How to get paid by brands! (Find sponsors and promote brand deals)

Do you want to get paid by brands?

Paid sponsorships by brands are given to social media influencers who have a large following. Brands tap into your network for advertising and building trust through a third party. You can earn money by building a following, partnering with brands, and sending sponsored content to your audience.

Brand sponsorships can be very profitable!

How would you like to earn money for sending out a single tweet? What if an Instagram post earned you more money than one week at your 9-5?

As you can imagine, advertising for companies isn’t an easy job to start. Brands don’t want to work with you unless you give them a reason.

Luckily for you, I’m going to show you how to get paid by brands. Making money online isn’t easy, but consistent effort will help you! Let’s take a look at what you need to know.

How to get paid by brands! (Find sponsors and promote brand deals)

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How do you get paid to promote brands?

Brands will pay you for visibility which comes from having an audience. Owning a valuable asset, like a website or social media account, is what earns influencers money. The key to success is being able to help a brand get their product or service in front of a relevant audience.

Think about it.

If you were selling a product, who would you want to promote it? Would you rather it be your brother Ted or Oprah?

Ted doesn’t know anyone but the TV and how many cold beverages are in the fridge. Oprah has a massive audience that loves her. One mention about a helpful product to Oprah’s audience results in guaranteed sales.

Therefore, you need to start building your audience. Luckily for you, the internet provides many ways you can get started. Here is a list of places you can get started:

  • Build your own website
  • Start Blogging
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • TikTok
  • Any other social media

Next, you need to determine your niche once you have your platform. A niche is your area of expertise and what you’ll produce content around. You need to settle on a niche to build your audience.

A common mistake is when new bloggers stray from their niche. One day they’re talking about parenting. The next day it’s all about cell phones.

People who find you for parenting tips will keep coming back for your tips. They’ll be scared when they see your random cell phone talk.

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How do you find brand deals?

To find brand deals, you need to sign up for a blogging network. A blogging network will pair you with companies looking to pay for sponsorships. Companies that need advertising help join blogging networks to find creators in one location.

Izea is an example of a blogging network. Simply sign up, fill out your profile, and wait for companies to reach out.

However, the best way to find deals is to let brands come to you. The key is to focus on producing great content and building your following.

Awesome content will bring advertisers who are actively looking for partnerships. Advertisers are always looking for influencers in their industry. It’s only a matter of time until a brand wants to work with you.

Honestly, you’ll probably earn more money when a brand approaches you. First of all, there’s no third party involved to take a cut of the ad fees. Now you’re making 100% profit!

Secondly, if you’re big enough to be noticed then you’ve got a large following. A lot of new bloggers want to get sponsored posts too soon. So you end up spending most of your time for a couple hundred bucks! Remember, a large following attracts a large income!

Help advertisers find you by having a visible media kit and contact information. A media kit contains information an advertiser would be interested in.

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What does a sponsor get in return?

Companies who offer sponsored opportunities get access to your following. Sending a well crafted advertisement to a relevant following can mean a lot of sales for brands. So a company doesn’t mind paying you an advertising fee because it’s more profitable for them.

It’s really that simple to make money advertising online.

You get paid to post an advertisement. Usually, the ad is in the form of a sponsored video, article, or social media post. The company gets brand exposure, sales, and builds trust because the ad came from a third party source.

How do I get started as an Influencer?

Choosing a niche is the first step towards being an influencer. You’ll need a way to connect with an audience, such as a website or social media. Influencers are made when they produce consistent content for their audience.

Your niche is what your going to produce content around. Ideally, you should talk about something your interested in. You’re going to produce a lot of content which can be boring. An interest is what’s going to keep you going.

Now, you’ll have to choose how you’re going to reach an audience. Will you create a blog or sit down in front of a camera for YouTube?

Different social media platforms have specific audiences. For example, Twitter is great for stock traders. However, Pinterest is great for a recipe website and mom hacks.

Next, you’ll need to produce consistent content. Content is key when building an audience. Think about the kind of content your target audience would consume. Cranking out content is the only way to grow, so keep at it!

Creating consistent is one thing, but don’t forget to make the right kind of content. If no one is searching for your content can you even be found?

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How many followers do you need to get sponsored?

Brands want to partner with influencers who have a large following. At a minimum, try to get 10,000 followers before applying for sponsored opportunities. However, you need to focus on growing your follower count to make decent money.

Remember, sponsors pay good money for advertising on highly visible accounts. Therefore, higher follower count and engagement leads to better deals.

For example, Social Media Today reports that Frankie Muniz earns $252 for one tweet to 175,000 followers. Surprisingly, Khloe Kardashian earns $13,000 per tweet to eight million followers!

Both are great incomes! All you have to do is send a tweet and earn. How hard is it to send a tweet?

As you can see, Frankie earned $252 for 175,000. So ask yourself, is your following worth anything?

How do I ask for a sponsorship?

Asking for a sponsorship is all about selling yourself to a relevant brand. Explain why your following is a good fit for their company. Make it obvious that the brand would benefit from a sponsorship.

First and foremost, make sure the company is relevant for your audience. Sending sponsored content can betray your followings trust if you’re not careful. Brands are also more likely to work with you if your audience relates to their product. Success in advertising starts with knowing your customers.

Start by highlighting the benefits of working with you. Also, include your audiences demographics. You might say something like:

“My Twitter following consists of 100,000 moms looking for parenting tips. My audience is always looking for the next big thing to help them survive until nap time. I think your product, (product name), would be a great fit for my audience.”

Include your prices and services offered. Don’t sell yourself short. Make sure you’re clear about what the company is getting. For example:

  • For $500, I will tweet 200 characters about your product. The tweet will include a link to your website and be tagged as sponsored.

Be upfront about the payment terms:

  • Payment would be due within 30 days of the agreed upon tweet date.

Finish up with showing the benefit again.

“Please let me know if you would be interested in working together. I know my audience would absolutely love your product!”

Always do your best to get it in writing. Ideally, you would have an agreement they can sign which outlines your arrangement.

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Summary: How to get paid by brands

As you can see, finding paid brand opportunities can be very profitable. However, getting paid by brands is not something that happens overnight. So, what are the steps you need to take to earn money online as an influencer?

1. Focus on growing an audience

The secret to success is in the list, a list of active followers. Brands want to use you for your followers because you can get a message in front of people. The larger your follower count, the more you can get paid.

2. Choose a platform

You need to choose a medium in which to talk to your followers. Websites, blogs, email lists, and social media accounts are all great options. Each social media platform attracts a type of audience. For example, stocks do great on Twitter and recipes on Pinterest.

3. Create consistent niche specific content

Consistent content is the secret to building an online following. In addition, your content needs to focus on your audience interests. Therefore, it’s important to be niche specific. Focusing on a niche will help you keep existing followers around one interest.

4. Find sponsored brand deals

Once your audience is large enough, find sponsored brand deals by joining a blogging network. Blogging networks, like Izea, match you with companies looking for advertising help.

Alternatively, you can wait for brands to find you. Brands are always watching for new advertising opportunities in their niche. A large enough platform should draw the attention of brands who will contact you.

How many followers do I need to get paid brand deals?

At a minimum, reach 10,000 followers before trying to get brand deals. Keep in mind, low follower count may not pay enough to be worth your time and energy.

How do I ask a company for a sponsorship?

Highlight the benefit for the brand when approaching a company for a sponsorship. Explain why your followers are a good fit for the brand. Include a list of services you offer and be upfront about the pricing.

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