How can I get cash for gift cards immediately?

How can I get cash for gift cards immediately?

You can sell your gift cards for cash via kiosks, gift card exchange websites, and certain apps. Most businesses will pay via check, PayPal, Venmo, or ACH transfer.

The best places for selling your gift card include:

  1. Raise
  2. CardCash
  3. GiftCash
  4. GameFlip
  5. ClipKard
  6. CardSell
  7. QuickcashMI
  8. GiftCardBin
  9. Exchange Kiosks
  10. eBay
  11. Craigslist
  12. Reddit Gift Card Exchange

We’ve voted CardCash as the best place to sell your gift cards for the highest payout, ease of use, and time to get your cash.

Luckily, I’ll show you the top places to get rid of your unwanted gift cards for fast cash.

Key Takeaways:

  • Expect to lose 10-15% of the remaining balance when selling your unwanted gift cards.
  • You’ll need to be 18 or older to sell a gift card online, and some sites require a credit card to verify your identity.
  • Raise, CardCash, CardSell, and GiftCash offer mobile apps to convert your card to cash quickly.
  • If you need cash immediately, you’ll need to go to an in-person exchange, found through GiftCardBin or a gift card exchange kiosk locator.

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How Do You Get Cash for Gift Cards?

Getting cash for gift cards can be done through websites, apps, or in-person exchange kiosks. Some processes take longer than others, while most exchanges also charge a fee for buying your gift card in the first place. You’ll need to know the value of your gift cards before you can start shopping around for the best selling price.

Since your card is later re-sold at a discount, you’ll lose some money between the new card value and the platform’s commission. Most people will take around a 10-15% loss or higher when selling their gift cards.

Generally speaking, you should be over 18 to sell your gift card. Some websites or apps need a credit card to verify your information, while others require you to create an account.

Where Can I Sell My Gift Card for Cash?

You can sell gift cards instantly online via apps or in person. The most convenient way to sell a gift card is online, which you can do from home. However, some websites charge higher exchange fees than others.

The best places for selling your gift cards quickly include:

  1. Raise
  2. CardCash
  3. GiftCash
  4. GameFlip
  5. ClipKard
  6. CardSell
  7. QuickcashMI
  8. GiftCardBin
  9. Exchange Kiosks
  10. eBay
  11. Craigslist
  12. Reddit Gift Card Exchange

If you’re located near an in-person exchange option, such as GiftCardBin or a gift card exchange kiosk, you may also be able to swap your physical gift cards for fast cash quickly once you visit the location.

Let’s take a look each of the online platforms in more detail and how you can find the best deals for your gift card brand.


Raise is a website that helps customers save money through gift card payments. They both buy and sell discounted gift cards. Raise will list your card for sale free of charge, but it will charge you 15% when the card is sold.

First, use their website to see how much money they’re offering for your type of gift card. Raise purchases different gift cards from thousands of big-name stores, but smaller chains may not be listed.

Next, you’ll be able to list your card’s value and how much you want to sell it for. Raise will tell you how much you’ll make from this sale, minus their fee. Listing it at a discount will give you a better chance of selling it fast, but this is your call to make.

Once it sells, you’ll get money through direct deposit to your bank account or your PayPal account.


CardCash is another popular website that offers cash for unused gift cards. They will pay you via check, ACH bank transfer, or PayPal, usually within 1-2 business days after approval. Unfortunately, CardCash does not accept gift cards with an expiration date or those that only work in certain locations.

Head to the Sell Page on the CardCash website and input your gift card details. You’ll then find out how much CardCash will pay you for your gift card – it may be up to 92% of the card’s value.

You’ll also need a credit card to confirm this exchange, as it’s used to verify your identity and protect against fraud. A 1$ authorization charge will be placed on the credit card, but it is only used for verification purposes and will disappear within 24 hours.

Sometimes CardCash will require you to mail in your gift card, but most cards are transferred electronically via the website. If you have to send in your card, you’re responsible for it until it arrives at their facility, so you may want to track its delivery.


GiftCash competes with CardCash by offering up to 93% of your gift card’s value in cash. You can get an instant quote on their page and see what you’ll receive. For example, you’ll get $83 for a $100 Target gift card as of October 2022.

If you accept the offer, you’ll fill out the details and select your payment method. Payments are distributed in 10-15 business days.

GiftCash offers payment through ACH bank transfers and cryptocurrency (BTC, ETH, BCH, USDT). Wire transfers are available for bulk sellers. Both wire transfers and cryptocurrency exchanges charge a processing fee.


GameFlip accepts unused, prepaid, and non-reloadable cards for reselling. They specialize in electronic entertainment gift cards, such as Xbox Live, PSN, iTunes, and Google Play gift cards. GameFlip also takes Amazon gift cards.

GameFlip will list your gift card at the price you set. The lower the price, the faster it will likely sell, and GameFlip recommends listing the card at 2%-15% off. You can do this online or through the GameFlip app.

Your proceeds will go into your GameFlip wallet, out of which you can withdraw the funds to your Wise, Payoneer, or Skrill accounts or a Bitcoin wallet. GameFlip will charge an 8% commission and a 2% digital listing fee. The online gift card buyers will rate your seller profile after the transactions.


ClipKard is another online option for selling your gift card, but they only accept cards from a short list of companies. Plus, it’ll have to be a plastic (physical) card you mail in.

You’ll first create an account and see the ClipKard offer for your card. They also allow you to sell multiple cards from the same retailer at once.

Once you submit your card details, you’ll receive ClipKard’s offer. If you accept, you can mail your cards in via USPS First Class Mail, paid for by ClipKard. If you prefer to use USPS Priority Mail, the shipping charge will be deducted from your payment.

Once your card is received, you’ll receive payment via check or PayPal within one business day. Checks typically arrive 5-7 days after receipt. You’ll receive rewards to your ClipKard account when you sell a card, and these reward points can be used to discount future purchases.


CardSell is an app available through the iOS and Google Play stores. It acts as an instant gift card exchange kiosk that compares other card exchange sites to get you the best price. They can sell your card instantly and pay you within 48 hours to your PayPal account.


QuickcashMI is a family-owned business headquartered in Michigan and serving the entire U.S. online. They work with tons of retailers and pride themselves on their customer service.

You can sell physical or electronic gift cards through this site, although you’ll be responsible for shipping charges for physical cards. Electronic transactions will require your credit card information to verify your identity.

After verifying and purchasing your gift card, QuickcashMI will mail you a check within one business day. The check usually arrives between 5-7 days after you’ve sold your card for cash.


GiftCardBin is a website where you can find in-person locations near me to buy your gift card. GiftCardBin has partnered with over 600 locations and all you need to sell your card is the gift card itself and your I.D.

Gift Card Exchange Kiosk

Many large retailers offer gift card exchange kiosks in the front of back of the store. The process is simple:

  1. Use a gift card exchange locator online
  2. Visit the location
  3. Submit your physical card
  4. Get instant cash for a gift card

Some exchange finders may pinpoint locations with a CoinStar machine, but you should note that these machines no longer offer gift card payments.

Reddit Gift Card Exchange

Reddit is an online community that lets people discuss interests, hobbies, questions, and passions worldwide. At its core, it’s a collection of thousands of forums where people can share information, respond, and comment on conversations.

Reddit has a gift card exchange forum where members can post their gift card and price, allowing others to comment if they’re interested. After an interested person comments, they’ll message you privately to confirm the exchange.

It’s important to remember that these exchanges are only moderated by other Reddit users. They have their own rules, such as this one, and may require you to be active on Reddit for a few months before listing or buying anything on one of their forums.


Selling gift cards on eBay is possible but should be done as a last resort. Buyers don’t guarantee that your gift card is valid, meaning bids will likely be less than what you’d receive by selling your gift card on an official exchange.

eBay doesn’t allow you to sell gift cards valued at $500 or more and you can only sell one card per listing.


Craigslist is similar to eBay in that selling your gift card requires certain trust from the buyer. While it is an option without fees, using one of the verified card exchange sites or apps listed above is likely safer overall.

Facebook Marketplace

You may be able to trade gift cards or get the full value of the card by listing on Facebook Marketplace. The easiest time to barter gift cards is during the holiday season, after everyone gets unwanted cards or when financial needs are high.

For example, you may want a specific gift card like Bed, Bath, and Beyond while someone else wants a visa gift card. You each have a $100 gift card, so you’ll just make a straight across trade. You can also trade $50 and a $50 gift card in exchange for their $100 card.

Alternatively, you can list items you would be willing to exchange your gift card for. For example, I’ll trade my $50 itunes gift cards for kitchen appliances worth around $50 that you’re no longer using.

I like to have a receipt or something that shows the current value of the card. That way everyone knows what they’re getting.

The Best Place to Sell Your Gift Cards for Cash

We’ve voted CardCash as the best place to sell your gift cards. They offer up to 92% of your card’s value and pay you within a couple of days of the transaction. This short wait time eliminates the need to drive around to find a gift card exchange location, especially if your gift card is electronic.

CardCash is incredibly convenient because they offer checks, ACH, and PayPal payments, unlike other sites that provide only 1 or 2 payment options with a longer turnaround time.

While it’s true that you’ll need a credit card to verify your identity, we appreciate the extra step CardCash takes to ensure you’re providing a legitimate gift card. This makes the exchange safer and better overall for both sellers and buyers.

For those wondering, “How can I get cash for gift cards immediately,” you’ll need to head to an in-person exchange either through a GiftCardBin or gift card exchange kiosk finder.


The following are some of the most common questions about selling your gift cards.

What App Converts Gift Cards for Cash Online?

CardSell is an app solely created for buying and selling gift cards online. They do not have an in-person location or website on which you can complete transactions. This app is available for Apple and Android devices.

Most websites listed above are also offered as apps to convert gift cards online, including Raise, CardCash, and GiftCash.

Can You Exchange Gift Cards for Cash Online?

If you’re exchanging a gift card for cash online, you’ll need to receive this cash electronically or through the mail. The fastest way to get paid is through PayPal, Venmo, or ACH transfer, if your site offers them.

If you want to get cash in hand, consider how long it will take to transfer your money to your bank account and reach an ATM to withdraw it.

Most gift cards will be bought at lower than face value, meaning you may need to sacrifice a few bucks to get your cash. If you don’t plan to use the gift card, getting a bit less cash is still a better deal.

How Much Do Websites Charge to Sell Your Gift Card?

Every website and app has a different commission for selling your gift card. The average price you can expect to lose is roughly 15% of your gift card’s total value when selling it for cash. You’ll get the most money from your gift card by using it, but the best option is to accept a lower cash offer for unwanted gift cards.

Online gift card buyers are looking for savings, so they look at gift card exchanges instead of going to the store and buying the gift card for face value. The exchange platforms also charge a commission, which is how they keep the company going.

Is It Legal to Sell Your Gift Cards Online?

If you happen to have gift cards you don’t plan on using, you can legally and quickly sell them online through a verified vendor. Those listed above are some of the largest exchanges online. Certain websites restrict certain types of cards or don’t accept Visa gift cards, Mastercard gift cards, or American Express gift cards.

Can I sell on Gift Card Granny?

Gift Card Granny used to be one of the best ways get an instant offer for your physical and digital gift card. Unfortunately, you’ll have to take your cards elsewhere because Gift Card Granny has changed business models and only sells cards now.

Summary: Get cash for gift cards

We found CardCash to be the best place to exchange gift cards for money. Other places to consider include:

  1. Raise
  2. GiftCash
  3. GameFlip
  4. ClipKard
  5. CardSell
  6. QuickcashMI
  7. GiftCardBin
  8. Exchange Kiosks
  9. eBay
  10. Craigslist
  11. Reddit Gift Card Exchange

Expect to lose 10-15% of the gift card balance when selling your gift card.

Unwanted cards make a great gift to a family member who will used the card. Gifting is a good alternative, but make sure you write down the gift card’s value on the back of the card.

You’ll need to be 18 or older to sell a gift card online, and some sites require a credit card to verify your identity.

Raise, CardCash, CardSell, and GiftCash offer mobile apps to convert your card to cash quickly. You can download these online marketplace apps in the app store (e.g., Google Play or Apple Store).

If you need cash immediately, you’ll need to go to an physical location. A great way to locate your nearest exchange is through GiftCardBin or a gift card exchange kiosk locator.

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