Absolutely free events near me for guaranteed fun

I was struggling to find free events near me during my no spend challenge. I was trying to have a money free weekend, but what could I do that didn’t involve spending money?

In an attempt to save my sanity, before boredom set in, I decided to make a list of money free activities. The list needed to be fun and entertaining in such a way that kids and adults would have a great time.

Today, I’m sharing that list with you. Hopefully, these indoor and outdoor activities will help your family find fun without spending money. Being frugal can help you build wealth!

I tried to keep the list as free as possible, but some ideas are relatively low-cost. Enjoy!

Absolutely Free Events near me for guaranteed fun

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The complete list of fun and free events near me

1. Check your communities calendar

The very first thing you should do is check your communities event calendar. It is one of the best places I find local and free events near me.

Not sure how to access your communities event calendar? Do a quick Google search for “<your city> community event calendar.”

Seattle community events calendars

As you can see multiple websites offer events calendars for the Seattle area. The .gov is the official version, but others like Visit Seattle are ran by private, non-profit organizations.

Clicking on the Seattle.gov list gives me 29 free events near me, happening today (Friday). There also happens to be 49 events on Saturday and 23 on Sunday. You’ve got a huge list of 72 free weekend events to choose from!

The best part about a community calendar is that events are constantly being planned. You can check back and see what events are coming up this month and plan your weekends accordingly.

2. Play charades

Charades is an extremely fun game for the entire family. I played charades with my wife’s family and the night flew by.

The best part about charades? It’s completely free.

If you have a smart phone, check out the free app Charades! The app has everything you need to get started.


There are two ways to play. The first involves selecting a category, which will give you a word. Before you see the word, put your phone to your forehead. Your teammate will try and give you clues and you need to guess the word within the time frame.

For the second way to play, select a category and read your given word. Do not let anyone else see the word. Act it out and see who can guess the word.

3. Plan a dream vacation

Just because going on a vacation is expensive doesn’t mean you can’t plan one. Planning a vacation is completely free and you’ll be prepared for when you can actually afford to go.

Not sure how to get started planning a vacation? Check out our guide on planning an inexpensive vacation.

4. Stargaze

Sometimes nature provides the best entertainment. If you like word searches then you’ll love stargazing.


There are Sky and Telescope, how many of them can you find?

Stargazing is a great way to get kids involved and interested in science. There are numerous stargazing apps for children and adults. Check out Sky and Telescope if you want to know more about stargazing.

5. Bake something!

Baking is relatively inexpensive and who doesn’t like cookies and cake? You probably have most, if not all, of the ingredients in your kitchens pantry.


Not sure what recipes to make? Pinterest has plenty of baking recipes to spark creative genius.

YouTube has really amazing baking vloggers who can teach you the ins and outs of baking. Here are some of the top vloggers to help you get started baking.

6. Draw

Drawing is a great hobby that can keep you entertained for hours and it doesn’t cost much!

“But I’m not any good at drawing!”

Neither was Picasso when he first started. Art is learned through practice and patience.

So you want to learn how to draw unicorns? Well, here’s a video that shows you step-by-step how to draw a unicorn.

YouTube is full of instructional videos and they are all free! I bet you have a piece of paper and some sort of writing utensils laying around.

7. Download a new App

There are thousands of Apps uploaded to the Apple and Android app stores every day. When was the last time you discovered a new App?

I can’t count the number of times I’ve had a money free weekend that zoomed by because I found a new game.

Not sure which App to download? Here’s a list of completely free iOS games you can download.

8. Become a Beat boxer

Let me take you back to middle school when beat boxing was the coolest thing around.


(Here’s the link for those too young and don’t get the reference… I’m old lol)

Yes, beat boxing can be a fun and entertaining way to spend your weekend. Nothing says true love like challenging your spouse to a beat box competition.

9. Journal

Journaling is a great way to pass the time. The act of journaling involves writing down your thoughts, feelings, and actions of the day or week. Journaling is a good way of tracking the past so you can read your memories and look at how far you’ve come in life.

Not sure Journaling is right for you? Why not consider tracking your net worth?

J. Money from Budgets are Sexy tracked his net worth on his journey to $1,000,000 net worth.

J. Money Net worth

As you can see, journaling doesn’t have to be strictly about your thoughts and feelings. I like to think of it as a way of tracking your progress.

So what do you want to start tracking?

10. Read a book

Reading books is severely underrated by our society. Books are amazing uses of our time and I wish I had more time to read books.

My favorite thing to do is pick up a book to learn more about a particular subject. However, if you’d rather read a fantasy book, that’s great too!

Not sure what book to pick up? Consider checking out the New York Times best seller list.

11. Visit your library

Libraries have changed since I was a kid. Did you know your local library has computers, dvd rentals, and free public events?

Some libraries even offer tool rentals and toys. Seriously, check out this list of items your library probably offers that you don’t know about.

12. Start a blog

One of my personal favorite hobbies! Starting a blog is a creative outlet with a potential to make some serious life changing money.

Some bloggers, like Michelle Shroeder-Gardner, have been able to turn their blog into a full-time income. In fact, Michelle earned over $1.5 million in 2018!

Keep in mind, most bloggers don’t earn much, if anything from their blog.

You don’t have to turn your blog into a business. It’s perfectly acceptable to blog as a hobby.

13. Play card games

Card games are one of the oldest forms of entertainment. A deck of cards is relatively cheap and can provide endless game opportunities.

Here’s a video from Rise Magic that goes over 5 best card games and how to play. Warning, the video has some language.

While a deck of cards is more universal, other games like UNO and dutch blitz are other options.

14. Learn car maintenance

Car maintenance isn’t the most popular subject for people. However, learning car maintenance has saved my family thousands of dollars.

I replaced a $6 fuel filter on my car in half an hour. The shop I normally go to was going to charge me around $130.

Replacing the water pump on my car cost me about $100 for parts and tools. It took me an hour to replace and the average shop cost ranges from $300 to $750 for the same job.

YouTube is the best place to learn about your vehicle on your own. You can always find a video with your same car.

15. Learn to make cheese

I love cheese so much and it’s extremely easy to make it at home. It’s almost a big family event when I make it and I love the fact that it’s inexpensive.

Here’s a video for a simple 2-ingredient cheese recipe.

As you can see, making this cheese is fairly simple and a good introduction to cheese making.

Here are some other recipes that you can try at home:

16. Make your own clothes

Making your own clothes is a good way to save money and can be an inexpensive hobby if you enjoy sewing.

Generally, you can find clothe patterns at craft stores.

Again, YouTube is one of the top ways to learn a new skill. Here’s a list of 100 YouTube vloggers in the clothing niche.

17. Learn computer programming

How would you like to make your own video game or create the next Facebook?

It all starts with learning to code. The best part? Coding is easier than ever to start learning from scratch!

Websites like Codecademy make the process of learning computer programming simple, fun, and interactive. Codecademy is completely free to sign up and start learning. They do offer upgraded learning courses for more advanced students starting at $19 per month.

18. Craft something

Crafting used to be a necessity back in the day. Now you can craft as a hobby for little to no money.

What kind of crafter do you want to be? There are a lot of options from sewing, paper crafts, interior decorating, painting, drawing, woodworking, etc.

Need inspiration? Take a trip to your local craft store or browse Pinterest.

19. Pick up Crocheting


Are you handy with a needle and yarn? Crocheting is a good hobby for those that want to make something with their hands. You can even crochet while watching TV!

A lady at our church crochets warm winter hats for children in need as a hobby. It’s amazing that she found a hobby that she can do while giving back to the community.

20. Do a crossword puzzle

If you’re really bored you can challenge yourself with a crossword puzzle. Crossword puzzles are free and they stimulate your brain. Here’s where you can find crossword puzzles online.

21. Play volleyball

Volleyball is a good sport to play if you can round up enough interested people. Technically, you can get away with two people, but it’s more fun if you have at least four.

A quick google search will let you know where a volleyball court is located near you.

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22. Play basketball

Basketball is another great sport and you only need yourself to start shooting hoops. One on one basketball is a good way to get exercise in after a long day of work.

Most neighborhood parks will have a basketball hoop, so you should be able to find a hoop near you.

23. Play street hockey

Another multiple player sport, street hockey can help keep you entertained if you have a couple hockey sticks and a ball.

24. Go dancing

Did you know you can usually get a free dance class from a dance studio? Dance studios are usually willing to let you try before you buy. It’s one of my favorite free events near me!

Doing a quick Google search, I can see Seattle has a few Dance studios that may offer a free promotional dance lesson.

Seattle community events calendars

Stop saying you have two left feet and give it a try! Men, your wife will love it.

25. Learn drink recipes

Want to be popular? You can learn the art of bar tending and show off fancy, yet tasty, drinks!

YouTube is perfect for learning cocktail making. Check out this video from The Educated Barfly and you’ll see examples of some amazing drinks you can make.

There you have it! Now you can be the life of the party.

26. Play fantasy football

Fantasy football or fantasy sports are perfect for sports fans. The best part is you can start fantasy sports for free.

27. Restore discarded furniture

Restoring furniture is perfect for bargain hunters. You can often find discarded furniture on trash day or cheap furniture at yard sales. Clean it up and flip it for profit on Craigslist.

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28. Play video games

Video games are one of the best cost per hour form of entertainment. Purchasing one video game or video game subscription provides hours of entertainment. Some of the most frugal people are gamers!

29. Do a puzzle

I’m sure you have a lot of puzzles sitting in your closet that haven’t been touched in years. Puzzles are great family activities and kids love doing them.

30. Learn to juggle


Bored? Learning to juggle is a challenge that most people struggle with. Can you master it in a money free weekend?

31. Sing Karaoke

Don’t do Karaoke? Yeah, right. You know deep down inside is an urge to sing “Don’t stop believing” or “Drops of Jupiter.”

32. Learn Karate

Self defense is always a worthwhile skill to pick up. You can self teach yourself Karate by watching YouTube videos or see about taking a free trial Karate class near you.

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33. Start Knitting

Knitting is very similar to crochet. The difference is that knitting uses a couple long needles to make loops while crochet uses a single loop.

You might like, “How to start knitting and love it!”

34. Build something with Legos


Legos are for the whole family. Building legos gives you a creative outlet and can keep you entertained for hours.

Not sure what to build with legos? Here are a few ideas for beginners.

35. Learn to pick locks

Have you ever wanted to be a spy? If so, you’ll want to know how to pick locks. Here’s an instructional video on how to pick a lock. This should keep you entertained for a little bit!

36. Discover new music

I love finding new music. If you’re looking for free entertainment this weekend, consider finding new music to help keep you productive during the work week.

Where can you discover new music? Websites like Soundcloud and Last.fm are good starting points. Here’s a list of 12 websites that will help you discover new music.

37. Find a new podcast

As with discovering new music, podcasts are great for the morning commute or for listening to while working. You can see a list of the top 25 podcasts for ideas and inspiration.

38. Learn magic

Magic can be an impressive party trick and fun to learn during a money free weekend. YouTube is one of the best places to learn magic.

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39. Build a model

Model building used to be one of my favorite past times as a kid. Building models are fairly inexpensive and can take hours to complete. Building a model is a frugal way to spend the weekend.

40. Paint your nails

I think I’ll pass on this one. That is, until my daughter is old enough to paint nails!

You might enjoy inviting your girlfriends over for a nail painting party. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but have everyone bring over their collection of nail polish.

41. Learn photography

Even if all you have is your iPhone camera, photography is a great way to pass the time. Take pictures of your family or try and find interesting things around town to take pictures.

Did you know, you can make money with photography websites?

42. Make soap

Making soap is a useful hobby! It’s actually fairly simple and cost effective to do. Here’s a video that shows one example of how to make soap.

You can sell your soap on Etsy or at farmers markets if you’re interested in making money by making soap.

43. Exercise with body weight fitness

Body weight fitness is the practice of building muscle and losing weight with only your body. You don’t need any fancy equipment to get in shape, which makes it completely free.

Reddit has a community to help people start and succeed in their body weight fitness journey.

44. Play Sudoku

Sudoku is a fun game to play when you’re looking for a challenge. If you’re not familiar, The goal of sudoku is to fill boxes with numbers 1 through 9, in such that the same number does not repeat in the same row, column, or grouping of 9.

Here is where you can play Sudoku for free.

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45. Yoga

Yoga is one of the free events near me that is easy to find. Often, our community will do a Yoga in the park where anyone can come and join.

You can also do yoga in the comfort of your own home. YouTube videos are a good starting point, but our friends at Avocadu have a Yoga for weight loss course.

46. Archery

Archery is another fun sport that you can do if you have the equipment or an archery range near by. Who doesn’t want to pretend to be their favorite story time archer?


47. Play baseball

You should have a baseball diamond somewhere near where you live. While it would be difficult to play a full game of baseball, you can do batting practice with two people. You can also find a batting cage nearby.

48. Bird watching

If you’re a nature fan, bird watching is completely free and easy to do. You might need a book of birds to help identify birds you find in the wild.

49. Go for a bike ride

Riding a bike is for more than just kids. Bike riding is good exercise for adults and helps get you outside. Chances are you have a bike just sitting in your garage, so why not use it?

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50. Camping

Camping is one of the best low cost ways to spend a weekend. It’s you and your family under a tent, exploring nature.

Camp sites are usually cheap to rent, which means you’re paying for gas to arrive and food to eat. You can camp in a weekend and be back to the office on Monday.

Camping also provides numerous mental health benefits. Humans are built to experience nature and it frees you from the feeling of being trapped in an office.

51. Go for a drive

Sometimes it’s nice to hop in your car and just drive to the next town over. My wife and I will sometimes take an hour drive to eat at a burger place in the next town over.

Did we really need to drive an hour for a burger? No, but it was nice to have family time and just get away from the house.

52. Go fishing

Fishing is another fun escape to nature. When you’re trying to have a money free weekend, fishing can help keep you entertained for hours.

53. Flag football

Your local community might have a flag football team. Yes, they have flag football for adults! A quick Google search shows me that flag football is a popular, free event near me!

54. Disc golf

Do you love to throw frisbees? Disc golf is becoming more and more popular. You can find plenty of disc golf opportunities around your location if you do a quick Google search.

55. Start a garden

Gardening is a relatively cheap hobby that can save your family money on groceries. Your coworkers will love the thousands of extra zucchini!

56. Geocaching

Geocaching involves tracking down hidden objects in your community with a GPS. There are a ton of Geocaching apps you can download for free.

Our community has a free geocaching event every year and it’s a lot of fun! Geocaching can keep you entertained all weekend without spending any money.

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57. Play handball

Handball is a fun and free activity that will burn a lot of calories in the process! All you need is a ball and a wall and enough coffee to keep up with your kids.

58. Walk your mall

Walking is a good, low stress activity and the mall is the perfect place to walk. You can always window shop while you walk. Just don’t buy anything!

59. Fly a kite

If it’s a little bit breezy out, flying a kite can keep you entertained. This is a money friendly activity your kids will love!

60. Mountain biking

Mountain biking is another great activity for getting exercise while getting in touch with nature. Do a quick Google search to find a mountain biking spot near you.

61. Parkour

Parkour has been growing in popularity and is the perfect activity for exercise, staying outdoors, and maintaining a frugal lifestyle.

So what is parkour? Parkour is the act of running quickly through an obstacle filled environment. Here’s a guide for beginners wanting to get started with parkour.

62. Swim in your community pool

Your city should have a community pool. Why not go for a swim if it’s a warm day. Most community pools are low cost to enter.

63. Roller Skate

If you’re ready to pretend like it’s the 80’s, grab a pair of roller skates and spend some time outdoors! Roller skating is fun, that is, until you fall on your tush!

64. People watch

People watching can provide for some serious free entertainment. When was the last time you wandered through a Walmart? Did you pay attention to the on-goings?

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65. Soccer

Soccer is always a good sport to play with a minimum of a couple people. One of you can be goalie while the other person takes a couple shots.

66. Hacky sack

Something I never mastered back in middle school, the hacky sack. I still have my hacky sack somewhere around my house. One day I will master it!

67. Skip stones

Go down to your nearest river and see who can get the most number of skips. Skipping stones is a good way to kill some time and you can go swimming if you’re brave enough.

68. Sun bathing

Head outside and get some sun. Just remember to wear sun screen.

69. Play Poker

I love playing poker and chances are you have friends that like it too. Invite your friends over for poker night. One of your friends might have a complete poker set.

There are plenty of poker apps in the app store you can download.

Not sure how to play poker? Here is a step-by-step guide on playing poker.

70. Blackjack

Don’t like poker? Why not play blackjack, otherwise known as 21. Again, there are plenty of blackjack apps to download.

71. Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee is fun if you can get enough people to play. You’ll get exercise and spend plenty of time outside.

Summary: Free events near me

There are plenty of free events and activities nearby to keep you entertained on a money free weekend. At the very least, there are plenty of low-cost activities that can keep you entertained.

What was your favorite way to stay entertained? Let me know in the comments below!



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