Promotion, Raise, Earn Money

Why You’re Not Getting That Promotion, Easy Changes That Pay

Promotion, Raise, Earn Money
Why You’re Not Getting That Promotion, Easy Changes That Pay.

This is the third of four articles on why you aren’t getting that promotion you think you deserve:

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[Article 2] – Why you’re not getting that promotion, fix this one thing!
[Article 3] – Why you’re not getting that promotion, easy changes that pay.
[Article 4] – Why you’re not getting that promotion, sell yourself!

If you’ve read the previous two articles in this series, then you know that promotions are typically given to those who produce the most amount of work.

The problem is that you aren’t working or aren’t working smart enough, and as a result, you aren’t producing enough deliverables to be recognized.

Once you learn to minimize the distractions, work smart, and create a schedule for accomplishing your deliverables, you’ll start to stand out from your co-workers and start getting recognized!

Now creating a schedule to become more productive is only part of the solution. Humans can only perform so much because we have limited energy to devote to our task each day before we start to doze off.

So this article is going to target simple changes that you can do to increase your energy, leading to an overall more energetic and productive you!

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Take your B vitamins!

Stop reading this article for a second and rate your energy levels from 1 to 10 during your work day. If you didn’t answer 10, then you must increase your energy levels to become the most productive version of yourself!

People who have little energy tend not to make it very far up the corporate ladder. They simply don’t have the energy to accomplish anything but showing up for work.

At the very minimum, start taking a B-complex and B12 vitamins, the vitamin your body uses for energy. Did you know that about 40% of adults have trouble absorbing B12?

That means you aren’t performing at your full ability simply because your body isn’t doing what it’s supposed to do! Your fix is to add more B vitamins into your system so that your body has more to try and absorb.

Once I discovered B12 vitamins, my energy levels went from about a 6 to an 8 and my productivity went through the roof!

The forms of B12 you will want to take are adenosyl (adenosylcobalamin) B12, hydroxy (hydroxocobalamin) B12, and Methyl (Methylcobalamin B12). If you could only take one, start with the Methyl B12 as it is the most active form of B12 for the human body.

Avoid Cyanocobalamin B12. Cyano B12 is laboratory created B12 and is the cheapest B12 available.

Stop drinking alcohol

Look, we all enjoy an ice cold beer. The problem is that it’s killing off more than your brain cells, it’s also affecting your productivity.

It’s a huge problem, and most of you are probably going to brush off this advice. You will never reach your full potential on alcohol! That means the few of you that do stop or don’t drink it will be the first in line for their promotions.

Most of your co-workers are probably drinking alcohol. While the work environment is supposed to be a team, you are also competing with each one of them for career advancement. Simply not drinking gives you a massive advantage over the competition.

It can take weeks to flush the toxins of alcohol from your body, so it won’t be an instant change in productivity when you quit. Keep yourself hydrated with plenty of water and watch your energy skyrocket!

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Stop staying up so late and get some sleep!

We don’t get enough sleep at night because of our need to unwind from a hard day at work. When you stay up late, you can’t recover and be productive.

Do you have a hard time waking up in the morning? If you said yes then you aren’t getting enough sleep at night. You should be waking up with ease, right before your alarm goes off. I have an alarm clock similar to this one and it makes a world of difference in the morning!

Sleep is when your body stores everything you did from the day into your memory. If you have an intellectual career, such as engineering, you need sleep to store the things you learned from that day.

Sleeping is the most important thing you can do for your productivity!

When you have enough energy, a schedule to complete your deliverable, and you minimize distractions, you are setting yourself up for success at work.

In our next article “Why you’re not getting that promotion, sell yourself!” we will talk about finally sealing the deal and getting the promotion you deserve.