Are cash back apps safe to use? (Real money from working cash back sites)

Are cash back apps safe to use?

Trusted cash back apps like Rakuten are safe to use. However, some cash back websites will sell your information and others are scams. To safely use the apps, verify the company is legitimate and opt out of data selling.

Imagine, getting cash back for your online purchases while having peace of mind your information is secure.

You’re going to make purchases anyway, so why not get cash back? Combining a cash back app with a cash back credit card practically doubles your money!

Luckily for you, I’m going to show you a safe cash back app and how to keep yourself safe. Rest assured, legitimate cash back companies do exist! 

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Are cash back Apps Safe?

Not all cash back apps are safe to use. Scammers often target people wanting to sign up for cash back programs. Most cash back apps will sell your information, but you should be able to opt out. Partner with trusted cash back apps and check your settings to stay safe.

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How to spot a cash back website scam

To spot a cash back website scam, verify the company is accredited on the Better Business Bureau and has an SSL certificate. Accreditation from the BBB is a sign of a legitimate business which aims to resolve customer complaints. Having a SSL certificate means your data when using the website is encrypted for your protection.

The first thing you should check prior to signing up for cash back is BBB accreditation. Accreditation is a sign that a company meets high standards as determined by the BBB. The company operates in a trustworthy manner and actively resolves customer complaints.

Therefore, it’s a warning if you can’t find a company who is accredited. Some legitimate companies won’t have accreditation, but I would only partner with accredited companies.

A cash back company should have an SSL certificate on their website. You know a company has a SSL certificate if there is a secured padlock to the left of the domain name.

Rakuten SSL Certificate

When you see the padlock, your data is encrypted when using the site. Any information you enter should be kept safe. Using a site without a SSL certificate means your data isn’t secured.

Most cash back websites won’t approach you about joining outside of any advertisements. You shouldn’t have to provide your Social Security number or other sensitive information. Typically, legitimate companies need you to create an account and will get paid via PayPal.

What information do cash back websites need?

Legitimate cash back websites will usually need you to create an account and specify a payment option. You should only need to provide your email, create a password, and a PayPal or mailing address for payment. Do not provide your social security number or banking information to a cash back website.

Keep in mind, what a website needs is different than what they collect. Your cash back website is probably selling your information.

Do cash back websites sell my personal information?

Most cash back websites collect and sell your information about your activity for the purpose of remarketing. The type of information collected is typically listed within the cash back websites Privacy Policy. However, most cash back websites are vague about how they use your data.

To see what information is collected, visit the website’s Privacy Policy. A lot of this information may be difficult to understand. However, the majority of it will boil down to tracking your shopping activity.

Obvious data collected will be anything you enter. Your name, email address, postal address, or phone numbers for example.

However, cash back websites may track your browsing history, your interactions, and infer information about you. Basically, they want to know as much as possible about you and your shopping habits.

Cash back apps don’t specify how they use your information. Most likely, they want your information to see what kind of products you enjoy and where you shop. It’s easier to advertise relevant products when they know more about you.

Your information is likely sold to third parties. The Privacy Policy should mention if they sell your information.

Look for cash back websites which give you the option to opt out of selling your information. You can always contact customer support to find out more about information collection.

What is the best cash back App?

Rakuten is one of the most trusted cash back apps and websites. The company reliably pays cash back every month and is easy for anyone to use. Rakuten has an A- rating with accreditation from the Better Business Bureau.

Personally, I use Rakuten and I have no complaints or issues with using their cash back service. I’ve chosen to be paid by PayPal where my cash back is sent every time, without fail. I can even see a history of payments in my account settings.

Rakuten offers cash back rewards at more than 2,500 stores. Cash back varies from store-to-store, but there are many stores with an 11% discount. Typical cash back ranges between 2-11%.

Rakuten does sell your information. However, you can opt out of this by visiting the footer of the website. You’ll see a link which says, “Don’t sell my data.” Click the link, enter in your state, and perform the captcha to opt out.

Rakuten Opt Out of selling information

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Summary: Are cash back apps safe to use?

As you can see, not all cash back apps are safe to use. You need to watch out for online scams and for companies looking to sell your information. However, you can partner with trusted cash back websites like Rakuten. 

To avoid scams, verify the company is listed on the Better Business Bureau’s website and look for accreditation. You should also verify the cash back company uses a SSL certificate to protect your data. You do not need to give out your Social Security number.

The only information a company will need is an account setup and payment information. Generally, you’ll need to set up an account with your email address. You’ll need to input payment information, like PayPal, or your physical address for a check.

Most cash back websites will sell your information. Typically this isn’t personal identifiable information, but does try to infer your information. Your data is most likely sold in order to provide relevant advertisements to you. You should be able to opt out, but check the Privacy Policy.

Rakuten is our top choice for cash back apps. It’s easy to use and reliable. Not to mention, it’s accredited with the BBB!

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