Can you use your debit card without PIN?

Can you use a debit card without a PIN?

You can use a debit card without entering a personal identification number (PIN) on machines that allow you to bypass entering your pin or for many online purchases. Merchants may also be able to run your card as credit, allowing you to not enter your PIN.

If you’ve forgotten your PIN and you need to make a purchase, you can use your debit card to complete that purchase in most instances by following a few simple steps.

Luckily for you, I’ll show you when and where you’ll be able to use your debit card without entering your PIN. I’ll show you why your PIN code is important, and what transactions you won’t be able to complete without it.

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How Do I Use a Debit Card Without a PIN?

Without entering your PIN code, you’ll need to run the transaction as credit to use a debit card. However, technically speaking, this does not convert your debit card into a credit card. It only prolongs the inevitable purchase by debiting the funds from your account one to three days after the transaction as opposed to immediately.

A credit card transaction uses two verification steps, called “Swipe and Sign” or “Chip and Sign.” In most cases, the payment terminal will prompt you to either swipe your card or insert the chip, then sign your signature as a form of verification. In theory, the signature should match exactly your signature on the back of the physical card.

The signature is a security measure that replaces the PIN code in this instance.

If you’re shopping at a retail location and you don’t know your pin, follow these steps to complete a transaction:

  1. When the merchant prompts you to pay for your purchase, insert your debit card chip into the terminal or swipe your debit card as you would for a traditional debit card transaction.
  2. Next, a screen will appear, prompting you to input your PIN code.
  3. Instead of inputting your PIN code, press “Next” or “Enter,” or hit the green button on the keypad.
  4. This should take you to a screen that asks you for your signature.
  5. The purchase is complete once you sign.
  6. The funds may not be deducted from your account for 24 to 72 hours.

If the payment terminal does not allow you to select “credit” as a purchase option, you may need to inform the merchant that you want to run the debit card as a credit transaction. In this case, the input your credit or debit selection on their screen, before you’re prompted to complete the purchase on the payment terminal.

Why Do I Need a PIN number?

PINs are a security measure to protect your cash from fraudsters. By requiring a PIN code at a point of sale, the bank takes an extra step to understand that you are completing the purchase.

The PIN code is unique to you and is much harder for a thief to get their hands on if they steal your wallet or you lose your debit card somehow.

In many cases, if you run your debit card as credit at the store, the merchant should ask you for an additional form of identification or for a signature to complete the transaction. These, in addition to the PIN code, are examples of added layers of security meant to protect your money from thieves.

Why Would I Use a Debit Card Without a PIN?

Some consumers prefer to make purchases using their debit card without their PIN because the transaction is processed as credit. Credit offers more protection and the ability to dispute the purchase if something goes awry.

It is very difficult to dispute a debit card transaction using a PIN since that added layer of security says that you, the cardholder, were there and made the purchase. That is, of course, unless someone gets hold of your PIN.

You may want to forgo using a PIN if you feel like someone is looking over your shoulder or the point of sales system has a card skimmer. Once someone has your PIN and your debit card number, they can damage your checking account, and you may not be fully protected.

Some consumers also would rather a purchase not hit their checking account right away. Using your debit card without a PIN, electronic payments take a few days to process instead of being immediately withdrawn from your checking account. The transaction will show as “pending” or “processing” in your transaction history.

Where Can I Use a Debit Card Without a PIN?

There are a surprising number of places where you can use your debit card without a PIN code. Examples include most in-person transactions at grocery stores, retail outlets, restaurants, and more.

Some require you to choose a PIN-less option, and some run your debit card as credit automatically, requiring a signature or nothing at all. Even where PINs are required, you can often use your debit card without a PIN if the transaction is valued at less than $25.

According to Arsenal Credit Union, in retail locations that accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit cards, you should be able to use your debit card without a PIN. This credit-like option is presented as “Visa Debit” or “MasterCard Debit” rather than US Debit.

However, merchants are charged additional fees for running debit cards without a PIN because these credit-like transactions cost them more. So, while it might be possible to use a debit card without a PIN at their store, they may make it harder to do so by not immediately revealing that option.

In addition, you will almost never be asked for a PIN code to complete an online transaction using your debit card.

Can I Get Cash From a Debit Card Without a PIN?

You cannot get cash from a debit card without a PIN at an ATM. The ATM will always require you to enter your PIN as an added security measure to access your checking account. This is for your safety and the safety of your cash.

In addition, you will not be able to get cashback at a store when completing a purchase at the point of sale. If you run the transaction as credit to avoid entering your PIN, cashback will not be an option on the screen.

However, you can often get cash in other ways if you have your debit card, but you’ve forgotten your PIN.

  1. Visit your bank branch. Go inside the bank branch and talk to a bank teller to explain to them that you’d like to withdraw money from your checking account. They may ask you to swipe your debit card and input your PIN but could be willing to work with you if you show other identification or provide an account number and ID.
  2. If you need to pay someone individually and do not have access to cash because you’ve forgotten your PIN, you can use mobile apps such as Venmo, Cash App, Zelle, or PayPal. These apps allow you to send money directly from your bank account to another person.
  3. Some money order companies, such as MoneyGram or Western Union, will allow you to purchase a money order with your debit card without a PIN. A money order purchase will withdraw funds from your checking account to fund a paper check that can be cashed or used as cash in some instances.

How Do I Check My Balance Without a Debit Card PIN?

As with other ATM transactions, you will not be able to check your checking account balance at an ATM without a PIN. The PIN is required to access any account functions at an ATM.

However, there are other ways to keep tabs on your checking account balance. Most banks offer a mobile checking option to view your balance, past purchases, statements, and more from your mobile device. You’ll need to know your password to access your mobile banking app for these functions, but you won’t need a PIN.

In addition, you can attempt to ask a bank teller at your bank branch to provide you with your balance and recent transactions. If you don’t have your PIN, they will likely ask you to step through other security measures, such as showing proof of your debit card and proof of identification.

Final Thoughts

A PIN is a protective measure given to you by your bank to protect your hard-earned cash in your checking account. But, if you happen to forget your PIN, all is not lost.

There are ways to access your money and use it to buy things without entering your PIN by processing the transaction as credit where applicable. Just know that this transaction is, in fact, not an actual credit card transaction. The money will be deducted from your checking account in one to three business days.


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