How to reschedule an interview gracefully

How do reschedule an interview gracefully?

Rescheduling an interview gracefully is as simple as calling the interviewer in advance and asking to reschedule. Give a good reason, such as work conflict, for needing to reschedule. Thank the interviewer for their understanding and being able to be flexible.

Imagine being stressed because of a last minute schedule conflict. You don’t want to lose the interview of your life, so what do you do?

Rescheduling a job interview doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

Luckily for you, I’ll show you how to reschedule an interview gracefully. I’ll show you why it’s ok to reschedule and how to do it professionally. I’ll even give you some good reasons as to why you need to reschedule.

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Is it OK to reschedule a job interview?

It is ok to reschedule a job interview as long as you give advance notice. Rescheduling a job interview last minute can be seen as unprofessional or that you are unreliable or uninterested in the position. The key to rescheduling a job interview is to have a valid reason for why you need to reschedule.

Everyone is busy, so employers understand that conflicts will arise. However, employers are typically looking to fill a position quickly. Therefore, it’s important to not push out an interview for longer than necessary.

Ideally, you’re able to reschedule the interview in advance. Giving advance notice shows your ability to look ahead. It’s much easier to reschedule meetings when adequate notice has been given.

Rescheduling at the last minute shows that you don’t respect the interviewer’s time. You are impacting the interviewer’s schedule when they could have used the time more effectively had you not rescheduled.

I like to think of rescheduling interviews as it relates to our close friends. Let’s assume you make an appointment with your friend to have coffee on Friday.

I’m less likely to be frustrated if my friend calls me on Monday saying they can’t make it. We can change the date to Saturday and I can make other plans for my Friday.

However, we all have that one friend who doesn’t plan accordingly. I’d be extremely frustrated if I drove to the coffee shop, ordered my coffee, and sat at a table for 10 minutes. While sitting at the table, your friend texts you ‘can’t make it. Sorry bro!’

The second case doesn’t respect my time. However, the first incident gave me enough time to adjust my plans. The same applies to the workplace and job interviews.

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What is a good reason to reschedule an interview?

Most companies understand good reasons to reschedule an interview. Reasons to reschedule an interview include coming down sick, work or schedule conflicts. Good reasons to reschedule at the last minute include family emergencies, car issues, and child care.

Most employers will not want you to show up to an interview sick. You spread the risk of getting the interviewers sick, followed by everyone else in the office. Therefore, catching a cold is a good excuse to reschedule.

You may also have work or schedule conflicts that prevent you from showing up. For example, your current employer reschedules you to work during your interview time. Now you can’t make it to the interview and you don’t want to disclose to your current employer you’re job searching.

Last minute issues may come up which prevent you from going to your interview. You should avoid rescheduling at the last minute, but you have to do what you need to do.

You may have a family emergency that came up or your car won’t start. Maybe your child care plan fell through and now you don’t have anyone to watch your child. Any unexpected life event that prevents you from showing up may be a good reason to reschedule your interview.

How to reschedule an interview gracefully

Call the interviewer or Human Resource representative to reschedule an interview gracefully. Simply apologize that you need to reschedule and give your reason for the need to reschedule. Try to avoid rescheduling an interview over email, but ensure the interviewers acknowledge the reschedule if done over email.

Rescheduling an interview gracefully doesn’t have to be complicated. All you have to do is call your contact and explain why you can’t make the scheduled time. Apologize and thank them for their ability to be flexible and understanding.

Rescheduling an interview over email can be tricky, especially if you’re rescheduling at the last minute. There is no guarantee the interviewer will see the email in time. Therefore, it’s important to ask for confirmation that the message was received.

Reschedule interview email example

To whom it may concern,

I’m reaching out to you concerning my interview for [position] which is scheduled for [date and time]. Unfortunately, I’m unable to make it to the interview at that time because [reason for rescheduling]. 

I was wondering if it would be acceptable to reschedule? My availability is [your available days and times or disclose other conflicts]. Please feel free to propose an alternative time if this is acceptable.

I apologize for being unable to make the original scheduled time. Thank you for being flexible and understanding on the matter.

Please confirm your ability to reschedule and let me know what works best for you.

Thank you,

[Your Name]

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Summary: How to reschedule an interview

As you can see, rescheduling or canceling an interview can be done gracefully and it doesn’t take a lot of effort. Ideally, you are able to reschedule your interview in advance and can avoid last minute rescheduling. Most employers are understanding that interviews may be rescheduled.

The best reasons to reschedule an interview are if you are sick or have a work or schedule conflict. Last minute reasons to reschedule include family emergencies, car problems, child care, or anything preventing you from showing up.

Do your best to reschedule over the phone. You can try to reschedule an interview over email, but it can be difficult, especially at the last minute.

To reschedule gracefully, contact the interviewer over the phone and ask to reschedule. Apologize for needing to reschedule and give your reason for needing to reschedule. Remember to thank the interviewer for their ability to be flexible and understanding.

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