The best ways to reduce stress on a budget

Morning after morning, we wake up to an annoying alarm clock with groggy eyes.

It’s that time again… Time for work. As if you weren’t already just at work.

It always feels that work gives us just enough time at home to recover. Once your brief visit to the outside world is complete, you’re expected to be back working at 100% capacity.

You have just enough time to take care of the bare necessities at home!

Before you know it, your chest starts to feel tight and you’re up all night dreaming of problems at work. Your body is starting to become stressed!

I never felt stress until I was an adult. The demands of adult life can be taxing! It isn’t easy managing a family, work, your household, and trying to have any assemblance of a social life.

People who live a stressed life are more likely to die early.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to die early trying to provide a living for my loved ones. I would much rather live a long life with my family.

I’m sorry, but everyone’s advice to “take a vacation” isn’t always financially reasonable. Who wants to stress out about spending $5k to take their kids to Disneyworld?

Here are the best ways to reduce stress for any family on a budget.

I know what it is like to feel stress and wanting to feel relief. The effects of stress can do serious damage to your body. Stress management can help reduce your symptoms and our guide is here to help.

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The best ways to reduce stress on a budget

Take time off from work

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m somewhat of a workaholic. I enjoy keeping myself busy and providing for my family.

The problem is that sometimes I push myself too hard. I ask for challenging projects at work because I’d rather not sit around bored in a cubicle.

Before you know it, my body starts showing me signs of stress and tension. While I enjoy what I do it sometimes catches up with me.

Taking time off from work to do nothing is one of the best ways you can reduce stress. You don’t even have to go anywhere.

Most people fall into a trap when they decide to take time off from work to reduce stress. Rather than relaxing, doing what they want, and taking it easy, they end up doing housework.

Don’t swap one cause of stress for another!

Take some time off work if you can, relax, and catch up on some of your favorite shows.


Say “No” to other responsibilities

For most of us, our time is in significant demand, which is probably why you’re stressed in the first place. You’ve cut out the demand of work by taking time off, but what about your other responsibilities?

You must be willing to say no to others in order to reduce your stress!

What happens when you’re not at work? You’ve got house chores, family events, church activities, all of which are placing a stressful demand onto you. People will still continue to demand your time.

It’s ok to skip any requests for your time and energy while you’re coping with your stress. No one will take offense to you saying, “I’m sorry, but I don’t feel that I can help this time. I would like to help you in the future.”

You don’t have to mention that you’re overstressed or give a reason to say no. You just need to lighten your load until you can recover from your stress.

Start drinking these teas for stress reduction

Tea is by far my favorite weapon when fighting stress. It’s a natural solution to stress relief that is inexpensive, delicious, and easy to incorporate into your routine.

In my opinion, simply drinking tea daily has been enough to combat my stress. Tea has replaced my morning coffee and is often my nightcap.

There are many different options and benefits depending on the tea leaf chosen. Here are a few good tea choices if you’re looking for a natural stress relief option. I recommend using more than one to keep the flavor interesting.


Green Tea (morning time)

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Green tea is the perfect choice for anyone looking to replace their cup of coffee in the morning. I drink green tea every morning and haven’t missed coffee yet.

I like to think of green tea as a cleaner version of coffee. Green tea is going to provide you with a nice clean energy that keeps you alert but without the jitters from coffee.

There are several benefits to green tea. Some of the benefits include heart and brain health, possible protection from memory loss, and protects from free radical damage.

Amongst all the amazing benefits, green tea can help reduce your stress naturally.

Peppermint Tea (any time)

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Peppermint tea is my go to when I’m not looking for any additional energy boost. I drink peppermint tea usually in the afternoon when I’m looking for something with flavor to drink.

Just like green tea, there are many amazing benefits to peppermint. Some of these benefits include help with digestion, pain reduction, and reduced inflammation.

Together, peppermint and green tea are a powerful tool in your health arsenal!

Chamomile Tea (night time)

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Chamomile tea is perfect for someone that struggles to sleep at night. Drinking chamomile will put you in a very relaxed, calm, and stress-free state.

For myself, I really enjoy drinking chamomile when no one is going to disturb me. One cup of chamomile tea paired with some quiet time is the perfect way to relax. Grab a good book while drinking chamomile is the best way to end a stress-free night!

Chamomile does have a very powerful soothing effect. I’ve discovered drinking two packets of chamomile tea isn’t a good idea for myself because I wake up groggy.

As a substitute, sometimes I’ll drink sleepy time tea over straight chamomile. Sleepytime tea does contain chamomile but also includes other leaves, leaving you refreshed without grogginess.

Rose Tea (night time)

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Rose tea is another before bed tea as just like chamomile, it will leave you feeling relaxed. Benefits of rose tea include skin health and improved digestion.

You might consider trying rose tea if you find chamomile is too strong for you.


Avoid caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine

If you are a regular user of caffeine, alcohol, or nicotine, now would be a good time to reconsider. All three drugs can increase stress levels, hindering your recovery.

Caffeine increases your cortisol levels, which is closely linked to your level of stress. Among other problems, caffeine also blocks adenosine, a chemical that helps your body calm down.

The rule of caffeine, like most things, is that it’s ok in moderation. Too much caffeine will start to negatively affect your body.

You don’t have to cut out caffeine if you don’t want too. Try not having any caffeine after 2 p.m. so your body can be well rested at night. Limiting your caffeine will help reduce your stress and stress tension.

Simply put, alcohol and nicotine are not good for your mind, body, or general health. If you are experiencing stress, consider cutting alcohol and nicotine, even if only temporarily.

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Try a bath bomb, relaxing music, and a pleasant atmosphere

Part of reducing your stress means taking in as much relaxation as possible. One of the best ways to self-remedy stress is to treat yourself to a spa day. Spas can be pretty expensive, but you can do pretty well in the comfort of your home.

Bath bomb

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Bath bombs are amazing little packs that you can add to your bath water. They can change the color, add a pleasant and relaxing scent, help detoxify, and add beneficial essential oils.

The best part about bath bombs is that they aren’t very expensive. You can get them fairly inexpensive on Amazon.


What music relaxes you? You can find stress relief radio stations on Spotify, which is completely free if you don’t mind a couple of ads. Pandora and Youtube are also good places to find relaxing music.

Aromatherapy for stress relief

Aromatherapy candles can be used to eliminate stress during your home spa treatment or just around the house. Aromatherapy involves dispensing fragrance or oils into the air that affects your mood and body chemistry.

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A diffuser with essential oils is another form of aromatherapy and can be used to combat stress or tension.

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My wife has a diffuser that she can add water with a few drops of essential oils. We start the diffuser before bed, allowing us to breathe in the beneficial oils while we sleep.

Consider adding a few drops of lemongrass or lavender oil to a diffuser while you sleep if you’re feeling stressed.

Start exercising

I can’t remember the last time I exercised! It’s unfortunate, but life gets busy with all the responsibilities of becoming an adult. However, exercise has been long known to reduce symptoms of stress and anxiety.

If you haven’t exercised in awhile, like me, consider going for a walk. No need to start planning for a 10k. You can start reducing your stress symptoms by getting your body moving.

Try massage

Massages can be super beneficial for reducing stress, especially if you haven’t had one in a while.

Your muscles tend to ball up into little knots, which can hold toxins. Muscle knots can be painful on their own, but the storing of toxins can negatively affect your bodies chemistry. Massage can work these muscle knots out, releasing the toxins into the bloodstream.

The release of these toxins can be beneficial to reducing stress. Most massage therapists recommend drinking plenty of water after receiving a massage. Drinking water after a massage helps flush out the toxins faster so you won’t be as affected by the sudden release.

Going to a professional can be moderately expensive, about $50-$100. You could convince your partner to help you out for much cheaper!

I recommend getting some stress relief massage oil. Not only does it help with giving a relaxing massage, but it is also formulated to help reduce stress.

The best foods for stress relief

There are a few foods that you should eat for stress relief. Most notable is that you should eat plenty of avocado and green leafy vegetables, tacos anyone?

Blueberries are full of anti-oxidants and make great snacks for your lunches. If you’re a dark chocolate lover, now would be the time to treat yourself.

You should avoid sugary foods and drinks when you’re feeling stressed. Sugar actually contributes to poor moods and mood swings! Sugar consumption actually increases your risk for depression.


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Yoga is one of the best low-intensity exercises that you can do for stress relief. By doing yoga, you can reduce your blood pressure, which can help lower your stress levels.

Besides doing yoga for stress relief, there are numerous benefits! First off, yoga can be a lot of fun and you can do it anywhere! Yoga can help manage chronic conditions and may lead to improved fitness.

You can start doing yoga by watching videos on YouTube. However, you may want to buy a course if you get seriously into yoga.


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