Is it possible to earn money online? (legitimate ways to make $100 a day)

You may have heard stories about people earning money online. Now you’re wondering, is it possible to earn money online?

It is possible to earn money online through legitimate means. You can turn your business idea into a profitable side hustle or work from home job and even quit your 9-5. All you need to know is how to take your idea and turn it into an online business.

Imagine, making $100 a day using nothing but a laptop and your grit.

How would $100 a day change your life? You could invest more money, go on vacations, or buy something nice.

Luckily for you, I’m going to show you how possible it is to earn money online. Follow these strategies and you’ll be on your way to a full-time income.

Is it possible to earn money online (legitimate ways to make $100 a day)

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Proof that it is possible to earn money online

Most people are skeptical about earning money online. A lot of people don’t think it is possible to earn money online. Others have tried and failed, most likely following bad advice or lack of effort.

Yet, some people do figure out how to earn money consistently. There is nothing special, just normal people like you and me. The only difference is they never gave up on their dream to earn a full-time income from home.

So who are these people? Let’s take a look at some people earning a full-time income online.

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Alex and Lauren – Create and Go

Alex and Lauren own two blogs, Create and Go and Avocadu. Avocadu focuses on healthy living and weight loss. Create and Go shows people how to earn money through blogging.

Combined, their websites made them over $200k in April of 2020.

Createandgo income report
Source: Create and Go

The bulk of their income comes from selling their own digital products. However, they also make a good amount of cash selling affiliate products and display advertisements.

Keep in mind, making $200,000 per month in online income was not an overnight success. Alex and Lauren had previous blogs without success. Once they figured out blogging, it took over four years to finally hit $200k per month.

Ricky Gutierrez – Stock Trader / YouTuber

Ricky Gutierrez YouTube Views and Subscribers

Ricky Gutierrez is a young YouTuber and stock trader. Once Ricky learned to make money trading stocks, he started teaching other people to do the same on YouTube. His channel soon grew to over 700k subscribers!

Now, Ricky sell a stock trading course which retails for $200. All Ricky has to do is mention his course to his subscribers and he makes money! Converting even one percent of subscribers would result in $1.4 million!

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What does it take to earn money online?

No matter your method, consistent effort will be the deciding factor of your success. Anyone can start an online business. Very few people can stick with it long enough to see results.

Consistency FourPillarFreedom

Zach from Four Pillar Freedom knows all about consistent effort. With consistent effort, Zach managed to build multiple websites. These websites are assets which provide cash flow, enough to cover his monthly expenses.

One thing you need to understand is that growth is exponential, not linear. What does that mean exactly?

Consistency - Effort over time produces results

It takes huge effort to start a side hustle. Unfortunately, you won’t see any results when you’re just getting started.

You may work hundreds, if not thousands of hours, and not earn a single penny. However, one day all the hard work you put into your side hustle finally catches up to you. Growth keeps on happening!

It’s like trying to push a snowball up the top of a hill. You put a lot of work into getting to the top, but once you do it rolls down hill effortlessly growing bigger.

How can I make $1,000 fast?

To make $1,000 fast, you must perform a service and exchange your time for money. A service allows you to find work and get paid quickly.

There are two ways you can make money online. You can either perform a service or build a product. Here’s another tweet from Zach that showcases the difference.

Product vs Service - FourPillarFreedom
Source: @4PillarFreedom on Twitter

As you can see, performing a service earns money much faster than a product. You do the service for a client, get paid, and look for more work.

However, building a product is more likely to create a passive income stream. Someone who writes an SEO optimized article that ranks on Google can earn reoccurring income. As long as that article ranks, you can earn money from ads or by selling products.

Products take more time to build and see results from. For example, writing a blog article can take up to nine months to rank on Google!

Therefore, if you’re looking to make quick cash, become a freelancer. Find work, get paid, and move on with your life.

However, if you want a long term income, consider building a product. Examples include digital courses, websites, YouTube channels, physical products, drop shipping, etc.

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How can I make money online in 2020?

To make money online, ask yourself if you are going to perform a service or build a product. Once you’ve decided, take consistent action every day towards building an income source.

Let’s take a look at ways you can make money online with a service or product. Which one of these works best for you?

Make money online with a service

Freelance writing

Freelance writing is one of the best and fastest growing forms of freelancing. Blogs and media outlets are growing rapidly and they need someone to crank out content consistently. Freelancers are often cheaper than hiring a full-time employee and the company doesn’t have to provide benefits.

Freelance writers can earn a full time income from home. A 2018 survey found beginner freelance writers charge on average anywhere from $0.01 to $0.50 per word or $31.56 to $49.80 per hour.

Freelance rate per hour

A freelance network, such as Writers Work, provides you with everything you need to get started. You create an account, log in, and apply for available jobs. You don’t have to seek out any clients to start making money!

Writers Work - Get Paid to Write

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants make money every day with their laptops by working for other people, like bloggers. Starting your own VA business is something that can continue to earn money from home and quit your 9-5 job!

Virtual assistants do things such as research, send emails, and any other online tasks that they are hired to do. Virtual assistants can make anywhere from $15 to $30 an hour.

A lot of bloggers need virtual assistants to help support their blogs everyday tasks. Since blogs are opening every day, the demand for virtual assistants is increasing.

Teach English

Teaching English is another way you can make money online. All you need is a laptop and you can earn money anywhere in the world.

Most bloggers turn to either freelancing or teaching English when quiting their 9-5 job. Teaching is a good way to supplement income while your side hustle is growing.

Make money online with a product

Sell on Amazon or Shopify

Amazon is one of the fastest ways to sell products around. You would not believe the goldmine that Amazon FBA is and that you can take advantage of it.

Amazon Seller Account sales cropped

Amazon FBA stands for Fulfillment by Amazon. Basically, you list your products on Amazon and send them to Amazons warehouse. When the product sells, Amazon ships it out.

However, as someone who has sold on Amazon, find the right products to sell and you’ll have a hard time keeping your business stocked. The only difficulty is finding someone to supply you those products.

Another path you can take is selling products on a Shopify store. Shopify requires more work than Amazon, but can be more profitable if done right. Unlike Amazon, you are responsible for getting traffic, shipping orders, and running every aspect of the business.

YouTube Channel

YouTube is a powerful tool for building a following. Video allows you to connect and build trust with an audience.

Build content around a niche, or a certain topic people are interested in. For Ricky, that topic was stocks. However, you can talk about anything!

Keep in mind, when you’re just getting started you’ll need more videos on what people are searching for. Once you start building an audience, make awesome videos that people would enjoy.

It’s time to start making money when you’re audience is large enough. Make money on YouTube by posting ads, selling merch, or building your own digital product.

Website or Blog

Blogs and websites are very similar to YouTube channels. However, website content is more focused on written articles. You can spice up your content by sprinkling in great images and helpful videos.

You can make money advertising for companies on your website. Bloggers earn money through display ads, affiliate marketing, digital courses, and more!

Focus on building traffic to your website and then find companies who need help adverting. You can make good money in advertising, but you’ll need website visitors first. Without visitors, who could you sell to?

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Summary: is it possible to earn money online?

As you can see, there it is possible to earn money online. You just need to know how to take your idea and make it profitable. Often, you can make money by creating a product or finding companies who will pay you for advertising.

Every day people are earning money online. Some people earn money from blogs or YouTube. If you can teach someone how to do something, you’ll earn money easily.

Alex and Lauren show people how to lose weight and create an online business. Ricky shows people how to trade stocks. Both are wildly successful because they teach people how to get what they desire.

Consistency is going to be key for earning money online. Small actions over the course of months or years will produce results. It’s easy to write blog articles for a week. However, it’s difficult to write every day for years.

If you want to make money fast then provide a service. A service earns cash and is exactly like a 9-5. The only difference is that you’re the boss. Creating a product allows you to collect income over and over again. However, products take a long time before you can see results.

Examples of services for earning quick money include freelance writing, teaching English, and virtual assistants. Products could include YouTube channels, websites or blogs, and Amazon or Shopify stores.

So, what path will you take? The money is there for those who chase it.

John is the founder of TightFist Finance and an expert in the field of personal finance. John has studied personal finance for over 10 years and has used his knowledge to pay down debt, grow his investment portfolio, and launch a financial based business. He is committed to sharing content related to personal finance based on his experience in his career, investing, and path towards reaching financial independence.