What to do if debit card is locked in gas pump?

What should you do if your debit card gets locked in a gas pump?

Notify a gas station attendant about your debit card being locked in a gas pump. Your next step is to call your bank and have them freeze your debit card. The reason your card got stuck could be due to a scammer’s equipment installed at the pump.

You’re going to fill up your car with gas and put your debit card into the card reader. The screen flashes “Please Remove Card,” but the plastic won’t budge. Now what?

In this article, we will outline what to do if your debit card gets locked in the gas pump and why that might happen. Additionally, we will provide tips on avoiding your debit card getting locked in the gas pump and let you know if your debit card can be blocked at the pump.

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What Do I Do If My Debit Card Gets Stuck in the Gas Pump?

If your debit card gets stuck in the gas pump, let one of the gas attendants or convenience stores know. They should have access to the pump to help you get it out. If you try to extricate it yourself, you may break your card or cause damage to the pump, which could land you in trouble with the gas company.

After notifying a gas station clerk, call your bank immediately to let them know what is happening. You will want to have them put a freeze on your card until further notice. The pump could mistakenly charge your card or become unable to use it anyway if it gets torn up while trying to get it unstuck.

If you can successfully retrieve your card from the pump, use a different payment method to pay for gas. Select a different pump and if you still want to pay by card, make the purchase in the convenience store ahead of time.

Why Would My Debit Card Get Stuck in the Gas Pump?

Sometimes cards get stuck in gas pump card readers that are old or faulty. However, the most likely reason that your debit card would get stuck is due to scamming equipment. People who try to steal your information by ripping off your debit card at the pump will install special scanners at the pump itself.

These are usually found in the card reader and can cause your card to stick. The devices that scammers use can jam up the reader so that it can be difficult to take your card out. It’s important to protect yourself and your identity from scammers.

If you suspect that your card has been compromised at the pump, call your bank immediately to freeze your account. You can request that they send you a new card in the mail so that your money remains safe.

Are There Ways to Avoid Getting My Debit Card Stuck in the Gas Pump?

There are ways to avoid getting your debit card stuck in the gas pump. Before you insert your card to pay for gas, check to ensure that the pump is locked and does not look like it’s been tampered with. Usually, there is a sticker seal across the front access panel of the pump.

If that seal is not whole, do not use that pump. A scammer has likely broken into the pump and installed a device to copy your debit card’s information when you insert it. If you suspect anything is amiss with a gas pump, immediately alert a gas station clerk.

Another surefire way to avoid having your debit card get stuck in the gas pump is to use a different payment method. Pay with cash ahead of time. If you don’t have any cash, most gas station convenience stores have ATMs where you can withdraw funds.

Can My Debit Card Be Blocked at the Gas Pump?

Your debit card can be blocked at the gas pump, not allowing you to pay for gas. If the card gets stuck in the reader, it will most likely not function. Even if it does, it’s a good idea not to use it because you may be at risk of having your bank information stolen. You can notify your bank to have them block it.

Alternatively, your debit card can be blocked if you have insufficient funds in your account. Most gas stations place a hold on your card’s account that is twice the amount of money you have paid to fill up your tank.

For example, you have $75 in your checking account and gas will cost you $50. The gas station may hold $100, causing you to overdraft.

Even though you will ultimately be charged only the final total registers, your debit card may be automatically blocked if you don’t have enough funds in the bank to cover the hold. The pump will decline your payment, and you will have to pay another way.

Sometimes, it’s best to use a credit card instead of a debit card at the gas station to avoid getting blocked for insufficient funds.

Final Thoughts

If your debit card gets locked in a gas pump, don’t panic. The first person to notify is a gas station attendant to help you retrieve it. The second person to notify is your banking institution so they can place a freeze on your debit card.

The most likely reason your debit card would get stuck in the gas pump is that a scammer has broken into the pump to place specialized equipment in the card reader. Their goal is to steal your bank information.

You can avoid getting your debit card stuck at the pump by checking to see if the lock is secure or if the tamper proof seal has been broken. Do not use the pump if you suspect anything is amiss.

Your debit card can also be locked at the gas pump if you have insufficient funds in your account to cover the hold that most pumps put on gas purchases. If you are unsure about using your debit card at all at the gas pump, go the safe route and choose a different form of payment.


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