How to make money with cooking videos

How do you make money with cooking videos on YouTube?

You can make money with cooking videos on YouTube through ads, sponsorships, live-streaming, and premium revenue. Ad revenue is the most common way creators monetize their content.

It is easier than ever to monetize your skill these days through modern technology and the world wide web. If your talent is in the cooking industry, you can make good money with cooking videos on social media, especially by creating Youtube Videos.

If you are interested in making some side cash with fun cooking tutorials or are determined to make these videos as a full-time job, it is possible. Let’s take a look at how you can easily make money with cooking videos.

In this article, we will be discussing:

  • How to make money with cooking videos on Youtube
  • Ways to get started making money with cooking videos
  • How you can increase your fanbase
  • What you need to know to move up in the industry

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How to Make Money With Cooking Videos On Youtube

Earn money with cooking videos through ad revenue, sponsors, live streaming, and Youtube Premium revenue. You can also request donations from subscribers once you build a substantial fan base.

1. Ad Revenue

Once you start moving your way up in subscribers, Youtube will begin paying you a specific amount of money for the number of people that watch your channel. This is a price determined by Youtube and will differ depending on the number of subscribers you have and the type of ad they place on your channel.

2. Sponsorships

You can get sponsorships from companies that are looking to market their own business through your Youtube channel. These companies will donate money to help you expand your business in exchange for you placing their ads in your videos.

3. Live-Streaming

When you live-stream your videos, you can request donations from your viewers. You do this by adding a donate button onto your screen, and this gives your fanbase an option to send in as much or as little as they like to support your channel. 

Many fans will donate money during these live streams in order to hear the creator thank them in the stream.

4. Premium Revenue

As your channel becomes more popular, you can choose to offer extra videos or ad-free videos when the view subscribes to Youtube premium. Youtube will give you a percentage (a small percentage) of the subscription for every fan that signs up with this monthly service through your channel.

How to Get Started Planning your Channel

Now that you know where the money comes from, you need to understand how to create a large enough fan base to start profiting from your videos. This is where creativity and knowledge come into play.

1. Check Out the Competition

Before starting your channel, check out the competition. Take some time to watch various other cooking channels to see what is already out there, what you can add, and what you can improve on.

People looking for cooking videos will not watch the same information repeatedly by multiple creators. They want something new and different each time they click a new channel.

By doing your homework, you can see what types of recipes or the way they are presented has already been done, then put your own fun and unique spin on things.

2. Be Organized

Even before you start filming your very first video, you should have all of your content, ideas, and strategies organized. 

Start a spreadsheet on all of the recipes you want to do for the first month or so, make a list of themes you like, and ask around to see what others think and make sure your equipment works well. If your videos are blurry or your microphone picks up every slight clank and clatter, no one is going to continue watching.

It would help if you also decided how much time you have to dedicate to the show. Can you produce one video a week, a month? What is your bandwidth? Advertising this information upfront will give viewers a good idea of when to log in to look for your newest show.

3. Advertise Your Brand

You do not need to have a ton of money to advertise anything these days; you can simply create a few social media accounts to do the work for you. Advertise the links to a few short clips or give sneak peeks into the recipes you will be tackling. 

How to Get More Subscribers for Your Cooking Videos

Obviously, viewers are the biggest way to monetize your cooking videos. The more subscribers you have, the more money you will make. So, how do you increase the number of views you get?

1. Hit That Like and Subscribe Button

If you are a fan of Youtube videos, you have probably heard some of your favorite creators ask you to hit, slam, or click the like and subscribe buttons. By requesting that your viewers like and subscribe to your channel, you remind them that the button is there and important to you.

People are more likely going to click the button if asked and may not even notice it if it isn’t mentioned.

While you already know how you can benefit from subscribers, you can also benefit from getting a ton of likes. Youtube tracks the channels that are being watched the most and enjoyed.

2. Engage the Audience

If viewers just wanted a recipe, that’s what they would look up. When people come to a Youtube channel for cooking advice, they want entertainment. 

Make your cooking channel fun and engaging. Talk to your viewers like they were in the same room and keep the video exciting.

3. Be Different

As mentioned above, no one wants to see the same channel with different hosts. You must make your videos stand out. There are over a million cooking videos on Youtube right now, which means you have a lot of competition; make your channel better by being different from the others.

Moving Up in the Cooking Industry

Although it can be difficult to do, it isn’t impossible to go from a small YouTube creator to a national sensation. A lot of people have found stardom from posting videos on Youtube channels. 

You have to be patient and work hard to get noticed and increase your income through cooking channels. 

What Do You Need to Know to Make Cooking Videos?

It isn’t enough to know how to cook to make money with cooking videos. A lot goes into creating content that viewers want to watch. 

  • Plenty of time- Creating content isn’t easy and will take some time, especially when you want to make a video that impresses your audience. This may require staying up late, working on weekends, or cutting into your social life.
  • The ability to give instructions- While some viewers may come just to watch the food you make, others are there to learn. If you want to gain a large audience, you have to have the ability to give instructions and take viewers step by step through the recipe from prepping to serving.
  • The ability to take criticism- When you are in the spotlight, you have to have thick skin. Not only do you need to have the ability to brush things off, but also the capability to listen and take advice. Listen to what others have to say as it may improve the channel.

Once you have created a large fan base and have people hooked on your videos, you can then expand your brand if you are interested in doing so. 

A lot of content creators will sell their own merchandise to increase revenue. You can make money selling your own cookbooks, cookware, utensils, etc.

You can also increase your earnings by getting recognized by the right people. If you have that special something and are seen by big-time celebs or chefs, you may end up having an opportunity for a fun collaboration or getting your own television show.

Even if you only get a few minutes of air time on the right show and the right network, you can make a name for yourself and turn a side hustle into a career.

Places to Put Your Cooking Videos

Many people have found success putting their cooking videos on Youtube, but this is not the only platform that can be beneficial for monetizing your talents. You can upload your videos on Instagram, Facebook, Twitch, etc. While this may not pull in as much as YouTube as far as subscribers, it can help you sell merchandise or lead people to your channels, website, etc.

Summary: How to make money with cooking videos

Creating and distributing content these days is nothing like it used to be; it is easier than ever to expand your fanbase and sell your brand worldwide. Being creative and shining brighter than the competition is key to making money with cooking videos.

Videos are often monetized through ad revenue, sponsorships, live-stream donations, or YouTube premium revenue.

Don’t just stick to YouTube. There are other places you can post your videos, like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitch.

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