How to make money on YouTube without showing your face

How do you make money on YouTube without showing your face?

You can make money on YouTube without showing your face by:

  1. Creating an Avatar
  2. Video game channel
  3. Partnering with a friend
  4. Text tutorials
  5. Use a cartoon character
  6. Compilation channel
  7. Unboxing channel
  8. Voice/singing channel
  9. Kids channel
  10. Teach a language

Are you interested in making money creating Youtube videos but not at all interested in filming your face? No problem. There are many great ways to develop money-making content while leaving your identity a secret.

If you want to turn a hobby or passion into a career but are not sold just yet on showing your face to the world, we have ten great ways to do so in this article. Check out our list below for popular options for making money-worthy videos without exposing your looks to the public.

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How to Make Money on YouTube Without Showing Your Face

Many people are getting into making Youtube videos to support themselves, even if you aren’t comfortable showing your face on camera. If you are looking for some great ways to make money on Youtube without showing your face, here are different ways to do so!

1. Create an Avatar

An avatar is an icon or figure that is created online to represent a person. Avatars these days are easy to create and can look extremely similar to you or as different as possible. You can design these icons to look however you want and in any form. 

You can use these creations to guide people through a learning experience, show them how to perfect exercise moves and yoga poses, play sports, pretty much anything you want them to.  

2. Make Money Playing Video Games

With screen videoing equipment, there is never any reason for you to have to show your face online. While there are ways to use split screens, allowing the audience to see you and the game you are playing simultaneously, this doesn’t always have to be the case.

Many people come to see how others master their way through challenging levels and pick up new tips and tricks so they can improve their skills, which doesn’t require seeing what you look like.

Popular games to play to make money include:

  • Minecraft
  • Fortnight
  • Call of Duty
  • Madden
  • FIFA
  • Super Mario

If you are a fan of playing any of these games, or others like it, you may have found a great way to make money without showing your face.

3. Collaborate With a Friend

While you might not like showing your face in videos, I’m sure you have a friend who does. Find someone willing to take your ideas and play them out in front of a lens. Have your friend do the work in front of the camera while your voice can be heard during instructions or your guidance.

4. Create Text Tutorials or Videos

Who needs a visual when you can read the instructions or information on the screen? Text tutorials are popular for videos that have to do with step-by-step instructions or those that have tons of information in them. These videos are also great for educational information and providing facts with graphs and charts. 

You can help make your text videos more attractive by adding eye-catching photos, light background music, or a silent avatar with a pointer.

5. Create a Cartoon Character

There are several popular Youtube channels out today where creators do voice overs on cartoon characters designed to represent themselves. This is a creative and unique way to make videos that can add a little humor to your content and help visually explain the information you are putting out.

Often, there doesn’t even need to be a specific topic your channel covers. Many YouTubers that use this method tend to cover a different topic every time.

6. Create a Compilation Channel

Youtube is full of compilation music channels, and there is always room for more. Put together a playlist of your favorite music artists and songs, then bring them all together with great graphics, text, and stock photos.

If you are looking to make a Youtube channel with a bit of humor, you can always create compilations of sports trick fails, funny animal shots, or goofy memes you find on your social media feed.

7. Make an Unboxing Channel

There are many benefits to creating an unboxing channel. First and foremost, you can quickly unbox and review items without ever showing your face, and there is a good chance that if you get enough subscribers, you will find brands out there who will ask you to unbox and review their products for free.

This is a good option for companies to market their brand and get the word out about different products they have coming out. When you have a large audience in a particular area, brands will be more than happy to send you products to try.

8. Show off Your Voice or Music Talent

If you are vocally inclined or good at playing a specific instrument, you can easily create videos without showing people what you look like. 

You can sing to a video you created to go with the songs or use subtitles to allow people to follow along with the words. There are many great ways to put these videos together that will definitely bring in viewers.

9. Create a Kids Channel

You can make an excellent channel for children without ever revealing what you look like. You can create educational content, like learning to count or spell or you can make funny videos simply for entertainment, using puppets, toys, and animation. 

Many parents utilize children’s Youtube channels to get a quick break during the day or as extra resources when helping kids learn.

10. Teach a Language on Youtube

Youtube is an excellent place for people to learn a new language, and this idea would be a great way to make money anonymously. You can use your voice for pronunciation and instructions, but use the video to show how to spell things and teach with visual effects such as pictures. 

Tips for Making Youtube Videos Without Showing Your Face 

Quality content is always essential when you are creating videos to make money. If you have a sloppy video with poor graphics, blurry feed, and unorganized information, no one is going to keep watching or come back when you create new content.

Here are a few great tips and tricks for making Youtube videos worth making money.

1. Use Quality Equipment

You don’t have to go out and purchase the most expensive microphone to create great content. However, it would be best to have the right tools to make clear and consistent videos. You want to make sure your mic isn’t picking up background noise or has fuzzy audio, primarily since you mainly rely on audio for your presentation.

You also want to be sure your streaming software and creating tools are good brands and easy to use. Even if you have the best equipment, it isn’t going to work well if you are unsure of how to use it.

2. Create a Memorable Logo

A Youtube channel logo is so much more important than many people might think, but your logo must be captivating and direct.

Think of your logo like a book cover. If you are at a library, you are much more likely going to pick up the book with an exciting and appealing cover, right? Use this same thought process when picking your logo, get something that is going to represent what the channel is about, and make it fun.

3. Be Unique

No matter what video option you choose, there will be thousands if not millions of other videos with the same idea and theme. To be successful and make money with your “faceless” Youtube channel, you need to come up with a way to present your work that is different, new, and exciting.

Advertise Your Videos

While you may not want your face out there, you definitely want your brand splashed all over the internet. To make money creating content on Youtube, you must advertise your channel in as many places as possible. You can do this by sharing links on all of your social media sites and requesting family and friends do the same.

When advertising your information, make sure all of your brand’s fonts and colors are the same, keep the theme unified no matter where you are putting out content and marketing. This will make it easier to follow and recognize your brand, letting people who enjoyed a random video easily find you when searching through Youtube.

Summing Things Up

Although it may seem difficult to create good content on Youtube without showing your face; the truth is, it’s actually pretty simple and only requires a little creativity, organization, and research to find what works for you and your targeted audience.

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