The best expert tips to save money shopping online

I swear, one of my wife’s favorite questions is, “Can I see your wallet?”

I hear the question so much that I’m surprised she doesn’t have it memorized by now! My credit card has been swiped so much, I think I can feel the card tremble in fear from the depths of my pocket at the sound of her voice.

She must get a dopamine rush from terrorizing the poor card!

Now in her defense, she is the household purchaser, but the question always seems to make me wish I lost my wallet instead. Unfortunately, my grand plan would be foiled because we thought it would be good for her to have a credit card too!

So one day, my bank account and credit card pulled me aside to have a little, “heart-to-heart” conversation. It was a good chat. We came together and devised a plan to start saving more money when shopping online.

The results were astounding! Saving money when shopping online has never been so easy.

I’ve decided to write down the strategy to help you or that special someone that may be suffering from credit card abuse. Together, we can save our credit cards from “wearing out.”

Looking for ideas and tips on how to save money shopping online? I’ve put together the ultimate plan that will help you save money online. This guide is perfect for those interested in frugal living, in college, or anyone looking to save more money.
How to Save Money when Shopping Online

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The best tips: how to save money shopping online

Save money shopping online by using Gift Card Granny

Gift Card Granny is a website that buys and sells gift cards at a discounted rate.

Remember the last time you got a gift card and it sat in your drawer, unused, and neglected? People sell them every day for penny’s on the dollar just to get rid of them! Since there is a high demand to get rid of gift cards, you can capitalize and save money by buying gift cards at a discounted rate.

Let’s say that I wanted to buy shoes at Payless. First I would check Gift Card Granny to find out what the current discount is.

Save money shopping online by using gift card granny
Save money shopping online by using gift card granny

The current discount is almost at 44%! That means, If you purchased a $100 gift card to Payless, it would only cost you $56.47 through Gift Card Granny.

That’s an insane discount! Who doesn’t want to buy shoes at nearly half off?

Shoes aren’t the only discount you can find on Gift Card Granny. They currently sell discounted gift cards for over 1,000 stores including gas cards, shopping, food, and more! Talk about maximizing your money savings

The discount varies depending on supply and demand. Payless is currently at a high discount because Gift Card Granny has more Payless gift cards then they can sell at the moment.

Talk about maximizing your money savings by shopping online first! Always check with Gift Card Granny before shopping!

Save money shopping online by shopping through Ebates for cash back

Ebates is a website that gives you cash back when you shop through them. The best part? Creating an Ebates account is free!

Know that you’re going to do some shopping on Amazon? At the moment, Ebates will give you 3% cash back by logging into your Ebates account, searching for Amazon, and hitting the “shop now” button, which takes you directly to Amazon.

Save money shopping online by shopping through Ebates
Save money shopping online by shopping through Ebates

Ebates has more stores than just Amazon. They have hundreds of online retailers to choose from including saving money when you book travel through Expedia.

If you are looking to shop online, the chances are that Ebates has a cash back program with the retailer of your choice.

Save money shopping online by installing Honey to find the best deals

I love Honey! No, not the kind that bears go crazy over (although that’s good too). Honey is a program that ensures you find the best deals when you shop online.

After going to Ebates and launching Amazon, I decided that I want to purchase some headphones.

how to save money online
Honey saved me money on these headphones

If you aren’t already aware, Amazon let’s different vendors or individuals sell products using their website and the best price isn’t always the item that shows up first.

The first seller I found was going to sell me the headphones for $299, but they were going to charge me $24.22 in tax. Honey searched Amazon and found me a different seller, selling the same item, but they weren’t going to charge me tax.

Thanks to Honey, I saved nearly $25!

Just like Ebates, Honey works for multiple retailers and not just Amazon. It’s an awesome tool for finding the lowest possible deal!

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Other quick tips to help you save money shopping online

While the above tips should help you save a considerable amount of money when shopping online, there are a few additional tricks you should consider.

  1. Use a cash back credit card – I don’t like to recommend credit cards because people tend to use them freely. If you know you can pay it off every month, use a cash back credit card to earn an additional 1-5% cash back on your purchases, depending on your credit card agreement.
  2. Use private browsing – This trip works best for flights, but use private browsing when you shop online. Some websites store cookies so that when you revisit a website, the price increases to scare you into purchasing. Using private browsing blocks the use of cookies so they can’t pull this trick.
  3. Add items to your cart and leave – When shopping online, place an item in your shopping cart and leave. Some websites may send you a follow-up email or targeted ad with a discount or coupon to encourage you to complete your purchase.
  4. Use ibotta ibotta is an app that allows you to earn rebates when you shop. First use the app to plan your shopping trip, go to the store and shop, take a picture of your receipt, and then wait for your rebate! It’s that simple 🙂
  5. Shop Mondays through Wednesdays – These are the slow days for most stores. Often, stores will offer additional sales during these days to encourage business. In some cases, you’ll shop when two sales are going on meaning you could save extra money.
  6. Follow your favorite stores on Social Media – Stores will advertise their big sale events and offer special coupons to their followings. It might save you a dollar or two!
  7. Let Paribus monitor your email receiptsParibus monitors your email receipts and monitors your favorite stores for price drops. If an item’s price drops, they submit a claim on your behalf, and if successful, they refund you the difference and Paribus takes a cut of the refund.

What’s next?

Use these tips to help you save money shopping online, but don’t forget to check out my ultimate guide to saving money.

Also, don’t forget to sign up for my free course that’s designed to help you save more money! The course is full of information to help you and your family save more money.

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