Perfect Side Jobs for Extroverts

Perfect Side-Jobs for Extroverts
Perfect Side-Jobs for Extroverts

Hello, my fellow extroverts! You’re outgoing, probably have a bubbly personality, enjoy working with other people and don’t mind crowded situations like parties. If you are reading this article, then I’m going to assume you’re an extrovert looking for a side job.

However, if you are looking for a full-time job, then has a fantastic info graph that will help you determine your personality type. It evaluates your energy style (Extrovert/Introvert), thinking style (working with physical things/working with theories), values (Thinker/Feeler), and lifestyle (Judger/Perceiver).

You can then use the results of your personality type with Entrepreneurs info graph to determine full-time jobs that fit your personality type the best.

Now let’s talk about making money on the side using your extraordinary skills as an extrovert.

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I really couldn’t think of a more perfect side job for an extrovert than bartending. Customers come into bars to be social and have a great time, which pairs nicely with your talkative manner and uncanny ability to be in a social environment.

Learning the skills of a bartender is something an extrovert could pick up easy through a few classes. Bartending classes aren’t very expensive, and it’s a great social skill for any extrovert.

For those that like to show off, consider taking flair bartending courses! Flair bartending is the act of pouring drinks in a stylish manner, almost like a circus performer but better because you’re pouring drinks.

The best part of bartending, besides the fact that you get paid to be social with the clientele all night is the tips! Depending on how busy your bar gets, you can make a lot of money on a busy Friday and Saturday night!


Some of the best bloggers are extroverts. Blogging is a lot like talking, but instead, you’re writing down your thoughts and expressions. There are a few different ways to start.

It definitely would take some time to start making money with starting your blog, which is why you shouldn’t plan on making money instantly. You should consider if starting a blog is right for you as it takes a lot of time and energy. However, if done right, starting your blog is an excellent way to earn a full-time income at home.

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If you do want to blog and make money right away, consider doing freelance blogging where other blog owners will pay you to write blog articles for them. Freelance blogging is perfect for earning money at your own pace, without the rigor and hassle of meeting schedule requirements of your own blog.

Another form of blogging suitable for extroverts is vlogging or video blogging. Starting with a webcam or video recorder, film yourself talking about your niche such as current events, health, or more and post it to YouTube. Have a conversation with the internet, encourage them to comment on your videos, and comment back. There are a lot of ways to make money from your YouTube videos.

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Direct Sales

Direct sales aren’t for everyone, but an extrovert that knows what they are doing can make a lot of money in their spare time through networking and selling products. You just need to figure out if direct sales sounds like something you could do and are interested in.

There are a lot of multi-level marketing companies out there selling things like health care products, essential oils, and household items. Find the one you like best and start promoting it by meeting new people, building trust, and then convincing them to buy your product.

The one downside to multi-level marketing is that many people already view it as a pyramid scheme and brush off people trying to sell it before they even get a chance to make a pitch. A lot of people have had bad experiences with direct sales because someone new to direct sales tried to sell a little too aggressively, and you might get the brunt of their frustration if you try to sell them the same product later.

Personally, I know a lot of people who have done well for themselves in direct sales. One couple I know makes $40,000 a month selling health care products and have been selling for quite some time now. However, I also know a lot of people who have tried direct sales, worked hard, and spent a lot of their own money into it with no return. It’s just something you should consider before jumping into direct sales.

So if you have decided that direct sales are for you, remember only to sell consumable goods! What do I mean by consumable goods? You should need to order more on a month-to-month basis because you used up whatever the product is.

Consumable goods create repeat business and give you a nice monthly income. I see people trying to sell products that have a one-time large commission for selling an item, but it isn’t a consumable. They get one sale and no repeat business until they can’t find any more customers in their area and the business eventually dies.

Event Planning

Event planning is perfect for the extrovert that likes to party on someone else’s budget! While it may sound like fun, it’s serious business because you don’t want to ruin anyone’s event.

If you know that you are well organized and ready to get into event planning, then I would suggest doing some research into what makes a great event planner and what some of the tools of the trade are. Advertise your services on Craigslist and see if anyone bites.

I would recommend planning it out on paper and finalizing every detail with the customer before any money is spent. This is particularly the case if you take on wedding planning, which I would highly suggest not doing. Brides can tend to get a little grumpy with the stress of a wedding, and you don’t want to be the cause of frustration no matter how unreasonable they are.

If you don’t want to plan events for other people, consider planning events for yourself to make money on. For example, why not have a prom for adults? Advertise the event in your local paper, rent the space, plan the event, and charge admission. You’ll want to ensure you are going to get enough attendees and charge admission appropriately otherwise you’ll end up losing money.

Pizza Delivery

Another great side job for extroverts is pizza delivery! Pizza delivery is great for extroverts because you get to meet a lot of new people and you get paid to drive around town listening to your favorite music.

Just like bartending, the best part of the job is tips. A skilled extrovert can talk the customer into tipping larger just by being friendly and social. A busy night at a pizza place can bring in a hundred bucks or so in tips.

Uber Driving

Uber driving is becoming more and more popular recently. It’s perfect for the extrovert to be able to meet a lot of new people and potentially become friends just by getting paid to give someone a lift.

Bar closing is one of the best times for an Uber driver because there are a lot of people needing rides home. Not only that, but drunk people can be some of the funniest people to talk too.


What are your favorite jobs for extroverts? Let us know in the comments below!