Get paid for pictures of your body

The best websites and apps to get paid for pictures of your body include:

  1. Alamy
  2. BentBox
  3. BigStock
  4. Foap
  5. Instafeet
  6. ManyVids
  7. PocketStars
  8. ExtraLunchMoney
  9. Snapwire

Successful content creators selling body pictures could make around $4,000 per month, if not more.

However, it takes more than snapping a few pictures to succeed. Selling photos online is hard work. You’ll need a photography setup, the ability to market your images, and to stay consistent to see results.

Luckily, I put together this guide to help you get started. I’ll show you what you need to start, where you can sell pictures, how much you can make, and how to maximize your revenue. I’ll even discuss whether selling body pictures is legal and safe.

Key Takeaways

  • To start selling pictures of yourself, you’ll need a camera for high-quality photos, good lighting, and a photoshoot location. It would be best if you are active on social media platforms and access to photo editing software for the best results.
  • The best sites for selling pictures of your body include Alamy, BentBox, BigStock, Foap, Instafeet, ManyVids, PocketStars, ExtraLunchMoney, and Snapwire.
  • Maximize your earnings by creating unique, high-quality photos, following the trends, collaborating with other creators, staying consistent, and posting on multiple platforms.
  • You can make a full-time income by selling body pictures online. How much you’ll make depends on photo quality, consistency, the amount you charge, and the size of your audience.
  • Selling photos online is legal and safe if you follow applicable laws and maintain safe online practices. Consult the website you sell through terms of service for specific practices to follow.

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What Do I Need To Sell Pictures Of Myself Online? 

While it is possible to snap a few photos on your cell phone and sell them for a profit, it isn’t a game of quantity over quality. Posting higher-quality pictures – with better lighting, image quality, and backgrounds – will result in higher returns on investment. Being or having access to a professional photographer would be beneficial, but it isn’t required if you’re willing to learn.

What you’ll need to make money selling pictures of yourself online include:

  • A camera
  • A lighting setup
  • A place to take your photos

While that’s all you need, a few additions will boost your chances of getting the best prices for your photos:

  • Social media presence
  • Photo editing software

A Good Camera 

Your camera is the most obvious part of the process of getting paid to send pics, and it is also the most important. While there is a market for more candid, low-res images, an HD photoshoot will fetch the highest prices.

Experienced photographers will remind you that cameras don’t take photos, people do. Learn how to use your camera to the best of your ability to get the highest quality photos of yourself. That way, you’ll be able to make do with whatever lens you’re shooting with.

If you’re interested in purchasing a camera for your business, here is an article by ShutterStock on the best cameras for content creators. The guide is also broken down by price to help you find the right camera for your budget.

DSLR Cameras 

When it comes to getting the best shots, a DSLR is the most powerful commercially available type of camera. Their high processing power and large sensors make for superior clarity and sharpness.

Digital “Point And Shoot” Cameras  

A digital camera is a step between your phone’s camera and a DSLR. They’re less expensive, have similar versatility to a DSLR, and will still generate a photo with a higher resolution than your phone can.

Phone Cameras 

Those with experience selling feet, hand, or body pics will attest to getting their start with their phone cameras. There’s a strong possibility that you already have one. Newer generations of Apple or Android phones are constantly improving the quality of their cameras. Sharp, clear images of your body are more accessible than ever because of phone cameras.


If you’re selling photos of your body online, they’ll be useless if no one can see them. Not only can lighting make or break the quality of a picture, but it can help impart mood and atmosphere into your images.

If you’re interested in learning more about photography lighting for beginners, check out this guide by Shotkit. The guide discusses different lighting techniques which you can incorporate into your photos.

Ring Lights 

The premier choice of YouTubers and Instagram models, a ring light will supply your photoshoots with pleasing, soft light. The lighting will be even, free of harsh shadows, and ideal for making your skin look its best.


If you’re selling feet or hand pics, a lightbox can go a long way in supercharging the quality of those final photos. While many styles are readily available online, you can also craft your own using paper, a cardboard box, and small desk lamps.

Natural Lighting 

Natural lighting is free and will usually bring out your best features – ideal for getting the most out of selling pictures of yourself online. Shoot your photos in front of a window that allows for ample illumination if no other forms of lighting are available.

A Place to Take Photos of Yourself 

The focus of your photos is your hands, feet, or body. However, the space around and behind you can just as easily downgrade your photos as enhance them. Slovenly conditions in the background can undo even a very appealing pose.

Check out these tips from Contrastly on how to set the background in your photos. These tips are particularly important if you don’t have a photogenic background.

Many buyers like photos that feel ‘organic,’ such as ones shot in a bedroom or other areas of your house. No matter the space, ensure that the room you take photos in is clean, organized, and free from major distractions.

Pinning a clean sheet to a wall creates a solid-colored background for a photo shoot, allowing your body to be the focal point. When the budget allows, you can purchase a professional-grade roll-down backdrop exclusively for selling your photos.

Photo Editing Software 

Improving your photos with some tweaks in a photo editing program goes a long way. With a few editing tricks, amateur photos take on a professional air.

Programs like LightShot and Adobe Photoshop brighten, retouch, and sharpen your images in a few clicks. Online tutorials and videos lay out the basics if you’re inexperienced with photo editing software.

If you’re using your phone alone, there are countless apps that you can use to clean up and edit your photos. They’re usually free and are capable of editing excellence.

Social Media Presence 

A photo that is beautifully posed, artfully lit, and shot in the highest resolution won’t sell at all when no one can find it. Curating an audience is the best way to garner the most interest in what you have to sell.

Since many people choose to sell photos anonymously or under an alias, making a separate Twitter or Instagram account will help keep your online presence separate.

Boost your presence by following similar accounts and remaining active. Post often, like other people’s posts, and leave plenty of engaging comments.

Where Can I Get Paid For Pictures Of My Body? 

After setting up to take your photos, you’ll need a place to sell them. Finding a dedicated platform for selling puts your photos in front of the people who want to buy them. Not only that, but it can also allow for an extra layer of security for you and your finances.

You could set up your own website, such as your own blog. However, doing so is usually not a good idea because of the extra cost and learning how to build a website to take payment can be difficult.

Thousands of websites are already willing to pay for your photos. The best option is for earning extra income

What are the best places for selling pictures of your body?


Alamy has been around since 1999 and is an exceptional place to make money selling photos of your body. Nineteen million people visit the site monthly, so you’ve got excellent sales potential. Alamy boasts that you’ll be able to make your first sale 48 hours after joining.

Alamy gives you up to 50% in royalties if you can meet their sales minimums for that tier. However, student photographers who can provide a valid student ID can earn 100% of their sales prices. The average earning is $15 per photo after Alamy’s cut.

Alamy Tips: 

  1. Tag with purpose. Tagging your photo with relevant hashtags and descriptions is the best way to have it seen by the right audiences.
  2. It’s not just your body. You can snap pictures of your home, food, objects, places, or anything you think might meet a need. Keeping up with photography trends helps.


BentBox is usually considered one of the best spots for selling your pictures. The site allows you to switch between adult and non-adult-oriented content. It does not charge a signup fee.

BentBox is the ability to set your prices for your photos. You can lock your rates in low and increase them over time. The average photo on BentBox goes for $7 – $15. To get more eyes on the photos of your body you’ve posted, BentBox allows for captioning and hashtags.

The platform encourages you to sell sets of multiple related photos called ‘Boxes.’

BentBox’s payment process comes in the form of the ‘PayOut’ function. PayOuts process within the first seven business days of the month once the total reaches $100. If you have yet to reach $100, the amount you have earned will carry over into the next month until you do.

BentBox Tips: 

  1. Run BentBox promotions. BentBox lets users set up promo codes and special deals. Allowing users to buy for a discount will entice them to purchase your Boxes for full price.
  2. Make the most of hashtags. Make sure the tags you use are relevant and searchable; learning a thing or two about how Google ranks images will go a long way.


BigStock is one of the most prominent names in the photo-selling industry. It is a stock photo website, which means pictures are downloaded and used in anything that falls under BigStock’s licensing rules.

When you sign up as a contributor, you’ll earn royalties every time someone downloads your image. How much of a cut you’ll get depends on how many downloads an image gets in 12 months. The highest quality photos will net more downloads – and a bigger payout.

You can start requesting your payouts once you’ve earned $30 in commissions. Before putting in your request, BigStock contributors in the US will need to fill out a tax form.

BigStock Tips: 

  1. Posting similar photos is fine. Do you have two photos of the same pose at different angles? If they’re both of decent quality, post them to ensure you have exactly what someone looking for the perfect stock photo wants.
  2. Don’t sacrifice variety. This an inverse to the previous tip, but on a broader scale. Pose outside and in, bust-up and full-body photos, smiling and with a neutral expression.


If you’re working exclusively off your phone or tablet, Foap’s mobile-centric interface is ideal for making money with photos of your body. This brand works with big brands like Nivea and Volvo that look for specific aesthetics and messages shot from authentic sources.

Foap is a stellar platform for exposure. The site frequently holds missions competitions sponsored by well-known brands on the hunt for new talent. Should you place high, you’ll enjoy a payout of $100-$700 per photo.

Once your free account is set up in Foap, you’ll be able to start posting right away. Foap splits your earnings down the middle, keeping 50% of your profits.

Foap Tips: 

  1. See what’s trending. While you don’t want to copy someone else’s photos outright, seeing what type of content is getting engagement via the “Trending Images” tab can inspire your photoshoots.
  2. Improve your shots with Foap Academy. Foap provides in-house tutorials designed to up your photography game and make more sales.


There’s no better home for feet pics than Instafeet. This California-based company has quickly made a name for itself to the tune of over 100k registered users.

Signup is free but requires a photo ID submission for moderator approval. Once you are approved and have confirmed your email, you’ll need to upload at least five pictures of your feet.

Users get paid for their foot pictures on a subscription model. You’re given the ability to set your monthly subscription price, typically set in the $10 range. Once Instafeet takes its 10% cut, payment arrives on the 1st and 15th of each month.

If you regularly update with new content, you’ll keep your subscribers intrigued and willing to keep paying the subscription fee. making it a continuous source of income for you.

Instafeet Tips: 

  1. Take care of your feet. Moisturized and pedicured feet will fetch the highest prices.
  2. Include your face if you can. Keeping your face and feet in the pictures will help them sell.


With over 10 million active users worldwide, your photos and videos will surely find an audience on ManyVids. This site, tailored specifically for amateurs, is another that allows you to set your rates at anywhere from $3 to $100.

Like most sites that sell mature content, ManyVids will require you to upload your photo ID and have it verified. You’ll need to hold your ID up to your face with all of the details on display. This process usually takes 24-48 hours.

ManyVids models keep 60-80% of what they make by selling their pics, depending on which of ManyVids’ varying services they use. Payment comes as checks, ACH bank transfers (only available in the US), and international wire transfers.

What makes ManyVids even better? Security is their number one priority. Geoblocking allows masking your IP address, and strict DMCA/copyright rules protect your content.

ManyVids Tips: 

  1. Go the extra mile. There is high earning potential with ManyVids because of how popular it is. That also means that the competition is high. The extra effort will help your photos stand out in the crowd.
  2. Find the service that works for you. Between MV Crush Club, Star Memberships, and Premium tiers, ManyVids has a lot of ways to promote your pics and make money – it is all a matter of how much time and money you’re willing to invest.


A newer platform on the scene, PocketStars boasts a user-friendly website and mobile-friendly app. As with other platforms that sell 18+ content, you will need to upload a photo ID as part of your registration.

Because it has not been around as long as OnlyFans or ManyVids, you have a better opportunity to get your foot in the door early. PocketStars makes things easy for new creators by offering free promotional graphics that you’re welcome to use to promote your photos.

They also boost new users on the Feature Page, which showcases 15 users who have posted at least 50 pieces of content on their page. The randomized selection diversifies the type of content that’s highlighted on this page.

A great feature of PocketStars is that they provide a W9 tax form. With that, you’ll be able to file your annual taxes without worrying about being in the US.

PocketStars Tips: 

  1. Get creative. PocketStars is new, but it has already garnered a substantial user base. Getting creative means you’ll be able to provide photos for an underrepresented niche on PocketStars, and net more subscribers.
  2. Follow PocketStars social media. If you use Twitter, check in with PocketStars’ account frequently. As it is a new platform, there are bound to be important updates or changes you’ll want to be aware of as they come.


ExtraLunchMoney (ELM) works on a system of credit points redeemed for $0.6 each when you’re using a free account. Seller Plus upgraded accounts exchange points for $0.65.

ExtraLunchMoney helps you find an audience by utilizing a request system. Once you fill out your ELM seller profile, you can begin looking for users after specific custom content. This ensures that you can get paid to send pics that you are positive someone will buy.

ELM also has a very active community of users and forums that will help you connect with other sellers and buyers. The sense of community is a huge plus to those who sell body pictures, especially beginners who want to take advice from experienced users.

ExtraLunchMoney Tips: 

  1. Don’t spam the discussion forums. Spamming discussion forums with advertisements for your pictures is considered annoying and can lead to more buyers ignoring your posts.
  2. Send a free picture once in a while. The best way to get your photo accepted when a buyer is to give them a free photo. It takes money to make money, and that free picture will encourage them to proceed with the request.


Snapwire is another excellent way to make money by selling photos of your body. This site has over 800,000 contributors globally and a vast pool of legitimate clients. Brands and businesses use Snapwire to find fresh new images for their projects.

The brands that are requesting the photos set the prices. For example, a banking company requests images of someone opening their wallet, priced at $20. If your photo is chosen, you’ll be paid after Snapwire takes their 30% cut.

The photos marketplace uses community-driven levels and rewards to promote high-quality photographers.

Snapwire Tips:

  1. Quality sells. If you’re looking to get paid for pictures of your body, Snapwire is the place to pull out all the stops. While authenticity is great, the highest-paying jobs will ask for the best lighting and resolutions.
  2. Keep it professional. When working with potential clients, remember that some may be high-status brands more likely to skim over profiles that lack professionalism.

Stock photo sites

One of the easiest ways to earn extra money selling pictures of body parts is through stock photos. Stock photography sites are essentially an online marketplace full of ready to use ‘stock images’ that potential buyers can browse. The buyer can then download, edit, and use your images for commercial purposes.

You will also need to consult each of the stock sites terms of use. The terms of use will dictate what types of photos you’re allowed to upload.

Different stock photo websites include:

  • Adobe Stock
  • Shutterstock – As a Shutterstock contributor, you’ll have access to the mobile app and can upload pictures from phone. Talk about an easy way to make extra cash!
  • Getty Images
  • Depositphotos
  • Pixabay
  • Stocksy
  • 123rf

In fact, Travel Tractions put together a list of over 200 stock photography websites. Go through the list and see which online platform or platforms will work for your side hustle.

The main downside to stock photography websites is that they don’t pay as much as the other sites listed.

It’s also hard to build a fan base, such as with your own social media accounts. It’s easier to get repeat customers when you’ve built an audience on various social media sites.

For example, having 10k Twitter followers actually means you have 10k potential customers for your next photoshoot.

Another consideration is that you won’t maintain an exclusive license. Stock libraries are where companies come when they need digital downloads quickly for their own business purposes. Therefore, you never know what your pictures is going to be used to promote or where it will be displayed.

Which Site Pays The Most? 

Of the sites discussed here, the ones that will provide the highest pay for pics are the ones with the best royalties and most significant earning potential. There is no cut-and-dry answer to which site pays the most for pictures of your body.

What Site Pays The Most For Adult Content? 

ManyVids, which grants content creators 60-80% royalties, also has extremely high earning potential. The site gets heavy traffic daily, and the subscription service means you’ll get money on a month-to-month basis rather than just once.

InstaFeet takes a minor portion, only asking for 10% of your total sales. However, feet pics are a niche subject. There is a smaller audience for these images, so you may sell fewer photos.

What Site Pays The Most For General Photos?

Snapwire has the potential for high earnings thanks to the occasional high-value request. Some brands will pay over $100 for the pictures they select. However, these asking prices are not guaranteed.

Alamy will generally sell photos for roughly $30, but they only grant a 50% royalty. However, this is a much larger portion paid to you than sites like Shutterstock and Getty Images.

How To Make The Most Money Selling Pictures Online

Anyone can post photos for sale and hope to land a few sales. When you want to get paid for pictures of your body, you’ll need a few tips and tricks to make your time and effort worth it.

Put In The Effort 

Even if you’re the most gorgeous person alive, a blurry, poorly lit bathroom mirror selfie isn’t going to go as far as something you’ve put genuine effort into. Clean yourself up, adjust your lighting, and shoot in high quality.

If you are taking mirror selfies, look into the mirror you see in your camera’s viewfinder, not into the mirror in front of you. It will make your posing and eye position look more natural and appealing.

Think Outside The Box 

You’d be surprised what people want to see pictures of. People who post photos and videos of themselves online have seen impressive returns on their content engaging in everyday chores or eating a meal. The candid look of going about your daily life with high-quality lighting and resolution will yield significant results.

Thinking outside the box is all about making yourself stand out in a sea of other photos that are similarly priced. Find a niche that suits you or even a gimmick you don’t see other people doing.

Keep Up With Trends 

While creativity and originality sell, there’s also value in going with the flow of what sells. Most sites where you sell photos of your body will have ‘Popular’ and ‘Trending’ sections. See what buyers are clicking on, and brainstorm ways to make that work for you.

Engage With Other Content Creators 

If you’re using Twitter and Instagram to market your photos, engage with your fellow creators. Liking and commenting on their posts helps them grow, but it also gets more eyes on your profile. This is also a great way to make friends and network.

Post On Multiple Platforms 

Unless the website you’re posting your photos to has strict rules about crossposting, feel free to list images of your body on more than one platform. This increases your chances of making money by cornering different markets.

Keep It Fresh 

For many of the websites above that offer subscription services, you’ll be able to earn new subscribers by keeping your content interesting and fresh. Keep a notebook or digital document with ideas for your next photoshoots.

Stay Organized 

Organization will be your friend when you sell body pictures.

  • Keep your photography equipment in an easy-to-access place.
  • Create a schedule for when you’ll take your photos, edit and upload them, and sit down to manage comments and subscriptions.
  • Use a bookkeeping software like Quickbooks to track your earnings and expenses.
  • Plan subscription content, so you’re not scrambling to get your latest hand pictures out before your subscribers turn away.

Lighting Is Everything 

Optimal lighting can easily push a picture into the professional range, even with an average phone camera. Ring lights are accessibly priced, easy to find, and entirely worth the investment.

Learn SEO 

Search engine optimization, or SEO, refers to how Google and other search engines rank certain web pages. When posting your pictures, use descriptions and hashtags that will direct the right traffic to your photos. What time you post will also drive engagement. You don’t need to become an SEO marketing expert, but learning the basics will go a long way.

How Much Can You Expect To Make Selling Body Pictures? 

Can you make a living selling pictures of your body for money? The answer heavily depends on what type of photo you’re selling, where you’re selling it, and, unfortunately, a bit of luck.

Photos well-lit, shot in high-definition, and edited professionally will fetch higher prices. Appealing pictures will always sell the most.

Marketing also greatly contributes to how much you can expect to make selling body pictures. If you boost your social media presence, pay to promote your photos, engage with your followers, and post at optimal times for your platform, you’ll have higher chances of success.

Some people can sell feet or hand pics for hundreds of dollars a month. The most successful content creators can make a living trading pics for money, taking home monthly checks of about $4000.

Remember that you will not immediately start making thousands the minute you put up your first image. Algorithms, luck, marketing, and platform will all impact how much engagement you get. Importantly, gaining a following takes time and effort.

Is It Safe And Legal To Sell Pictures Of Yourself Online? 

It is safe and legal to post pictures of yourself online as long as you follow applicable laws and online best practices. Every website should have terms of service, which you should consult to stay safe and legal.

Let’s look at some best practices before posting your first photo.

Is It Legal To Sell Pictures Of Your Body Online?  

For the most part, selling pictures of your body for money is legal. Certain states or territories may have their individual laws and jurisdictions. It’s essential to look up your location and read up on the regulations before you get started submitting pics.

There are a few direct, hard rules about posting your photos online:

  • You must be 18 years old or older if you sell adult content.
  • The pictures must be your own and not infringe on any copyright laws.
  • Photos cannot constitute a form of blackmail, extortion, or revenge.
  • Depending on what is depicted, images with obscene or offensive content may be illegal.

Additionally, every website has its own rules about what you can and cannot post. Be sure to note your preferred website’s terms of service carefully.

An extra legal implication is that you are technically running a small business. If you make over a certain amount each month from your sales, you will need to claim that on your taxes. Failure to do constitutes tax evasion and can come with heavy consequences. Many professional websites will include a tax form to make this process easier.

Is It Safe To Sell Pictures Of Your Body Online? 

Getting paid for selling your pics online is safe as long as you adhere to specific standards. Safety is important, especially when it comes to adult content. Most websites, like ManyVids and PocketStars, have built-in encryption and IP-hiding software that will help obscure your location and identity.

To take additional steps toward your safety, make sure that you are separating making money from sending pics online from your everyday online presence. Do not use your real, legal name, and do not give out personal details such as your phone number or address. Do not agree to meet up in real life.

Summary: Get paid for pictures of your body

The best websites and apps to get paid for pictures of your body include:

  1. Alamy
  2. BentBox
  3. BigStock
  4. Foap
  5. Instafeet
  6. ManyVids
  7. PocketStars
  8. ExtraLunchMoney
  9. Snapwire

You can make a full-time income from selling pictures of your body. However, making a full-time income takes work. You’ll need to be able to take high-quality photos and be able to market your content.

Having high-quality photo and photography skills is crucial for succeeding.

Maximize your revenue by taking high-quality photos, following the trends, collaborating with other creators, staying consistent, and posting on multiple platforms.

Make sure you’re following all applicable laws when posting pictures online. Never give out your personal information or agree to meet in person.

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