Cashing third party checks (Everything you need to know)

How do you cash third party checks without the other person?

To cash a third party check, have the original payee endorse the back of the check by signing the back and Pay to the Order of ‘your name’. Check endorsements may require both parties, photo identification, and the bank may refuse cashing the check. Cash the check at any bank, credit union, and certain check cashing stores.

Imagine, being able to cash a third party check without any hassle. It’s your money, so why shouldn’t you have access to it?

Nothing’s worse than spending half a day trying to cash a $100 check.

Luckily for you, I’m going to show you how to cash a third party check without involving the third party. I’ll even show you the best place for you to cash a check and when the funds will be available.

Key Takeaways

  • A check between two parties is a two party check. Two party checks become third party checks when the check is endorsed to a third party. Endorsing gives the rights to the check over to the third party.
  • Cash a third party check without the other person by first endorsing the check to the third party. The original payee should write ‘pay to the order of’ and the new payees name on the back of the check and sign. Take the check to the bank to deposit or cash.
  • The best place to cash a third party check is your bank. You can mobile deposit third party checks, but keep the check until the deposit clears.

20-106 - Cashing third party checks (Everything you need to know)

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How do you cash a third party check without the other person?

In order to cash a third party check, the original payee must endorse the check which signs the rights over to you. The original payee must sign the back of the check and write “pay to the order of your name” to endorse. Cash the check at a bank, but it may require both parties or photo ID if fraud is suspected.

The first step to cashing a third party check is endorsing the check. An endorsement gives the rights of the check to a third party. Hence the name, third party check.

To endorse a check, read the instructions on the back of the check. However, it’s just a simple process of signing the back and writing the new payee name. Your bank may have specific instructions.

Next, you’ll need to visit any bank, credit union, or certain check cashing stores. Consult the bank’s policies, but you may need your ID or even both parties ID. Call ahead to verify requirements, but the bank’s primary concern is preventing fraud.

Unfortunately, most banks won’t accept mobile deposits of third party checks. However, you can attempt a mobile or ATM deposit and see if the check clears. Just make sure you don’t dispose of the check before the deposit has cleared.

For example, Bank of America does not take mobile deposits of third party checks. However, you can deposit a third party check at a financial center.

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Where can I cash third party checks?

Cash third party checks at your bank, credit union, or certain check cashing stores. In some cases, you can deposit a third-party check at an ATM. Mobile App deposits and Customer Service Centers at grocery stores are unlikely to cash third party checks.

The best option is to cash a check at your bank or credit union. You’ll run into less issues and the transaction is typically free for members.

Select check cashing stores will cash third-party checks, but not all of them. Therefore, it’s important to search online or call ahead before you visit the location. In addition, check cashing stores will charge a large fee for cashing checks.

Can I deposit a check signed over to me at an ATM?

Checks signed over to you should only be deposited into an ATM as a last resort. Banks will collect the check from the ATM and make a decision to deposit funds or not. Checks which do not clear may be mailed back to your address on file with the bank.

Usually, there isn’t a problem with depositing third party checks at a financial institution. However, any red flags may cause the bank to investigate potential fraud issues.

People have successfully deposited checks at ATMs. At most, you’ll have to try to deposit the check again later or it’s mailed to an old address on file.

Can I mobile deposit a third-party check?

You can mobile deposit a third-party check, just as you would deposit the physical check-in person at a bank, as long as the check is endorsed correctly.

The person signing the check over to you must write in the endorsement space on the back of the check:

  • “Pay to the order of” followed by your name. 

Then, they must sign their endorsement beneath that instructional text.

To further improve your odds of the bank accepting the third party mobile check deposit, ask the person signing the check over to you to write “Pay to the order of” followed by your name, followed by another instruction that states “for mobile deposit only,” followed by the person’s signature.

Make sure that the person signing the check over to you for mobile deposit does not sign or add instructions anywhere beneath the line that says “do not sign or endorse beneath this line,” as it can cause check processing issues on the bank’s side. 

If the mobile check deposit does not go through, all is not lost. The original payee can mobile deposit the check into their own checking account and then mobile transfer the amount to the third party. This is a roundabout but failproof way of obtaining cash from a third-party check.

Lastly, before attempting to mobile deposit a third-party check, ask your financial institution if they will accept the check. The bank may have further instructions to help you ensure a successful transaction. 

Can I cash a third party check online?

Cashing third party checks online is usually not supported by financial institutions. Third party checks require more scrutinization to protect against fraudulent activity. Therefore, the best place to cash a third party check is in-person at a bank or credit union.

Where can I cash a third-party check online instantly?

Most instant online cash apps will not cash third-party checks instantly, as they require a hold to make sure the transaction is not fraudulent.

Most online cash apps will not accept third-party checks at all. Online apps that allow check cashing but do not allow third-party check deposits include PayPal, Venmo (if you have an associated debit card), Ingo Money, and Brinks.

Waleteros has a check-cashing app, and it will accept third-party checks for a fee. The app will load the cash from the third-party check onto a debit card.

Where can I cash a third-party check without a bank account?

You can cash a third-party check without a bank account at the bank from which is was issued, retailers including gas stations, grocery stories, and department stores that offer check cashing services, or at an ATM that allows deposits onto pre-paid card accounts or debit card accounts.

Expect to pay a 2-3% fee for this service.

You’ll need valid identification to use all of these options because the business cashing the check will be most concerned that you are, in fact, the person to whom the check is signed over.

The bank may even require two forms of ID, so arrive prepared with a driver’s license, other state-issued ID, military ID, passport, or other forms of official ID with your photo on it.

Your best odds of cashing a third-party check without a bank account is to take the check directly to the bank where it originally came from. If your check is from Bank of America, take it to a local Bank of America branch. There, the teller will pull up the account, ensure it has sufficient funds, and ask for your identification before issuing you the cash.

The bank may require you also to sign the back of the check, write down your official identification number, and perhaps even make you fingerprint the check so you can be traced if any fraud occurs.

Your second-best option for cashing a third-party check without a bank account is to take the check to a check-cashing business or a business that offers check-cashing services. They will also require an ID and likely a fingerprint, and they’ll charge a fee for the service.

What banks cash third-party checks?

Banks are not required to cash anyone’s third-party checks, but some banks do provide this service if they feel the transaction is legitimate. These third-party check cashing transactions are risky for a bank because they could lose money if the transaction turns out to be fraudulent.

The best chance you have at cashing a third-party check at any of the following financial institutions is to have a current checking account with the bank that’s in good standing. If you do not have an account, prepare to face more hurdles in cashing the third-party check, and steep fees.

Below, learn which banks will and won’t consider cashing third-party checks.

Banks that will cash third party checks

  • Bank of America will cash a third-party check for an $8 fee.
  • BB&T Bank charges $8 to cash a third-party check.
  • Chase Bank also charges $8 to cash a third-party check over $50.
  • Citibank won’t charge you to cash a third-party check, as long as they are the bank that issued it.
  • First National Bank charges a $10 fee to cash third-party checks.
  • HSBC Bank does not charge a fee for cashing checks that were issued from their bank, but will charge $3 and up for business checks.
  • M&T Bank will take 2% of the third-party check’s value in order to cash it.
  • PNC Bank charges $2 for cashing third-party checks over $25.
  • US Bank charges $7 for non-account holders to cash third-party checks, but the check must have been issued from this bank. Account holders’ transactions will be free.
  • Navy Federal Credit Union will accept third-party checks only if the person has an account there or if both parties are present for the transaction. The transaction is free.
  • Chime allows third-party check deposits as long as the check is made payable to the person attempting to deposit it into their Chime account. The account must also be active, having at least $200 in direct payroll deposits within the past 30 days.

Banks that will not cash third party checks

  • Key Bank will not cash a third-party check under any circumstance.
  • Wells Fargo Bank does not accept third-party checks.
  • Ingo will not accept checks that are not made out to the person attempting to cash them.
  • PayPal does not accept third-party checks.
  • Arvest Bank does not allow third-party check cashing.

Does Walmart cash third party checks?

Walmart does not cash third party checks. Walmart cashes two party, payroll, government, tax, 401k disbursement, pre-printed, cashiers, and insurance settlement checks.

Do check cashing places cash third-party checks?

Check cashing places, such as convenience stores, department stores, and markets, do third-party cash checks. Some will not cash government or commercial checks, however.

Call ahead to find out if the check cashing store of your choice accepts third-party checks and what they require to do so. Some may require that both parties are present to cash the check, and others require two forms of official photo identification.

How long does it take for a third party check to clear?

Third party checks clear just like a two party check. The check should clear within a couple business days, but funds may not be available for another five business days. Call your bank to check on the status of a check or speed up the process.

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When do third-party checks expire?

A third-party check is good for approximately six months from its issue date unless the physical check states otherwise. Some checks have instructions printed directly on them that say the check is void after 90 days.

However, by law, banks are required to honor personal and commercial checks for six months past their issued date.

If your check is stale, meaning it’s past its expiration date, call the issuing bank to see if there are options for cashing your third-party check.

Summary: Cashing third party checks

As you can see, it can be difficult to cash a third party check without the original payee. However, most banks are willing to cash third party checks without problem if the amount is small. Banks may require photo ID or verification from the original payee to prevent fraud.

Banks and credit unions are your best chance for third party check cashing. However, you can also cash a third party check at certain check cashing stores.

Some people have had success with ATM check cashing. However, the bank may decide to mail the check back to you if they can’t cash it. Do not try and cash a check online as most banks won’t support the transaction.

In order to cash a third party check, the original payee must endorse the check. Endorsing the check will sign over the rights to the new payee listed on the back of the check.

Save yourself some time and call the bank prior to visiting. The bank will give you all the details you need to cash a third party check. Every bank is different and may have different rules on third party checks.


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