How to buy debt for profit? (create a debt portfolio)

How do you buy debt for profit and create a debt portfolio?

You can buy debt portfolios by using debt portfolio marketplaces such as DebtConnection. As a debt buyer, you have the right to collect the debt owed by the borrower. You will need to have a system in place for legally collecting the debts owed.

Imagine, buying other people’s debt for pennies on the dollar. Alternatively, you could buy thousands of people’s debt and forgive it if you choose.

Debt portfolios can be profitable or a way for good samaritans to give back.

Luckily for you, I’ll show you how to buy debt for profit or have a debt portfolio. I’ll show you if it’s legal to buy someone’s debt and how much debt buyers pay. You’ll be able to contact your first company about buying debt after reading this article.

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Is it legal to buy someone’s debt?

It is legal to buy someone’s debt from the original creditor. After purchasing debt, the original creditor gives up their rights to collect the debt to the purchaser. However, debt buyers must collect debt legally and avoid illegal debt collection practices.

To some, debt is considered an asset. It can be purchased or sold, just like your mortgage can be sold to another interested party. The only reason it couldn’t be sold is if the contract the borrower signed when taking on the debt said it couldn’t be sold.

Once a buyer acquires the debt, the debt is usually sent to collections. Debt collecting must follow applicable laws, such as:

  1. No calling before 8 a.m. or after 9 p.m.
  2. Not contacting you at work after giving the collector warning not to call your workplace.
  3. Debt collectors may contact your family members or friends to get your contact information. Nothing else.
  4. Avoid harassment or abuse to anyone they contact, including yourself.
  5. Debt collectors may not lie or use deceptive practices to collect debt.
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How much do debt buyers pay?

Debt buyers pay pennies on the dollar for debt packages or portfolios. Typically, debt can be acquired for less money the longer the debt hasn’t been paid. Debt is usually purchased for one to five pennies for every dollar worth of debt.

For example, a $1,000,000 debt portfolio might cost between $10,000 and $50,000. This portfolio might have 4,852 accounts with an average balance of $206.10. The debt collector only needs to collect on a few debts to become profitable.

Debt costs more money to purchase if it was recently issued. The longer a debt goes unpaid, the harder it becomes for a debt collector to collect.

Is debt buying profitable?

Debt buyers can make a large profit by collecting on a small amount of the debt which is owed. Debt portfolios are very cheap to obtain and collection agencies will typically recover the cost of the portfolio plus profit. However, debt buyers do take on a substantial amount of risk.

As mentioned previously, debt that hasn’t been collected in a long time becomes harder to collect. Debt must be collected within each state’s statute of limitations or the borrower has no legal obligation to pay the debt back. Most debt buyers prey on the fact that borrowers don’t know their rights when it comes to collection.

A borrower can inform the debt collector that the debt is beyond the statute of limitations and the debt collection must cease. Any debt collector who tries to collect this debt again may be subject to litigation.

As a debt buyer, you may be caught off guard if you are not informed of the notification to cease debt collection.

For example, you purchase a debt and then try to collect on it. You were unaware that the previous debt owner received a notification to cease debt collection. You could not be liable to a lawsuit for trying to collect on this debt.

However, most people are unaware of their rights when it comes to debt collection. As a result, the majority of debt portfolios are profitable.

Where can you buy debt portfolios?

You can buy debt portfolios on debt portfolio marketplaces such as DebtConnection. To buy debt, simply click on the portfolio and look for contact information on the listing. Contact the company selling the debt and ask for details on purchasing.

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Summary: How to buy debt for profit

As you can see, buying debt portfolios is a tricky, but potentially profitable side hustle. You can buy debt for pennies on the dollar using marketplaces such as DebtConnection. As the owner of the debt, you have the legal right to collect the debts owed.

You can expect to pay anywhere from one to five cents per dollar of debt. The longer the debt has not been paid, the cheaper the debt will be. You’ll also find it harder to collect debts that are old.

Debt buying is profitable because you only need to collect a small fraction of the debt owed to make a profit. However, buying debt is considered risky and you’re relying on individuals not understanding the statute of limitations on their debt.

You will need to follow the law if you are going to try and collect debt. Failure to follow the law could result in legal action taken against you.

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