40+ Good excuses to leave the house

What are good excuses to leave the house?

The best excuses to leave your house include:

  1. Grocery shopping
  2. You’re working on a group project
  3. Doctor’s appointment
  4. Visiting a friend
  5. Mental health day
  6. Social event (e.g., high school dance)
  7. You’ve had an argument
  8. Girls night
  9. Volunteering
  10. Getting fresh air
  11. Exercising
  12. Going to a study group
  13. Game night
  14. Event planning
  15. Helping a friend (e.g, friend’s car breaks down)
  16. Movies
  17. Emergency situation at work
  18. Exploring
  19. Home shopping
  20. You forgot something
  21. You’re in need of feminine products
  22. An item is on sale
  23. Hunger cravings
  24. Window shopping
  25. Needing coffee
  26. Church
  27. Visiting the park
  28. Farmers Market
  29. Live events
  30. Library
  31. Museum
  32. Beach trip
  33. Book club
  34. Dating
  35. Dog walking
  36. Gardening
  37. Home decorating
  38. Stargazing
  39. Photoshoots
  40. Bike riding

Each of the above are a good excuse to walk out your front door, wether you need good alibis or just want a reasonable excuse.

This article will help you come up with a good reason to leave your house or come up with your own.

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Perfect excuses to leave the house on short notice

There are many believable excuses for getting out of the house for a couple of hours. You can come up with your own excuses, but the elements of the most common excuses have one of the following:

  • You need to get something from somewhere (e.g., forgotten, purchase)
  • The excuse is urgent (e.g., due tomorrow, limited time offer, family emergency, or unexpected circumstances)
  • A vulnerable person is involved (e.g., friend is stuck or needs emergency assistance)
  • It will make you happy (e.g., vacationing or social life)
  • It’s for work or school (e.g., working a double shift, business trip, group project)
  • You’re accomplishing a task (e.g., shopping for school supplies or going to the post office)

Below I list 40+ acceptable reasons for leaving your house. Let’s take a look at each one in a little more detail.

#1 Grocery shopping

Every human has three needs: shelter, water, and food. What better reason to leave your house – AKA your shelter – than to meet the other two needs?

Anyone should be able to understand having to buy groceries, especially if you have nothing left at home, are on a budget, or are pinched for time otherwise.

#2 Working on a group project

Group projects can be a headache, but they tend to come out the best when each team member puts forth the effort to collaborate. If your team is meeting, whether everyone in the group or just a few key people, join in and do your part. You’ll be able to stay in the loop, brainstorm better, and affect the final project on a larger scale.

#3 Medical appointments

No one will question you leaving the house if it’s for your immediate health. While some doctors offer remote appointments, many specialties and clinics stick to in-person medical visits. These generally provide more accurate diagnoses, especially if you’re unaware of certain symptoms or can’t explain them properly.

#4 Going to a friend’s house

Sometimes you need to take a trip to your friend’s house because they are interested in hosting you or want to show you something they have at home.

Friendships should be equally balanced when visiting each other’s homes unless there are some special circumstances in the mix. Nevertheless, head to your friend’s home to hang out, eat together, watch a movie, play video games, or chat.

#5 Take a mental health day

Your home may bring you solace, but too much of anything is bad. A productive mental health day should include avoiding screens – yes, even your phone – and one of the best ways to do this is by getting out of the house. Whether you socialize or want to feel the sun on your skin outside, your mental health will thank you.

#6 Going to a social event

Social events encompass multiple other people at things like parties, conferences, events, or other gatherings. You may host a good party now and again, but true social events will be held in places like halls, parks, and even venues. Get out there, get social, network, and meet new friends.

#7 You’ve had a heated argument

Too many people respond to arguments with yelling, disrespect, or even aggression. These people would benefit from taking a step outside for a few moments to cool off before they respond. The same can be said for anyone because putting distance between yourself and the “problem” or another person is a great way to reflect, calm down, and later return to the issue with a fresh perspective.

#8 Girls’ night

Girls’ nights have a ton of potential and the almost-guaranteed benefit of fun. You get to meet your girls to talk about what’s been going on with work, your love lives, personal goals, health, and so much more.

It’s a time to vent, listen, learn, and grow together while laughing and enjoying each other’s company. Head to dinner, go dancing, try out a new activity, or order a cocktail and catch up.

#9 Volunteer

Lending a helping hand outside your home is a wonderful way to make a difference in the world while feeling better internally. Volunteering allows us to reflect on what we have, show gratitude, and help those less fortunate. There are many volunteer opportunities at shelters, food pantries, with animals, cleaning the environment, at your local library, and more.

#10 To get some fresh air

Getting fresh air could increase your focus and brain function, promote the happy-chemical serotonin, encourage diaphragmatic breathing, dispel toxins from your body, and reduce airborne illness and infection. Not to mention, you get to see the sights, be more at one with nature, and feel the sun or wind on your skin instead of being stuck in a stale room at home.

#11 Exercise

Doctors recommend around 150 minutes of exercise per week, roughly 30 minutes 5 days a week or an hour and fifteen minutes twice a week. This could be as simple as walking around your neighborhood or as complex as having a weight regime at your local gym. Other people may also enjoy group sports, like tennis or football, to add socialization to the mix.

#12 You’ve got a study group

Study groups provide new ideas and, most importantly, accountability to help you reach your academic goals. Your insight will be more well-rounded, you’ll gain team experience for the job force, and you’ll be able to beat procrastination with the help of your peers. Plus, you can all work together to sharpen your problem-solving skills.

#13 Game night

Game night could be held at a local bar or someone’s home as a dinner party. Common game night games include:

  • Trivia
  • Charades
  • Pictionary
  • Dixit
  • Cards Against Humanity
  • Jenga
  • Life
  • Trivial Pursuit
  • Risk
  • Monopoly
  • Trouble

It’s a great time to bond with friends, meet new people, and have healthy, old-fashioned fun.

#14 To plan an event or surprise

If you’re looking to get creative within your own life or for someone special to you, you’ll need to leave your house to hash out the details of your special event.

Maybe you’re planning a surprise party, navigating your own wedding, or setting up a scavenger hunt for your honey’s next Valentine’s Day. Getting out of the house is a must, and you’ll surely enjoy pulling everything together.

#15 A friend needs help

At its core, friendship is being able to trust and depend on someone else. That’s why if your friend calls you needing help, you must leave your home and head to their side as soon as possible. Some friends may be too proud to make the call, in which case you could call them to say you’re on your way – no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

Examples of a friend needing help may include:

  • They’ve been in a car accident
  • They’re going through mental health issues
  • Your best friend has a sudden illness
  • Your friend needs support after dealing with strict parents
  • Your close friend has car trouble, such as a flat tire

# 16 You want to watch a movie

The movie theater has been a classic pastime for decades, and it’s an experience unparalleled by sitting on your old sofa binge-watching Netflix. It’s time to get out there – you can keep your sweats on, though – buy one of those large, delicious buttery popcorns, sneak a candy bar in from home, and enjoy the surround sound of your favorite director’s latest film.

#17 Work emergency

Having a boundary when it comes to being connected to your job is important, but sometimes there’s no way around it. If your department, project, or business is facing an emergency, it’s time to run out the door and try to put out the fire as best you can. Work emergencies include anything that risks endangering your employees, business location, clients, or day-to-day services.

#18 You want to explore

You don’t need to be new to explore a place. Many people have lived in their homes for years and don’t know what’s around the corner. Take the opportunity to better get to know your neighborhood or another nearby area and explore on foot or by car to get out of the house for a bit.

#19 Looking at homes for sale

The housing market is always up to something, so it’s interesting to see what’s for sale, even if you aren’t planning on buying anything. This is a great way to see the direction a neighborhood is going in, find out how much your own house could be worth, and, if you’re in the market, find a new home you could love.

#20 You forgot something somewhere

Show me a person who’s never forgotten something somewhere, and I’ll show you a liar. Everyone forgets something sometime.

Even if it’s something that you could replace, like an old pair of gloves or something you aren’t fond of, it’s still worth the effort to go and reclaim it. If it’s a public or popular place like a store, call ahead to ensure they have the item.

#21 You need feminine products

Getting to that time of the month with no feminine products is no fun. Be sure you’re stocked up and ready to go with tampons, pads, pain relief meds for cramps, and anything else you need to make the week as pleasant as popular. Don’t forget to grab some snacks while you’re at it.

#22 An item you wanted is on sale

Maybe you were half-watching a TV commercial, listening to the radio, or saw that very targeted ad on your Instagram account, but you now know your must-have item is half off at your local shop. There are few in stock and the holidays are around the corner, so now’s the time to hustle and get to the store before they’re out.

#23 You’ve got a craving

It’s important to know how to control your cravings, but sometimes there is one craving that doesn’t go away no matter what you do. You wake up thinking about this food, pass your day with it interrupting your thoughts and go to bed sad that it isn’t in your tummy. It’s time to kill the craving and enjoy the snack you’ve been dreaming of.

#24 Window shopping

Window shopping is just as much a hobby as reading or watching TV. The bonus is that you get insight into the latest styles, can price-compare for future purchases, and may even snag a deal with a spontaneous purchase. Head to a mall, shopping center, or just a few favorite stores to see what’s in.

#25 Grabbing coffee with friends

Coffee has been at the center of social interactions for centuries. Strangely enough, it could be considered a type of social drug because of its caffeine content and how often it’s used in social settings. Grabbing a coffee is cheap, easy, and a great excuse to get together with someone for a short time.

#26 Going to Church

Attending church regularly correlates with many benefits apart from those in the spiritual realm. One study at Vanderbilt University showed that regularly attending worship services can reduce mortality risk by 55%! Apart from that, you’ll be able to connect with others who share your faith. This could happen by attending a service, Bible study, small group, or confession.

#27 Going to the park

Heading to your local park will get you walking, let you observe the nature in your area, and even enjoy certain hobbies like fishing or enjoying a good old set of swings. You could also have a picnic, let your dog explore a new place, or call someone on the phone as you sit on a bench and enjoy the sights.

#28 Farmers’ Market

Farmers’ markets are excellent places to save money on things like fruits and vegetables. You’ll get fresh farm-to-table goodies at half the cost of places like Whole Foods. Some markets will even combine with other stalls – often called a Flea Market – to sell clothes and household items.

#29 To see a live performance

Check out a local concert, play, open mic night, or comedy show to brighten your spirits and experience more culture. Plenty of these options are free, while others may cost you a ticket entrance in exchange for a memory that lasts a lifetime. Check out websites like Ticketmaster or your town’s programming schedule to see what’s happening near you.

#30 Library

Local libraries have been underestimated for a long time. Sure, you can rent out some awesome reads, but you can also do things like:

  • Borrow media
  • Use research databases
  • Reserve conference rooms for private meetings
  • Volunteer
  • Join a book club
  • Sign your kids up for age-appropriate workshops
  • Watch a presentation by a visiting author or another guest

#31 Museum

Museums can encompass anything from art to science, so there’s something for everyone. Choose from your local science, war, history, or art museum.

Within each group, there are also subcategories. For example, art museums could be photography, abstract paintings, or sculptures.

Choose a museum that interests you or a museum you know nothing about to enjoy, learn, and grow from.

#32 Beach

If you’re near a beach or a large lake, head there to enjoy the day. Weather permitting, you could swim, dip your toes in, relax on a floaty, or even rent a boat or kayak for a few hours. If it’s too cool to enjoy the water, you could stroll on the shore instead.

#33 Book club meeting

If you’re an avid reader – or want to be – a book club is a must. You get to dive into a new tale while reflecting on it with others in a way you may not do alone. Many book clubs also bring snacks and create friendships, so it’s a win-win-win for all participants!

#34 Going on a date

If someone is waiting for you to grace them with your presence, who are you to say no? Well, you could, but if you already accepted, that would be rude.

Instead, get dressed up, get pumped, and get ready to know someone better. This person may have a few surprises up their sleeve and could make it a night to remember. You never know – this could even be the one.

#35 Walking your dog

If you have a dog or other walkable pet, they should be able to get outside at least a few times a day. Grab the leash and take your pup or pet for a walk or drive. They’ll surely get excited, and you’ll have an excuse to leave the house and some company while you do it.

#36 Plant a garden

Gardening has been shown to have mood-boosting benefits, and exercise and exposure to Vitamin D are a plus. You could make the area surrounding your home more beautiful with flowers or be practical and grow your fruits and veggies to enjoy at home.

#37 Decorate your home

Every season has a theme, so why not decorate your home? Add pumpkins and squash for fall, snowmen and lights for Christmas, flowers and bunnies for spring, and an American Flag before the Fourth of July.

#38 Stargaze

If you need an excuse to leave your home in the evening, why not try a little stargazing on a clear night or head out to see one of the annual meteor showers? You’ll get an amazing natural experience and some peace in the dark.

#39 Have a photoshoot

Test your photography skills or enlist a friend to photoshoot with you. Head to a place with a pretty background and snap a few pics for yourself, your social media, or even your mom. Everyone needs new photos now and again, so update your profile pictures while you’re at it.

#40 Ride a bike

They say you never forget how to ride a bike, so anyone can hop on after a long hiatus and enjoy a brief bike ride out of the house. This may be easier on the joints than walking or running, plus you get to see more over a shorter time.

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