How to fix a debit card blocked due to suspicious activity

How do you fix a debit card blocked due to suspicious activity?

If your debit card has been blocked due to suspicious activity, call your bank to have them send you a new card. They can freeze your current debit card so that no one will be able to withdraw funds if an unauthorized person has access to your account. 

You go to the store to buy groceries for dinner only to find that your debit card has been blocked when you reach the checkout counter. When you call the bank, they say that your debit card had some suspicious activity. 

Now what?

In this article, we will review the steps to take to unblock your debit card if it has been flagged for suspicious activity and how to prevent that from happening in the first place. We will also cover whether or not your bank will alert you of suspected fraud before blocking your debit card.

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How Do I Unblock My Debit Card That Has Been Suspended Due to Suspicious Activity?

Calling your bank can unblock a debit card that has been suspended due to suspicious activity. Usually, the bank will put a suspension on your debit card if they think that someone else besides yourself has been accessing your funds. Your bank will often call you to update you on your debit card’s situation.

You can discuss your options with the bank. If you feel that the suspension was justified and your account may be compromised, the bank can send you a brand new card. The bank will also deactivate the old debit card.

Alternatively, after reviewing the suspicious activity, you may confirm that those were authorized purchases. You can request that the bank unblock your card. 

Most likely, the bank will ask to verify your identification by asking for your birthdate, the last four digits of your social security number, or a preset password. Sometimes they will require you to visit the bank in person to unblock your debit card.

How Can I Prevent My Debit Card from Being Blocked Due to Suspicious Activity?

You can take a few steps to protect your debit card from being blocked due to suspicious activity. Prevent your debit card from being blocked due to suspicious activities by notifying your bank prior to travel, protecting your identity, and avoiding easy to guess PINs.

If you are planning to take a trip, notify your bank ahead of time of where you are going and your vacation dates. When banks see a string of purchases that are made outside of your normal location range, they may flag it as suspicious.

Another way to prevent your debit card from raising red flags is by protecting your identity. Never write down your PIN or tell it to others. Try not to use birthdays as your PIN or any other combination that may be easy for someone else to guess, such as 1234.

Even if you take all the right precautions, there is still a chance someone may get hold of your debit card information and use it without your knowledge. In that case, the bank will put a freeze on your card to help protect you.

Will My Bank Alert Me If They Block My Debit Card Due to Suspicious Activity?

Your bank will often call you if they think someone is trying to purchase with your debit card without your consent. Some banks immediately handle the situation, and you may receive a phone call while checking out.

Usually, if the purchase is made in a location outside of your normal spending area or if the purchase amount is abnormally large. The bank will want to verify that it is you making the purchase and not an unauthorized person.

Some banks have a system that automatically puts a freeze on your debit card if it suspects unauthorized activity. You will need to contact them to unfreeze your account. A good way to check is to look at your account online and see if there is a suspension.

Even if your bank doesn’t call you, they may have a notification on your online profile that indicates suspected fraud. Some facilities may even have a special phone number to call to handle debit cards with suspicious charges.

Final Thoughts

It can be frustrating to find that your debit card has been blocked because your bank suspects fraudulent charges, but there are easy steps to unblock it. Call your bank to clear up the issue. If the suspicious activity claim is valid, the bank will deactivate your current card and send you a new one.

If you can confirm that the charges are valid, they will need to verify your information to unblock your card, whether over the phone or in person. To prevent the bank from blocking your card, tell them when you’re traveling and take steps to protect your identity.


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