11 must have baby items and where to get them cheap

When you have a baby, you’ll learn there are certain items that you absolutely need and rely on. You know, the items that every mother and father rant and rave about!

For the most part, everyone that has had a child has one item that absolutely made raising a child easier. While it would be great to get them all, most of us aren’t a millionaire who can just buy the latest and greatest baby item.

I would love to have that swinging baby chair so that I can shower in peace, but $200 is kind of steep for some families!

That’s why today I wanted to write about finding those must have baby items at the lowest cost possible without sacrificing the quality of the item too much. So you can have that must have baby chair while keeping in mind your families budget.

There are certain items that every newborn must have and items the parents need for a little peace and quiet. These essential baby products are popular with parents to make the best of every moment.
11 must have baby items and where to get them cheap

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The best of the best: Must have baby items for the family on a budget

Sophie the giraffe baby teether

See Sophie on Amazon.

Teething for a baby can be a real pain for both baby and parents. Teething is not only painful, but can lead to a fussy baby. No one wants to deal with a fussy baby!

Sophie the giraffe is the perfect solution for teething babies. Sophie is made out of natural rubber and food safe paint. She has multiple areas that are perfect for babies chewing and is the perfect design for your baby to soothe tooth and gum pain.

She’s a lovable character that your baby will absolutely adore and become quick to recognize.

Video baby monitor

See Infant Optics DXR-8 baby monitor on Amazon.

Finding a good quality baby monitor is important and it’s recommended that you buy a monitor that does video so you can see if the baby really needs you at 3 a.m.

A voice monitor can work, but most parents absolutely love video monitoring. Video monitoring has it’s advantages because babies tend to be kind of fussy at times and they learn that when they make noise that they get attention. A video monitor can help you make the determination between a playful baby and when you should comfort your baby.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of cheap knockoffs out there when it comes to baby monitors, so make sure that you find a good one. You should also be cautious of any baby monitors that are priced low.

That’s why we recommend Amazon’s choice, Infant optics DXR-8 baby monitor. It’s one of the best options available and has been used successfully by thousands of parents. It also comes with the option to purchase a 2-year warranty for about $10, which I recommend purchasing for baby monitors over $100.

Motorized swinging baby chair

See Fisher Price Snugabunny cradle swing on Amazon.

There will come a day when your spouse is out of the house and you would do anything for a shower. How in the world can you take a shower when you’ve got a baby to watch?

While the swinging baby chair isn’t a babysitter, your baby will love to sit in this motorized swing, listening to soothing sounds, and dozing off into a comfortable nap. Don’t underestimate the calming power of the swing! Babies love to fall asleep to motion and that means peace and quiet for you!

The Fisher Price Snugabunny cradle swing is the perfect swing for the family on a budget.


See Delta Children Sweet Beginnings Bassinet on Amazon.

You’ll absolutely want a bassinet so that your baby can sleep next to you throughout the night. Bassinets are handy if you have limited mobility after delivery and/or need to nurse at night but don’t want to travel far from your bed. Bassinets are a great way of reassuring yourself that your baby is doing well while they sleep next to you.

There are many expensive options, but our bassinet friendly option is the Delta Children Sweet Beginnings Bassinet. This bassinet is perfect because it is:

  • Lightweight
  • Includes a nightlight
  • Plays bedtime music
  • Is affordable, unlike other options

Rocking chair or glider

See Stork Craft Glider on Amazon.

Every nursery is going to need a place for mom to sit with her baby. Finding a good comfortable chair or glider that you both could take a nap in is a must.

The Stork Craft Glider is a good option for the family on a budget. People love how comfortable the glider is for the price and that customer service has been responsive to any issues.

The Stork Craft Glider comes in a variety of color options so that you can find the color that works with your nursery.

Travel system car seat and stroller

See Evenflo travel system on Amazon.

A travel system car seat and stroller is a must for parents when they go on long shopping sprees. Babies love the calming noise of the car and motion of driving, which tends to put your baby to sleep.

A travel system will allow you to easily take the car seat in and out of your car without disturbing your sleeping baby. You’ll be able to shop while your baby gets some well-deserved rest!

The Evenflo travel system is perfect if you aren’t looking to spend a lot of money and has a few different color options. Families love the Evenflo travel system because they hold up well and it’s well priced.

Lightweight stroller

See Summer Infant Lite Convenience Stroller on Amazon.

Let’s face it. You won’t always want to lug around a big bulky stroller. Every ounce counts when maneuvering your stroller, unless your husband is lifting, then what’s a few more ounces 🙂

Your go-to option should be the Summer Infant Lite Convenience Stroller. The stroller is a lightweight aluminum frame that is easily folded up. When folded, it’s super compact so it won’t take up a lot of storage space.

Families love the Summer Infant Lite Convenience Stroller because its easy to collapse and unfold, is designed to be sturdy, has a lot of storage space, and because it rolls with ease.

Secure a toy

See Secure a Toy on Amazon

Babies are smart and they soon learn that dropping their toys on the ground while seated is the perfect entertainment. This “game” can get very annoying when you just want to finish your dinner.

Secure a toy helps you secure your babies toys to their chair so they can play without dropping them to the floor every five seconds. It’s an inexpensive solution to a frustrating problem which makes it one of our top must-have baby items!

Snott sucker!

See it on Amazon!

Babies are little snot factories. That’s why having a snot sucker is a must have baby item. Snot suckers are easy to use and they will help clean out your babies snot tubes quickly, so they can go back to doing other baby things.

Snot suckers are inexpensive, but also hygienic. I mean who really wants their babies snot in their mouth? Snot suckers are perfect for cold and flu season and will help alleviate your babies congestion so you both can rest better.

How to potty train

See it on Amazon!

I think we can all agree, being done with diapers is a blessing! You will save so much time, money, and headaches by teaching your baby to use the potty as soon as possible.

Back seat mirror

See it on Amazon!

Back seat mirrors are a fantastic way to keep tabs and interact with your baby while you drive. Babies tend to find mischief and there is always trouble to be had. That’s why I love baby mirrors, because they let you know what your child is up too at a moments glance.

That’s why you should consider the Zacro Shatter Proof Rearview Mirror. Parents absolutely love the peace of mind knowing that their baby is doing well in the back seat and that the Zacro Mirror stays in place unlike other mirrors.