How to withdraw cash at the post office?

How can you withdraw cash from the post office?

You can only get cash from the post office via debit card cash back on purchases, money orders, or from your post office services account. The post office no longer has post office savings accounts, which acted like a bank account.

The post office can be a convenient place to get cash back or send and receive money orders.

Luckily for you, I’ll show you the three ways you can get cash from the post office. I’ll show you what a post office savings account is and why you don’t have access to one unless you’re in a foreign country.

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How to withdraw cash at the post office?

Post offices in the United States do not have a savings account to withdraw from. However, you can make a purchase (e.g. buying stamps) and ask for cash back from your debit card. Alternatively, your USPS account may hold cash you deposit for services which can be withdrawn at any time.

Debit card cash back

The easiest way to get cash from the post office is to ask for cash back on a purchase. Receiving cash back from the post office can be done by:

  1. Visit your local post office and ask to make a small purchase, such as stamps.
  2. Ask the post office employee for cash back.
  3. Insert your debit card for payment and select your cash back amount.
  4. Receive your purchase and cash back from the post office employee.

Money Orders

The post office has the ability to send money orders from one individual to the next. Your friend or relative can send you money from one post office location to your post office via money order. The post office allows sending up to $1,000 and charges an issuing fee.

Withdraw deposited money for post office services

You may have a post office account that you have added money to for certain services, such as bulk mailing or postage due. The post office will allow you to withdraw any unused money from your account.

Post office savings account (foreign countries)

The United States Postal Savings account program ended on July 1, 1967. These accounts worked similarly as a bank account and was offered as a bank account alternative. However, the USPS no longer has this program, but post office savings accounts are available in countries like India.

Summary: How to withdraw cash at the post office

As you can see, there is no post office savings account that you would expect at a bank. Instead, you can ask for cash back on debit card purchases, receive money orders, or withdraw from your post office service account. Some foreign countries do have post office savings accounts for individuals.

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