Best way to sell jewelry online

What is the best way to sell jewelry online?

The best way to sell jewelry online is to perform product research for high-demand and low-competition items. Create or source your product and make high-quality product images. List your jewelry on marketplaces, like Amazon or Etsy, and review your analytics to see what your audience enjoys.

Imagine, starting your own jewelry business in your spare time. You can craft and make handmade jewelry from the comfort of your own home for profit.

Not everyone succeeds in selling jewelry, but this article can help.

Luckily for you, I’m going to show you how to find jewelry ideas that give you a better chance of making sales. I’ll even show you some of the best sites to sell jewelry. You could be making enough to quit your 9-5 with a successful jewelry shop.

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The best way to sell jewelry online

The best way to sell jewelry online is to perform product research for products you have a chance of selling. Once you have an idea of acceptable products, create or source your jewelry. Create high quality images that show off your product in stunning detail.

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Product research

Your first step in selling jewelry should be to find products that are in-demand, but low-competition. Essentially, you want to find the low-hanging fruit that nobody else is selling.

Most online sellers forget to do product research. Without product research, you don’t know if anyone has interest or if too many other people are selling the items.

Unfortunately, too many online sellers don’t make any sales because they skip this step. Don’t skip product research, because it’s the most important part of selling jewelry online.

Create a jewelry idea list

Your first step is to create a list of jewelry ideas that you want to make or can source. Write down this list in a Google Sheet or Excel file.

Let’s assume you want to focus on selling necklaces. Try to come up with 100 ideas. The more ideas, the higher likelihood you’ll find something worth selling. For example, your list might start out looking like this:

  1. Starfish necklace
  2. Seahorse necklace
  3. Sunflower necklace
  4. Avocado necklace

The more creative you can be the better. You would be surprised at what people are searching for online.

Evaluate product demand

Once you have your list of jewelry ideas, it’s time to find out if people are searching for your products. Remember, if nobody is searching for the product then it’s not worth your time to create.

The best tool to find product demand is Google Keyword Planner. It’s completely free to sign up for an account and it only takes a few minutes.

Google Keyword Planner gives an idea of how many people are searching for a keyword on Google each month. The more searches a specific keyword gets, the higher the popularity or demand a product has.

Once you’ve signed up, put your product ideas into Google Keyword Planner. Write down the estimated search volume for each product in your Google Sheets.


Google Keyword Planner necklace search volume


As you can see, sunflower necklaces get the largest number of monthly searches. Starfish necklaces are the next most popular, followed by seahorse and avocado necklaces.

You’ll also find that Google Keyword Planner gives keyword ideas. Browse through and see if any of the recommended keywords should be added to your list of product ideas.

Evaluate product competition

You’ve created a list of products and have an idea of how many people are searching for the product. However, you still need to account for how many people are selling the same product.

Sunflower necklaces had a huge search volume between 10k-100k monthly searches. However, that won’t do you any good if there are millions of sunflower necklaces available.

Instead, we want to find products that have a high search volume, but little to no competitors. We need to look at the search results and see how many product listings are available.

Let’s assume you’re going to sell on Etsy. The best place to evaluate your competitors would be on Etsy.

Searching ‘sunflower necklace’ on Etsy, over 17,000 results show up. I like to divide the number of searches per result. 


Number of product listings for a sunflower necklace on Etsy


In this case, sunflower necklaces have between 0.58 and 5.8 searches per result. To be the most conservitave, use the 0.58 because you’re assuming the minimum search volume.

This ratio provides you with a quick way to find the best products to sell. A high number indicates a large demand to low competition. You’ll be more likely to sell these products.

Create or source your product

You need to create or source your jewelry now that you have a list of jewelry to sell. Ideally, you are creating different products rather than many of one particular item. Your goal is to go wide with your product selection, not deep in one item.

The last thing you want to do is create a lot of one item and have no one buy. Instead, create a wide variety of items and see which items sell before making more.

Creating a wide variety of jewelry will prevent you from wasting your time, materials, and money on products that won’t sell. You’ll be able to see what items actually make money, so you can focus on those items.

Create quality product images

It doesn’t matter if you’re sourcing a product or creating your own, images will sell the product. However, no one is going to buy an item if the picture looks like it was taken on an iPhone 4. Invest in basic equipment and learn a few photography skills to create amazing images.

List your product

Finally, list your jewelry for sale. Include keywords in your product description to help people find your product.

Your listing has to be search engine friendly. In other words, what are people typing into the search bar to find your product?

For example, someone might type into Etsy, ‘Silver starfish necklace.” If you are selling a starfish necklace made of silver, include the words ‘Silver starfish necklace.’

Remember, you are listing your product for sale on a website. Websites need a way to find products, so they take into account what people are searching for. The website’s algorithm scans your product listing to see if your listing matches the customer’s intent.

Including keywords in your product’s listing is the best way to be found. Again, the best place to plan your keywords is Google Keyword Planner.

Review analytics

Analytics are a good way to see how customers are interacting with your jewelry store. Use analytics to identify products that customers are asking for or optimize listings. Fill the needs of your customers and you’ll make more money.

Let’s assume you’re selling a ‘silver starfish necklace.’ However, your necklace is also showing up for multiple searches for a ‘rose gold starfish necklace.’ There may be an opportunity to create and sell a rose gold starfish necklace.

What you’re looking for is search volume. You want to see that your silver necklace is getting a lot of views from an irrelevant search term.

If your necklace is ranking for something different (e.g. rose gold vs. silver), it probably means there’s a gap in the marketplace. Search for ‘rose gold starfish necklace’ and see how many listings are showing up. Chances are slim that many relevant listings are available.

You can also use analytics to improve your listings. Maybe you only put ‘starfish necklace’ in the product listing, but analytics has you ranking on the second page for silver starfish necklace. Make sure to include ‘silver’ in your product listing!

What is the best site to sell jewelry?

Etsy is one of the best sites to sell your handmade or designed jewelry. Etsy makes it easy for individuals to start selling from the comfort of their own home. You don’t need any specific website knowledge and listing products for sale is inexpensive.

Online marketplaces to sell jewelry

The best online marketplaces to sell jewelry are Amazon marketplace and homemade, Etsy, eBay, Craigslist, and Facebook marketplace. Etsy is the easiest marketplace for new sellers just starting out. As your business grows, branch out to other online marketplaces to reach more customers.

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Summary: best way to sell jewelry online

As you can see, the best way to sell jewelry online is through product research. You need to make an informed decision about the products you sell. Without product research, you’ll have no idea if your products have a chance of selling.

The easiest way to do product research is to use Google Keyword Planner to determine product demand. Keyword planner gives you an idea of how frequently a keyphrase is searched. More searches indicates how much demand a product has.

Product demand is not enough for a successful jewelry craft business. You also need to evaluate how much competition a product has. 

The best way to evaluate competition is to search for the product on your chosen marketplace. The number of listings will give you an idea of how competitive the product is. Choose products with a high search volume, but minimal competitor listings.

Create or source your products and take high-quality photos. Try to have a variety of different items to sell and use pictures as your main selling point. Ensure your product listing has a good variety of keywords that reflect the product you’re selling.

Always consult your analytics to look for new opportunities for products or to improve your current listings. Analytics tell you how your customers interact with your products.

My personal recommendation is to start out with Etsy. Etsy is the easiest marketplace for new sellers to start selling jewelry online. Branch out to other marketplaces when you get a handle on your business.

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