Do debit cards show your age?

Do debit cards show your age?

Debit cards used in the United States do not indicate your age. However, having a debit card indicates that you are old enough to hold a checking account. Most debit cards are issued for individuals over the age of 12, but as young as 6 in some cases.

We all know you get carded at the grocery store if you buy alcohol, so you have to present an ID to show your age. But what if you’re purchasing something that doesn’t have an age requirement? 

Will your debit card give it away?

This article will discuss at what age you can get a debit card and if you are ever too old to receive one. We will also review what information a debit card displays and if it shows your birthday, can be used as proof of age, or keeps track of your age.

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At What Age Can You Get a Debit Card?

Debit cards can be issued to anyone with a checking account over the age of twelve. Even some institutions have child debit cards available for children as young as six. However, any minor who holds a debit card cannot be the sole owner of the account.

For children under the age of eighteen, a parent, guardian, or legal adult must also have his or her name on the account with the child. Thus, the adult also has a copy of the debit card and explicit permission to use it.

What Information is Shown on a Debit Card?

Debit cards display a lot of information on a small rectangle of plastic. On the front, the account holder’s full name is printed in addition to the card number and expiration date. While tied to the checking account, the card number is not the same as the account number, as you would see on the bottom of a check.

On the back of the card, there is a place for the cardholder to pen their signature. It also has a three-digit security code for making purchases over the phone or online. Most debit cards will have information on who to call if the card is lost or stolen.

Debit cards will also show the card company that the bank or credit union is associated with, such as Visa or Mastercard. Most cards will also display the name of the bank or credit union your checking account is linked to, even international facilities.

Do Debit Cards Show Your Birthday?

Debit cards will not show your birthday. The only date found on a debit card is the month and year the card expires. Your bank or credit union will have your birthday on file because you need to be at least eighteen years old to open an account by yourself, but it will not display on your debit card.

Debit card companies realize that providing too much personal information about the cardholder on the physical card makes identity theft easier. Therefore, the only personal information that will be displayed on your debit card is your first and last name and sometimes your middle initial.

Can You Use Your Debit Card to Show Proof of Age?

Debit cards cannot be used to show proof of your age any more than a paper check can. Debit cards are not a form of identification but rather a form of payment. They act as an electronic check. The only personal information you will find on a debit card is your name.

Your birthday, and thus your age, is a fact recorded by the banking institution that issues you the debit card. If you want to show proof of age, you will need to possess an identification card that has your birthday, including the year you were born, written on it.

Is There a Maximum Age Limit for Receiving a Debit Card?

There is no maximum age limit for holding a debit card. As long as you have a checking account with a banking facility or credit union, you can be issued a debit card if you are an adult. There is no cut-off age when you are too old to possess a debit card.

You will keep receiving debit cards for your open bank accounts until those accounts are closed. Debit cards will expire, but as long as the account remains open, your bank or credit union will send you a new card no matter how old you are.

Can a Debit Card Keep Track of Your Age?

Debit cards will not keep track of your age, but the bank associated with them will. Your age doesn’t matter when it comes to your banking unless you are a minor. Once you turn eighteen in the United States, your bank may issue you a new debit card if they have a separate line of cards for children or teenagers.

Some debit cards have certain holds on them for those under the age of eighteen. Those restrictions are usually dropped when you become an adult. As a result, a new card may need to be issued to be used to the fullest extent.

Summary: Do debit cards show your age?

Debit cards are a form of electronic payment where the funds come from a checking account. They are not forms of identification, so they do not display your age or birthday or provide any other proof of age. Most banks and credit unions will issue debit cards to children over twelve.

If the individual is a minor, then an adult must be included on the account to which the debit card is linked to. There is no maximum age limit for holding a debit card. Although debit cards do not display your age, they do show your name. Your name is the only personal information a debit card provides.

Debit cards come equipped with the necessary information regarding access to the funds from the linked bank account. A debit card will provide as much, if not less, personal information than a paper check.


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