Never pay full price again with these thrifty money tips!

Who would want to pay full price for anything?

Did you know the majority of stores are selling their products at a discounted price already? In order to stay competitive, stores need to offer deals and sales so you choose to shop with them.

Companies are always looking to undercut the competition and it works to your advantage.

Cable was super expensive and then Netflix offered awesome entertainment for a fraction of the price. Toys R’ Us went bankrupt because online shopping offered everything cheaper with more convenience.

With technology, it’s easy for companies to offer you amazing money saving deals. You just need to know how to find deals so you won’t have to pay full price.

So how do you take advantage of these amazing deals? Today’s article is all about never paying full price again so that you have more money for your family!

Do you want to never pay full price again? These are the best money saving tips to avoid full price merchandise! You must see how much money you can save!

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1. Buy discounted gift cards

One of the easiest ways to never buy anything full price is to buy gift cards that are at a discounted price. Did you know you could buy a $100 gift card for $92?

Let me introduce you to Gift Card Granny, an online discount store for gift cards.

Here’s how it works. Have you ever gotten a gift card from someone where you politely said thank you but were really like, “I’ll never be caught shopping there. Who shops there?”

It happens all the time! I’ve had countless gift cards take up space in my sock drawer for years before they eventually became forgotten. They aren’t bad gift cards, I just don’t shop at certain stores.

Gift Card Granny will buy those gift cards from me at a discounted price, say a $100 Starbucks gift card for $90. Because I don’t shop at Starbucks and I can’t spend the money anywhere else, $90 doesn’t sound too bad!

Gift Card Granny then sells that same gift card online for $92, keeping $2 for themselves and saving the next gift card owner $8.

Everyone wins! Gift Card Granny is one of the easiest ways to never pay full price!


2. Use Honey to find the best deal

Honey is a nifty plugin for your browser that applies the best coupon code at checkout. I used to search all over the internet for coupon codes and now with Honey, I don’t have too!

Honey also helps you to find the best deals online. Did you know that Amazon has multiple sellers selling the same product? Did you know not all of those same products are priced the same?

how to save money online
Honey saved me money on these headphones

Let’s say you’re looking for a fish tank and find one for $50, but there’s another $18 in fees. Honey searches amazon for that same product and will alert you when a better deal is found. In this case, they find a seller who sells the fish tank without the fees so you’re only paying $50.

Honey factors in a lot of money saving factors to find the best deal including price, fees and taxes, and available coupon codes.

With Honey, you never have to pay full price through automatic coupons and best price finding!

3. Use eBates to earn cash back

Do you want cash back just for making purchases that you would have made anyway? eBates is an online rebate program where you earn cash back at thousands of your favorite online retailers.

Once you create an account, visit eBates anytime you want to do online shopping. Search for the online store you want to shop with through the eBates website, like Amazon or Target.

Save money shopping online by shopping through Ebates
Save money shopping online by shopping through Ebates

Hit the big “Shop Now” button and you’ll be taken to the retailers website. Shop like normal and eBates will credit your account with money!

The amount of money you earn back depends on the retailer you’re shopping with. For example, while writing this, you could earn up to 3% back at Amazon and 1% back at Target.

So how does eBates work? Why would they give you money back for shopping at thousands of online stores?

Simply put, eBates partners with online retailers and receives a commission for referring shoppers. eBates passes some of those commissions onto you.

For example, eBates might earn 5% back on Amazon purchases. They can give you 3% of those commissions back and keep 2% for themselves.

Amazon receives customers, eBates earns money, and you earn more money. It’s a win for everyone involved. Shopping through eBates is an easy way to never pay full price again!


4. Shop Burlington Coat Factory and T.J. Maxx First

Discount stores are amazing for finding great deals on products that have huge markups normally.

Big stores like Nordstroms or Macy’s might need to make room for a new line of clothes. However, their clearance section isn’t moving fast and they need to get rid of these clothes to make floor space.

Discount stores swoop in and buy out big box stores remaining inventory at a significant price reduction. The big box store can now place out their new line of products but still made some money on the old clearance items.

My wife and I needed kitchen inserts to hold our silverware and we swung by bed bath and beyond. As usual, everything in bed bath and beyond was super expensive.

We left and went next door to T.J. Maxx who had the same inserts for a fraction of the price!

The one downside to discount stores is that you never know what the inventory is going to look like. Every now and then, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.

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Side note: I don’t ever recommend shopping at bed bath and beyond. The store is overpriced and I’ve always found the exact same items cheaper elsewhere.

We only shop there when we have gift cards, which we struggle with when we find the items cheaper elsewhere. So we return the items, and get stuck with BB&B gift cards.

Main point – sell your BB&B gift cards on Gift Card Granny.

5. Use electronic coupons

One of my favorite ways to get discounts is by signing up for your favorite stores email or text list.

The store will send you promotions, but only buy when you need something. Remember, if you’re spending money because you want something you’re not saving any money.

Stores may send you special coupons for being apart of their list. These coupons can be higher value than what you would find in the newspaper or store flyer.

Don’t forget to follow your favorite stores on social media. I’ll get some really great deals just by following my favorite businesses on Facebook. You can find your favorite stores social media sites and email list by checking their website.

Email and social media accounts help you never pay full price

Most stores will accept competitor coupons! Joannes recently sent out a 75% off coupon to celebrate their 75th anniversary. The problem? My wife and I hate shopping at Joanne’s and it’s further away than our favorite craft stores.

So we took the coupon into Michaels and they matched the coupon and it wasn’t even their 75th anniversary!

You can also find good coupons on RetailMeNot. We find a lot of good coupons on RetailMeNot while shopping in store.

Using digital coupons is an easy way to never pay full price again! You just need to know where to find them.

Budget Better:

6. Ask for discounts

Most products have such a significant markup that asking for a discount wouldn’t be much of a burden for most retailers. However, it’s better to have a reason on why you deserve the discount.

One of the easiest ways to get a discount is to look for a defect or flaw with the product. Hopefully it will be something you can live with, like a hardly noticeable scratch.

We got a fairly good discount buying a product that was missing a piece. However, we didn’t care because we weren’t interested in the missing piece. Even better was that this was at a discount retail store.

Did you miss a sale weekend because you were too busy to make it to the store? Some companies will give you the sale price even if you missed the printed dates. Simply explain that you couldn’t make it during the sale and ask if they could give you the sale price.

My wife and I went to a store during a really awesome sale looking for a specific product. We couldn’t find it which was sad because they had it the previous week. Sadly, we left the store empty handed.

A week later we came back to the store and found the item. The store had relocated it to the front of the store. We asked the manager if we could get the sale price because we couldn’t find it during the sale because of the relocation. They ended up giving us a better discount because of the inconvenience.

Asking for discounts won’t always work, but it’s a good thing to check if you want to never pay full price again.

7. Keep a “sales log” and shop during sales

If you’re looking to never pay full price then you need to know when sales happen and shop accordingly.

Stores don’t usually have a sale for the sake of having a sale. Usually, stores have a plan or a rotating sale schedule that they offer.

You can save a ton of money by understanding your favorite stores sale schedule. One of the easiest ways to do this is by keeping the stores sales fliers.

Hobby Lobby is a perfect example of how sales fliers can help you understand what will be on sales. Hobby lobby sticks to a rotating sale schedule which changes weekly.

I think they offer four different types of sales and as a result, print off four different fliers that they keep at the front of the store as you walk in.

Besides the sales fliers, you can keep a sales journal where you log what items you buy go on sale and when. You’ll start to recognize a specific pattern when you have enough data.

Save Money:

8. Earn money back with Ibotta

Saving money on groceries is a must! Most of America has food as their number one expense. Ibotta is a money saving app for groceries that ensures you never pay full price!

Ibotta is simple to use but requires a little bit of planning before you go grocery shopping.

ibotta helps you never pay full price on groceries

Open up the app and select the store you want to buy groceries from. Input what you are planning on buying and then go shopping! Scan your receipt into the Ibotta app and Ibotta gives you cash back for your purchases.

While Ibotta is great for saving money on groceries, you can also earn money back on Apparel, Cosmetics, Mobile Apps and more. You can choose to receive cash back through Paypal, gift cards, or Venmo.

9. Use cash back credit cards, carefully!

Before reading this section, please repeat, “I will only use my credit card to make purchases that I can pay off each month and I WILL pay it off each month.”

I love paying for things with my credit card but a lot of adults struggle with using credit cards responsibly. So please, ensure that you do pay off your credit card at the end of each month!

Cash back credit cards are amazing if you use them appropriately. There is no doubt that life costs money and you must make purchases. Cash back credit cards are perfect because I can earn money back for making purchases that I needed to anyway.

Credit card companies willingly give you credit cards because they can earn a ton of money off of people who don’t have much. Failing to pay your balance costs a heavy interest payment!

The key to cash back credit cards is always paying off your balance each month. When used effectively, cash back credit cards will help you never pay full price again!

10. Take advantage of price adjustment policies

Paribus is a free service that monitors your shopping online. When a company lowers it’s price on a product you’ve purchased, Paribus submits a claim on your behalf to refund the difference.

paribus helps you never pay full price

Companies like Amazon have price adjustment policies that you probably haven’t even heard about. You might get a partial refund if your package isn’t delivered on time.

Paribus works based on a finder fee business model. They work hard to get you your money back and they take a cut if they manage to get money back for you.

My opinion? I’m not actively looking to get cash back from something I purchased online. Having a company take a commission for finding me money back is well worth it!

Paribus will need access to your email account so that they can scan your emailed receipts. With Paribus, you’ll never have to pay full price again when prices drop!

11. Shop online and then come back later

One of the trickier tactics that companies use is sending you coupons based on your shopping cart items. This doesn’t happen a lot, but it is something to consider if you aren’t in a hurry to buy.

How does this work?

Shop online and fill up your shopping cart with everything you want to purchase. Make sure you are logged into your account as well.

Wait a few days and sometimes, you might get an email with a coupon for a certain percentage off your next order.

Why does this happen?

Companies see that you’ve had an interest in purchasing a product. You’ve gone through all the work of building your cart and then you just left.

The company doesn’t know if you’ll buy it elsewhere and they were close to earning money. They want you to follow through and hit the checkout button so they add a little incentive.

Again, not all stores have this implemented on their online shopping websites, but some do. If you’re not in a hurry, waiting a few days can help you never pay full price again!

12. Keep your student I.D.

Do you still have your student I.D.? If so you could pay less money by pretending to still be a student.

Some companies offer a student discount that only requires you to show your student I.D. Always look for companies that give a student discount so you never have to pay full price again!

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