Save money on baby wipes. The best homemade, cloth, and natural options

Baby wipes are one of the least favorite things families want to spend their money on, but they are a very important!

Getting the right baby wipes can save you money so that you can use that money on more fun baby items, or something important like college. You also want to make sure you get the right baby wipes so that you aren’t exposing your baby to harmful chemicals.

That’s why today I wanted to write about saving money on baby wipes and help you determine what baby wipes will best suit your family. If you want more money saving tips, consider joining our free budgeting and save money course.

Just because you need to buy baby wipes doesn't mean you want to spend a lot of money. This article covers the best homemade, cloth, and natural baby wipe options so you can choose the best fit for your families budget. If you want to make your own baby wipes you can save more money, but other options exist!
Save money on baby wipes. The best homemade, cloth, and natural options

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Save money on baby wipes. The best homemade, cloth, and natural options

Six tips to saving money on baby wipes

There are a few different ways of saving money on baby wipes, the best tips include:

  1. Compare prices at different stores – Make a mental note of the prices of baby wipes at your top three favorite stores.
  2. Use coupons to maximize savings – Coupons are the best way to get discounts on your top favorite baby wipe brands. Look for them in the mail, sign up for your favorite stores email list, and ask friends and families to keep an eye out for coupons.
  3. Stock up during sales– If your budget allows, stock up on baby wipes when they go on sale or for good coupon deals. If you can swing it, combine your coupons during a sale for maximum money saving. Baby wipes are a great item to stock up on because you will use them!
  4. Cut baby wipes in half– Many store bought baby wipes are larger than they need to be, especially for small messes. Take a knife and cut the baby wipes from a refill package down the center and you’ll have twice as many baby wipes!
  5. Make your own baby wipes – If you have the time, making baby wipes yourself can be a great money saver. I’ll talk more about making your own baby wipes later in the article. You can either make your own cloth or disposable wipes.
  6. Shop for baby wipes online– One of the best places to buy baby wipes is Amazon, especially if you have an Amazon Prime membership which has free two-day shipping. I like to shop on Amazon because it usually has the lowest prices and I don’t even have to leave my house!


What’s a good price to pay for disposable baby wipes?

If you just want to buy disposable baby wipes, I would look to pay no more than $0.02 per wipe. However, if you are looking for other options, such as natural baby wipes, the price may be a bit more.

FAQ: Do baby wipes clean bacteria?

Don’t use baby wipes as a substitute to clean bacteria or sanitize an area. While some baby wipes use alcohol which has some minimal bacterial cleaning properties, it isn’t a substitute for a cleaner. I recommend using Clorox wipes for sanitizing.

Choosing the best baby wipes for you baby

There are many options for baby wipes, but I recommend sticking to either making your own disposable or cloth wipes, purchasing cloth wipes, or going with a natural baby wipe.

Why choose cloth baby wipes? Cloth is best for the environment, doesn’t contain harmful chemicals for your baby, is reusable and will save you money in the long run. Cloth is the best option for a family on a budget.

Why make your own baby wipes? Making your own baby wipes is cheaper than buying wipes at the store. You can make your own cloth diapers for long-term money savings or make your own disposable diapers with common household items for a fraction of the store price.

Why choose natural baby wipes? Natural baby wipes are free from harsh chemicals that may not agree with your babies delicate skin. It isn’t as cost effective as making your own wipes or using cloth, but the advantage is that the wipes are disposable and make for easy cleanup. It may be difficult to find a 100% natural baby wipe, but most natural baby wipes are much better than generic wipes.


The best cloth baby wipes: Buttons Flannel Baby Wipes

See it on Amazon

The good: These baby wipes are soft, reusable, and don’t contain any harsh chemicals. They are easy to wash in a wet bag and a majority of parents are happy with the overall product.

The bad: As should be expected, washing cloth baby wipes will cause the wipe to lose some softness. Some families feel that the wipes are too thin.

The bottom line: Buttons flannel baby wipes are one of the best cloth baby wipes and have a great price point. If you’re considering cloth wipes, I might recommend ordering one or two packs and seeing how you like them.

Make your own baby wipes

My favorite video for making baby wipes was made by Do it on a Dime. Kathryn makes creating your own wipes look easy! The best part is knowing what ingredients are actually going into your wipes!

See it on YouTube!

Choosing natural baby wipes

See Honest Company wipes on Amazon.

The good: The Honest Company wipes contain fewer ingredients and is transparent about what is going on your babies skin. The Honest Company is one of my favorites, simply because of their transparency. Parent’s love the thickness, moisture level, and texture.

The bad: The wipes aren’t the cheapest, but they are quality. Most parent’s don’t mind paying a little bit more for what they get with the Honest Company.

The bottom line: If you want a good quality wipe that contains fewer chemicals than generic brands, this is the wipe for you. While the Honest company makes a great wipe, you’ll have to pay a little extra for the quality.


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