How to be a quick thinker

How do you become a quick thinker in a conversation?

You can become a quick thinking person by avoiding bad habits like drugs, alcohol, and eating overly sugary and brain damaging foods. Instead, get plenty of sleep, eat vegetables, exercise, and stimulate your brain to establish cognitive ability.

Imagine, being able to respond quickly in a conversation or an argument. You are able to outwit people because you’ve developed quick thinking skills.

It is possible to think fast and talk smart. Nobody wants to look like they’ve got a loading bar, stuck at 50% over their head.

Luckily for you, I’ll show you how you can train yourself to become a quick thinker. I’ll show you the habits which destroy or build your brain’s cognitive ability. Implement these tips into your life and watch your processing power grow!

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Can you train your brain to think faster?

It is possible to train your brain to focus and think faster by setting up healthy habits. You can also try brain training or speed thinking exercises. The more you use your brain while avoiding unhealthy habits, the easier it will be to train your brain to think faster.

How to be a quick thinker

You can be a quick thinker by avoiding unhealthy habits while establishing brain healthy habits. Become a quick thinker by avoiding drugs and alcohol, get plenty of rest, eat vegetables, exercise, use your brain, and avoid heat stress. Incorporating any of these tips will help you think faster under pressure or when talking or arguing.

Bad habits have a tendency to destroy your brain’s ability to function. Healthy habits give your brain the fuel it needs to operate at its prime. Therefore, you can see improvement by eliminating bad habits, but you’ll be even better by eliminating bad habits while establishing good habits.

Avoid drugs and alcohol

Drugs and alcohol will destroy your brain if used consistently over time. Your brain is one of your best assets, so taking care of it is important. Using drugs or alcohol will also impact the quality of sleep.

Essentially, your brain isn’t going to work efficiently on drugs or alcohol.

Think about what happens if you drink every night. You always wake up hungover, maybe experience brain fog, and may act sluggish until your next drink. 

Alcohol and drug dependencies affect our brain on a chemical and neurological level. As you can imagine, our brains are not positively impacted. You need to avoid substance abuse if you want to become a quick thinker.

Get plenty of sleep

Sleep is the only way for your brain to recover. Your brain is very active when you sleep, organizing neurons and nerve cells. Additionally, your brain is actively removing toxins from your brain when you sleep that cannot be done while you’re awake.

Eat plenty of greens

Green vegetables are full of nutrients your brain needs to perform optimally. These nutrients can not only support a healthy brain, but help prevent cognitive issues. Examples of nutrients you get from vegetables include beta carotene, vitamin K, and folate.

For example, vitamin K can help regulate calcium in your brain. Calcium helps support learning and memory retention. Without Calcium, you might experience depression, confusion or memory loss.

Eating your vegetables is one of the easiest ways to support brain health. Always try to include vegetables in every meal or start incorporating them more frequently.


Exercise can improve blood flow and increase oxygen to the brain. You will also experience lower levels of stress, which negatively impacts your ability to learn and store memories.

Activate your brain

Your brain is very elastic. You can improve your brain’s functionality by using it or destroy it by watching mind numbing TV. The more you use your brain and challenge yourself mentally, the better your ability to think will be.

Most adults haven’t picked up a book since they graduated high school or college. Reading is one of the easiest ways to stretch your brain and improve cognitive ability. You can also do puzzles or practice debate.

Avoid heat stress

You should also avoid working in extreme temperatures. Working outside in the heat can negatively impact your brain’s performance. Symptoms of heat exhaustion include headache, nausea, dizziness, weakness, and more.

How do you know if you’re a quick thinker?

Quick thinkers should be able to respond to questions immediately while taking little effort to recall information. You are able to react to situations immediately, without taking time to process information.

Summary: How to be a quick thinker

As you can see, becoming a quick thinker is all about avoiding bad habits and establishing good habits. You want to avoid alcohol, drugs, bad processed foods, and heat stress. You should get plenty of sleep, exercise, eat vegetables, and challenge your brain regularly.

The brain is very elastic, which means it can grow or shrink in ability the more or less you use it. Therefore, you want to constantly challenge yourself and focus on continual improvement.

As a quick thinker, you’ll be able to respond to information quickly without processing or thinking. A good example is when someone asks you a challenging question. How long does it take you to respond?

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