How to make and print your own checks

How can you make and print your own checks?

The easiest way to make and print your own checks is to use software like Quickbooks. A software automatically populates your business and banking details. You can then print the check directly from Quickbooks.

Imagine, printing your own checks at your own convenience. You don’t have time to order more checks, so why not do it yourself?

Making and printing your own checks is convenient!

Luckily for you, I’m going to show you how to print your own checks. I’ll show you what you need and where you can get checks printed. You’ll be ready to spend money in no time!

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Can I print my own checks at home?

It is legal to print your own business or personal checks. You will need a printer, check printing software, check stock paper, Magnetic ink and MICR font. Printing your own checks can be a hassle and it might be easier to order checks online instead.

You can use any printer that is compatible with magnetic ink to print checks. Magnetic ink is required if you want a machine to be able to read your check. For example, using ATM deposits or getting the check scanned at the bank. Magnetic ink isn’t required if you are solely using mobile app deposits.

MICR font stands for magnetic ink character recognition. MICR font must be used with magnetic ink in order for a machine to read the check. You must print the routing and account numbers in MICR font.

Check stock paper is intended for printing your own checks. Typically, check stock paper comes with enhanced security features, which also increases the price.

You should use a check printing software because it makes the process seamless and you’ll be less likely to encounter errors. However, you can find and download check printing templates for Excel.

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Can I print a check on plain paper?

Technically, you can print a check on plain paper, but it is not recommended. Plain paper can easily be damaged by sorting machines and is less secure. Instead, purchase check stock paper online or use at least 20 lb paper.

Do I need magnetic ink to print checks?

You must use magnetic ink to print checks if you want machines to read the check. Machines use MICR font and magnetic ink to read the routing and account number on checks. Mobile app deposits can be done without magnetic ink.

How to print your own checks

Print your own checks by using a print checking software or using an Excel template. You will need a printer, check printing software, check stock paper, Magnetic ink and MICR font. Businesses that use Quickbooks online can print checks via Quickbooks.

Most businesses use Quickbooks online or have their accountants using Quickbooks online. Therefore, the easiest way to print a check is to use Quickbooks.

Here’s a video from Bookkeeping Journey that shows you how to print your own check in Quickbooks.

While in Quickbooks, click on New, go to vendors and select check. Fill out the details such as Payee, service, address etc. or select the vendor if the payee is an existing vendor. From there, click on print checks and verify the information is correct.

Quickbooks does give you the option to order checks. During the ordering process, you can customize your check and include banking and business details. Ordering checks through quickbooks is not free, but it is convenient.

Where can I get personal checks printed the same day?

You can get checks printed the same day at your bank, local print shops, or print them yourself. Some online retailers can print them with expedited shipping. The best places to order checks online include Costco and Walmart.

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Summary: Make and print your own checks

As you can see, it is possible to make and print your own checks. However, the best thing to do is order checks online because printing checks yourself can be a hassle. 

To print checks online, you will need a printer, check printing software, check stock paper, Magnetic ink and MICR font. Most businesses already use Quickbooks, which makes for convenient check printing. Alternatively, free software, such as Excel check printing templates do exist.

To get same day checks printed, visit your bank or local print shops. You can print them yourself, but you need to know what you’re doing to avoid errors.


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