Social media platforms that pay you! (Get paid via social media)

Did you know there are social media platforms that pay you?

You can make money finding work, selling products, and partnering with brands on social media. Making money on social media isn’t easy, but it can be very profitable. You just need to know where to start and put in the work.

Imagine, making more money through social media than you do with your 9-5. You wake up each morning, send out a Tweet or post on Instagram.

You’re no longer required to go to a job. Instead, you are making money from your phone!

Yes, it is completely possible to make money with social media. People are doing it every day.

Luckily for you, I’m going to show you the best social media sites for earning money. Put in the work and you’ll start earning money quickly!

Social media platforms that pay you! (Get paid via social media)

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Which Social Media is the best for making money?

Any social media platform can be monetized. You need to figure out which social media is best for you. Once you’ve decided, start building your audience around a certain niche.

A niche is a specific focus around an interest. Maybe your niche is about making money or staying neat and organized. Most influencers start broad and then dial in on their niche when they see what content does well.

Some social media platforms are more difficult to earn money with. For example, you may struggle to make money on Reddit. Reddit is a huge community where people don’t take kindly to self-promotion.

So how can you use each social media platform to make money?

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Twitter is a gold mine for selling your products. Look at The Wealth Dad.

The Wealth Dad Gumroad profits

The Wealth Dad has tweeted his way to $1,000 per week in product sales. He sells a $20 ebook on index fund investing for beginners through Gumroad.

You may be wondering, how does he make 50 sales per week using Twitter?

First, his product is only $20. Most people don’t bat an eye for $20, so it’s a low risk investment.

Secondly, his product will teach people how to make back their initial investment. Sure, you’re investing $20 now. However, you’ll make more money if you follow the advice in his ebook.

Third, he’s optimized his Twitter bio for conversions. The first thing you’ll see when you visit his page is an advertisement for his index fund ebook. A large red arrow points you in the direction to look.

The Wealth Dad Optimized twitter bio

You’ll notice that he has over 18,000 followers on Twitter. How does he build a following on Twitter?

How to build a Twitter following

Building a twitter following is as simple as tweeting helpful content your audience likes. You need to be an active Twitter user if you want to gain traction. Build a profitable Twitter following by:

  • Tweeting 5-10 helpful or motivational posts per day
  • Quote retweet users
  • Respond to Tweets and questions
  • Remind people of your product every once and a while

Look at the kind of Tweets The Wealth Dad sends out on a daily basis.

The Wealth Dad motivational tweets for audience

You can tell he understands his audience. People who are interested in investing and building wealth. His Tweets resonate with people!

Remember, your Tweets will show up more often with the more you Tweet. Therefore, you need to produce quality content frequently.


Making money on Instagram is very similar to Twitter. Create quality content to build an audience around a specific niche. Send relevant offers to your audience and partner with brands to make money.

Instagram is all about pictures. So if you’re good with an iPhone camera, it can be one of the best social media platforms that pay.

Obviously, you’re going to need to build a following if you’re going to make money on Instagram. Here is a video from Improve Photography which has helpful tips on growing your followers.

How do I monetize my Instagram?

You can make money on Instagram with affiliate products or courses, sponsored brand content, and selling your own physical products.

So, how much are your Instagram followers worth?

I was recently working with an Instagram influencer with over 300,000 followers. They charge $3,000 for one Instagram post which features your product.

Yes, brands are willing to pay $0.01 per follower to advertise their product. You need to bring the followers and keep your engagement rates high. The higher your followers and engagement rates, the more you can get paid for posting ads.

Again, you can link to affiliate products on your IG posts. You’ll earn a commission whenever someone buys through your link.


Pinterest is great for driving traffic to your website. Your goal is to write content for your blog, which aims to sell a product. Avocadu does a really good job of creating pins around yoga and weight loss.

Avocadu Pinterest Yoga pins

Each pin takes you to an article. Should I click on a yoga pin, I’ll read a well written article on yoga. At the bottom of the article, you can find a pitch for their product, Yoga Fat Loss Bible.

Avocadu selling a yoga for weight loss product

The more content they create the more traffic comes to their website. With more traffic comes more sales. Pinterest is a great tool for driving customers to your website.


Facebook is the ultimate networking tool. You can find freelance writing jobs or virtual assistant work by hanging out in the right groups. For example, joining the right Facebook group could land you a paying freelance gig.

Finding work on Facebook

Facebook groups is another powerful tool to sell products. Essentially, you create a group around a certain interest. I happen to be part of a specific Facebook group where the owners sell their own courses in the description.

Facebook group selling

People join the Facebook group for help. This group helps people learn to blog, but you can form a group around anything!

Groups help people form a community, find help, and share. You just have to help the group grow, stay active, and remind people of your products.


LinkedIn is where your next job is at. I don’t care if you want to be a lawn mower, blog writer, or find freelance gigs. Having an optimized LinkedIn profile is where finding high paying work starts.

I might be looking to hire an SEO expert. Most SEO experts aren’t going to live in my town locally, so I might try to find one on LinkedIn.

SEO Expert LinkedIn

This profile shows an extensive history about working in search engine optimization. Therefore, I might reach out and see if this individual is looking for extra work.

LinkedIn is one of the best social media platforms that pay you for finding work. You can land high paying jobs or new contracts just by networking.


YouTube is the best video social media platform that pays you. It’s easy to connect with an audience around your niche. Video provides a format unlike anything else for building trust.

Remember, if you don’t have trust with your audience they won’t buy from you. Therefore, it’s important to not only build trust, but keep it.

One of the best examples of YouTube success is Ricky Gutierrez. Ricky has built a massive YouTube channel of over 710,000 subscribers. All of his subscribers are interested in stocks.

Ricky Gutierrez YouTube Views and Subscribers

He also sells a stock trading course which sells for over $200. All Ricky has to do to sell is mention the product in the video and link to it in the description.

Imagine, converting one percent of your subscribers into customers. For Ricky, a one percent conversion rate means he has made $1.4 million.

Making money on YouTube starts with producing consistent content. The content needs to be something people are searching for. Once you’ve build a relationship, you can build a course and release it to your audience.

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How do you get paid for posting on social media?

Brand deals and selling products are the best ways to get paid for posting on social media. Regardless, you will need a social media account with active and engaged followers. You could have a social media following of 10,000 people and earn nothing if they aren’t engaged.

Therefore, you need to focus on producing quality content to build your list. Really take the time to master a platform before moving onto the next.

You can find brand deals on blogging networks, like Izea. Izea is a website which connects influencers to brands. Your job is to connect with the brands and strike deals. Obviously, brand deals are for once you’ve built a following.

In the mean time, start with affiliate marketing. Selling other people’s products is a good way for you to see what sells. Create your own product once you’ve found something your audience likes.

Too many creators build a product first and fail. You have no idea if your audience will like the product. Therefore, it’s important to see what works!

Is social media a good career?

Social media can be a good way to earn money as a side hustle. However, you don’t own your social media account which means it can be shut down. Social media is only a good career once you’ve become financially independent.

Don’t believe me? One quick search in my blogging group shows how many people get suspended.

Pinterest suspensions

Imagine, having 300,000 Instagram followers. Pretty cool, huh? Now, imagine IG suspends your account on a fluke or because you broke a rule.

Sometimes you lose your account even if you didn’t mean to break a rule.

It happens every single day. You’re income disappears instantly.

Therefore, you should work on social media as a side hustle. Invest your money until you become financially independent. Then, you can quit your job and focus on social media full-time.

I also recommend building your own platform. No, not a social media platform. You can build your own blog or email list which you own.

Imagine, your YouTube account gets suspended that had 700,000 subscribers. However, you had a large email list. Now, you can tell them to subscribe to your new channel. You might have lost some income, but it wasn’t completely wiped away.

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Summary: Social media platforms that pay you!

As you can see, there are several social media platforms that pay you. You just need to know which social media is best for you. Once you decide, build your following before you monetize.

Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube are the best social media platforms for making money. Each platform has it’s own strengths. However, you can still make money through sales and brand partnerships.

Affiliate marketing, sponsored content, and product sales are good ways to make money from social media. Focus on your engaged followers. The more followers you have the easier it is to make money.

Building followers is all about producing quality content, consistently. What’s your niche? What content does your audience want to see?

Social media is a good career once you’re financially independent. Account suspension is a real problem that can cause you to lose your income. Therefore, focus on building your own websites and email lists.