you? Think real hard. I know that memory exists even if you have to dust the cobwebs off of it. Want to feel young again? The solution isn’t as difficult as you would think.

The problem with work is that it drains our energy while taking all of our time. To reclaim our time we stay up late doing low energy tasks such as TV. I love TV as much as the next person, but it has to be done in moderation; otherwise, it takes away from what we really need, sleep.

There is a vicious cycle that happens when we watch TV after a long day at work. We stay up way later than we should and we lose sleep. When we lose sleep, we don’t perform well at work, and we feel more exhausted when we get home. When we feel more exhausted, we watch more TV until we crash!

Cut the cycle. Set a bedtime for yourself and stick to it. We have the potential to have all the energy we need, but we squander it by staying up too late.

Don’t forget to keep up on your B vitamins as well. Most adults have trouble absorbing their B vitamins, so supplementing with a B complex or Methyl B12 can really crank up your energy a few notches.

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Become Invaluable

Companies tend to reward and pay people more when they can’t afford to lose them. Honestly, ask yourself if your company could fire you tomorrow without skipping a heartbeat or would they be in struggling to survive if you walked out the door?

How do you become invaluable? The short answer is to learn everything regardless of how enjoyable the task is.

Most employees don’t want to learn new software or do non-mandatory training, but most businesses need at least one person to learn and be proficient at it.

The mistake most businesses make is they don’t require more than one person to learn the training or software. That one person becomes invaluable because they know something no one else does.

If you learn everything you can while your coworkers don’t put forth the effort to expand their knowledge, you become invaluable. You also become more protected against layoffs because the company can’t afford to lose their knowledge base.

Take on Challenging Work

Working on challenging tasks isn’t fun, but working difficult tasks increases your chances of getting recognition and might get you a salary increase.

Most of the workforce just wants to get by. They want to do as little work while exerting the smallest effort possible to get through the day and still get paid. You need to be the opposite, getting as much work done while working efficiently.

Managers know it’s hard to find someone willing to step up and tackle the hard problems. You make your bosses life easier when you volunteer for the hard work. Getting your boss to recognize that you make their life easier is a good thing, and your boss will remember your effort when it’s time for salary adjustments.


So what are your favorite tips to earning more money at work? Let me know in the comments below!