How to find trending products to sell online

How do you find trending products to sell online?

Find trending products to sell online by using tools like Google Trends, price history tools, and keyword planners. Additionally, you can estimate the demand of a product by listening in on social media groups and looking at product reviews.

Imagine, finding the best selling products for your eCommerce store or as a product reseller. You already know which products are going to do well, so you can easily profit.

I mean, who wants to waste their money on a product that is going to sell?

Luckily for you, I’m going to show you how to find trending products to sell online. I will show you some of the best tools available for free. I’ll even show you some of the best places that you can buy the trending products for resale.

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How to find trending products to sell online

To find trending products, use a variety of tools such as Google Trends, Jungle Scout, keyword planners, and product reviews. These tools have significant data to let you know what people are searching for. The higher the search volume or interests, the higher the demand is for the product.

However, you should keep in mind that selling a product isn’t all about what is trending. When a product is trending it often brings along a lot of competition. Therefore, you need to find trending products where your business can compete.

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Google Trends

Google trends should be your first stop for finding trending products. The simple interface makes it easy and clear which products are currently trending, have seasonality, or declining in popularity. You’ll also be able to see what regions are most interested in a particular product.

When you first search for a product using Google Trends, the term will range from 0 to 100. 0 represents the least popular time for the product while 100 represents the largest interest.

You can compare different terms to see which term is more popular. For example, You can compare different types of tea to see if you should be selling green or black tea.

Multiple Tea Google Trends

As you can see, green tea is significantly more popular than black tea. You will also find that there is more of an interest during the winter months for tea. 

If you are using targeted advertising as part of selling products, the regional interest can be helpful. Regional interests show you which states or cities are searching for your product more often.

For example, Maine has a search interest of 88 (popular) for green tea. However, Idaho only scores 53 for green tea interest. 

Green tea popularity via Google Trends

Therefore, it is reasonable to assume you would have better success advertising green tea in Maine than in Idaho. 

Best seller lists

Best seller lists are great for identifying trending products because they already tell you what is selling. You can use this to your advantage by finding best selling products on Amazon and selling them elsewhere.

For example, maybe you are browsing the best sellers on Amazon and find a lot of interest in water filters. This should give you an idea that water filters are a popular product. You can then start your own eCommerce site for water filters or sell them on eBay.

Price history tools

Price history tools, like Keepa, are good for finding how well products are selling on Amazon. You can also see how frequently the price fluctuates, which is important to stay profitable. Retail Arbitrageurs can set price alerts to let them know when a product falls below a certain price point.

Keepa graph

When using a price history tool, you can see how many times a product was sold by a third-party Merchant. Obviously, the more times a product sells the higher demand the product is.

Prices are constantly fluctuating on Amazon. A price history tool allows you to see the ranges a product is selling for. You can set an alert to let you know when the product will fall to a certain price, so you can buy it!

You can now list that same product on Amazon, Ebay, or your own website knowing that it’s a seller. 

Social media groups

Social media groups are good for finding products before they become super popular. Join different groups and listen for products that start to creep onto your news feed. The goal is to find products before they become super popular.

For example, the Facebook mom and cooking groups exploded when Instant Pot first became popular. Had you been paying attention to social media, you would have known before the majority of households wanted one.

Facebook is a really good place to listen to people. Facebook groups are constantly talking about the new products in their interest.

However, Facebook isn’t the only place to learn about popular products. YouTube is another really good place to find hot selling products.

Instant Pot Reviews on YouTube

For example, what happens when you search instant pot review on YouTube? The first video has over 1.2 million views. Because there are so many views, it is obvious that there’s interest in this product. 

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner gives you the search volume for a given phrase. Therefore, you can search for a product you are interested in selling to see if it’s popular. 

Instant Pot Review Keyword planner

Using Google Keyword Planner, I can do a search for “Instant Pot review.” Google Keyword Planner comes back and tells me that instant pot review gets between 1,000 and 10,000 searches per month.

So yes, Instant Pot has been around for a while. However, there is still a large interest for people wanting an instant pot.

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is a tool that estimates product popularity on Amazon. You can use the free tool to find an estimated sales number a product gets every month. Obviously, the larger the sales number the more popular the product is.

To use Jungle Scout Estimator, find the product on Amazon. Enter in the Amazon Best Seller rank, the marketplace (e.g. U.S.), and which Amazon Product Category. Hit ‘Calculate’ and it will estimate the monthly sales.

For example, let’s look up the Instant Pot Duo Mini on Amazon. Scrolling down to the Product information, I see the Best Seller’s rank is #4 in Kitchen and Dining.

Instant Pot Duo Mini best seller rank

Now, it’s time to plug that information into Jungle Scout:

Jungle Scout Sales Estimator for Instant Pot Duo Mini

As you can see, Jungle Scout estimates this product sells 71,310 units every single month!

Where do you buy trending products?

You can buy trending products by using a dropshipping app like Spocket, Retail Arbitrage, or finding Wholesale suppliers.

Spocket is a dropshipping app that integrates with popular e-commerce stores. You can search for suppliers and integrate their products with your Shopify or WooCommerce store. Once you sell an item, it’s just a matter of a few clicks to ship it to your customer.

Retail Arbitrage is the practice of buying products for a low price and selling them higher elsewhere. For example, you might find something at Walmart clearance and sell it on eBay for profit. Some people don’t even go to the store, they just buy good deals online.

Alternatively, you can find a wholesale supplier. Finding a wholesale supplier can be very difficult. However, once you have found a good wholesale supplier, it is possible to continually earn income from products.

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Summary: How to find trending products to sell online

As you can see, there are many tools available for you to find trending products online to sell. Some of the best products include Google Trends, Jungle Scout, Google Keyword Planner, social media groups, price history tools, and bestseller list.

Once you have found your products, you can find products using Spocket, Retail Arbitrage, or Wholesale. The method you choose will depend on your overall business strategy. 

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