Perfect Side-Jobs for Introverts

Introvert Side Jobs
Perfect Side-Jobs for Introverts

I’ve always been somewhat of an extrovert. I love to be outgoing and meet new people. Who knew I would end up marrying an Introvert!

Introverts relish their quiet time, and some don’t care much for socializing with other people. Who wants to be in a large crowd anyways? You’ve got everything you need at home!

Unfortunately, you still have to pay the rent which means that you have to venture outside and go to work. The work environment can be torturous, mixing introverts and extroverts in a closed off space!

If you are an introvert looking for a full-time job, I would suggest checking out entrepreneurs article, which has a great infographic on matching personality types with full-time careers. All you need to do is read the description of the graph to determine what your personality type is and then find your personality type’s list of suggested jobs.

If you are looking for a change of pace from your current career, I don’t blame you! If you are looking for side work that fits the introvert personality, try some of these suggestions.

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Blogging is perfect for introverts who don’t want to talk to people because they can hide behind a computer screen, avoiding human interaction.

You can blog from anywhere! On the couch with your cat, on a beach, or in a library. There are a lot of different options; it’s just a matter of what makes you comfortable.

There are a lot of topics to blog about. The most important factors are choosing something that stands out to you and that you can easily relate to someone else. There are a lot of videos on YouTube to help you get started.

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Landscaping is perfect for the introvert that likes the outdoors. It’s peaceful, relaxing, and you don’t have to talk to anyone once the job has started. Just make sure to wear plenty of sunscreen!

The hardest part of doing freelance landscaping is getting customers if you don’t want to talk to them. You can advertise yourself on Craigslist, create flyers and stick them on mailboxes, put an advertisement in the newspaper, or ask your friends and family to spread the word that you are looking for landscaping work.

Alternatively, you could look into employment with a landscaping company.


Janitorial work is always a good option for the introvert that doesn’t mind being left alone in a large building after closing. However, some janitorial positions are available during working hours.

A janitorial job is good because you can clean and avoid talking to people by staying busy or listening to music. You can make some good money doing janitor work, and you might be able to get flexible hours.

Baby Sitting

If you don’t mind kids, then babysitting would be a perfect opportunity to make extra money as an introvert. You can find these jobs by signing up for, craigslist, or word of mouth.

Adults typically aren’t around which means you won’t have to have very many conversations. Once the kids are asleep, then you won’t have to worry about doing much at all!

Babysitting isn’t easy work, but it can have flexible hours, and you don’t have to take jobs that don’t work for you.

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If you are skilled with a paintbrush, pencil, or any other form of art, then you could work from home as an artist. It would take some work, but there is money to be made with amazing art.

Once you make your art and price it, you can sell it at events and expos or online through Amazon or eBay. One great way to make money is to get canvas prints of your artwork so you can keep the original and sell multiple copies.

House Cleaning

Just like the janitorial work, house cleaning is a good way to work behind the scenes. It often involves cleaning when the homeowners are at work, which leaves you the whole house to yourself.

The downside is cleaning homes can be very labor intensive. However, it can be a good hourly rate if you know how to clean a home efficiently. Again, you can find work through craigslist, working for someone’s company, or through word of mouth.

Deliver Newspapers

Delivering newspapers are perfect for the early morning introvert. Not only do you get a great start to your morning, but you can enjoy the quiet walk in the morning before everyone else wakes up. Check with your local newspaper for openings.


No one is supposed to talk, or at least very loudly, in a library! Libraries are quiet, calm, and the loud extroverts tend to avoid them.

If you like to read, then working as a librarian gives you ample opportunity to find new books. You might even get a few recommendations from the people who frequent the library!


What are your favorite side jobs for introverts? We would love to hear your recommendations in the comments below!